True Rest as a form of Worship

This post offers some descriptions of rest as a form of worship.

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What is a “Sabbath”?

You might ask, what is a “Sabbath”, and what does it mean to “keep the Sabbath holy”?

Throughout Scriptures, the word “Sabbath” is habitually used in association with the word “REST”.  The word “holy” is an adjective that means something is special, and SET APART from the normal, day-to-day occurrences and uses.

“Rest” means different things to different people, so we need greater clarification here.  Some people think resting means sleeping, or simply not doing anything.  But I believe the intended meaning of a “Sabbath REST” is not slumber or idleness, nor even strictly confined to church attendance, but it is any activity that is out of your ordinary routine, which can free your mind and heart from the burdens and anxieties of your life.

It’s not hard, at this point, to identify the concept of REST as a variation of WORSHIP, which is why a lot of people hold the idea that going to church is how we keep the Sabbath holy.

But the church is not the only place we can worship.  We should learn to worship God in all facets of our life. Your career, your family, and all your relationships should be offered to God as forms of worship.

Also, you don’t need to go on a long vacation, or spend a lot of money to get REST.  Rest can come in very simple easy ways.

For example, on nice days, I like to take a ride on my motorcycle through the countryside.  The fresh air, sights and smells always give me a renewed perspective on life.

rural Taiwan

On nasty days, it’s better to curl up in a comfortable chair with a good book and a hot drink.

Dante coffee

Sometimes, I’ll take a walk up the small mountain behind the University, to get a sense of refreshment during the day.  It only takes half an hour, and a little bit of exercise, but I come back feeling like a new man with a fresh wind.

In fact, sometimes, a good rest could be a real physical workout, such as playing sports, or working on a hobby.  Most hobbies qualify as avenues of restful diversion.

For example, my friends’ testimony conveys a very good description of how he finds rest through hunting (and snowboarding)…

“Let the 2009/2010 Deer (less) Season stand as testament to all of you who ever doubted my motivations for hunting, that it has absolutely nothing to do with killing deer, but is much more about watching the world come to life each morning, talking to God with no distractions, and spending time with my friends and family. Now on to snowboarding!”

The popular notion is to dismiss such activities as idleness.  We may not think of this as REST, but it is!


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4 Responses to True Rest as a form of Worship

  1. Ed Hurst says:

    A critical element here is that, if you aren’t working, you aren’t making your servants work either. The Sabbath rest was as much for others as for yourself. You weren’t allowed to keep pushing others for your personal profit.


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