The 5 Phases of Deprogramming from the Matrix

Change is coming!  An attractive woman took the Red Pill!

Readership: Christians; Those Aware; The Truly Woke;

Take a look at the newest video from Probably Alexandra (a YouTube channel personality).*

The 5 Phases of Deprogramming from the Matrix

The icing on the cake is that she meets my list of the seven fundamental qualities of femininity — which makes this video easy to watch.  These seven qualities are…

  1. Thin (vis. an age appropriate BMI)
  2. Long hair
  3. Attentive to personal care, cleanliness, and grooming;
  4. No tattoos, odd piercings, strange hair color, or other BS.
  5. A calm peaceful spirit; Pleasant demeanor; Smiling;
  6. Well Mannered; Eloquently spoken;
  7. Emotional maturity; Moral agency (evidenced by her making a YouTube video on this subject);

Granted, she’s putting on her best behavior for the video, but still, I’m impressed that such a high quality analysis is coming from a female!  I am wondering if she has a ghost writer.

That last paragraph might sound “misogynistic”, but you have to understand, it wasn’t more than a couple years ago, there was some discussion in the Men’s sphere about whether women could truly be Red Pilled.  In my heart, I knew that (some) women could, but there was little evidence for it at that time.

* H/T: The Truthers Journal: The 5 Phases of Deprogramming (2020 February 2)


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4 Responses to The 5 Phases of Deprogramming from the Matrix

  1. OKRickety says:

    While I generally agree with you regarding her appearance, I find her hair color to be strange in a sense. I suspect she was quite blonde when she was very young and now has it “colored” to be blonde. Alternatively, she may have “colored” her eyebrows very dark. Either way (or perhaps it is both), I find the incongruence distasteful. Unfortunately, the popularity of this mismatch has existed since at least the days of Marilyn Monroe.

    As to tattoos, there may be none visible but I think it’s highly likely she has at least one. Of course, I’m sure it would be “tasteful and discrete”. Ha!


    • Jack says:

      OKRickety, I share your taste. Her appearance is not as “natural” as I would prefer, but maybe natural for her would be worse. I won’t complain. She made me smile.

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