Yet another variety of Internet Whoring

Tongue slathering and extremely suggestive lewdness attracts clicks, views, and $$$ just as well as actual sex.

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Warning: This post contains images which may be considered graphic or obscene.

This year, we’ve seen several expressions of internet wh0ring, including the marketing of virgin brides and virgin prostitution and the InstaWhore phenomenon.  For those who may have missed it, InstaWh0res are women who use Instagram and other social media forums to attract well-heeled, overseas “customers” for vacation wh0ring abroad, something like the female version of sex tourism, except that it pays $$$.

And here’s yet another variety of Internet Wh0ring!


Although her tongue has become her claim to fame, Mikayla Saravia, who also goes by the enigmatic string, “KKVSH”, actually looks more attractive with her mouth closed.


Older photos prove that her youthful innocence is (or was) her best feature, but because of fame, I’m sure she’s lost that by now.  In some younger photos, her face wasn’t too bad. But in many photos, the overuse of makeup has given her a fake appearance.  She actually looks better with less makeup.

KKVSH natural makeup

Many media outlets describe her body as “busty”, “sexy”, and “amazing”, but her body isn’t all that great.  (The first photo of her above is airbrushed.)  She has a decent HWR, but only because her butt and thighs are supersized from too many squats/deadlifts.  I’d put her at a 6.5 in her better (older) photos.  The heavy mascara and the grotesqueness of the tongue really put me off.  It’s just not feminine at all.


More recent photos show that she’s degenerating into a ghettoffal shrew with a resting biatch face.  Lately, she’s gone for oversized, full-color tattoos of geisha girls extending around her blimped thighs and buttocks.  (Someone should report her to the SJW administration for cultural appropriation offenses!)  Can you imagine what her bum will look like in 20 years?


The one thing that she still has going for her is that she presents herself to be a fun person to hang out with, which draws in the bored wannabes who spend all their time on the internet.  Ultimately, the implied, but false promise of “having fun” is the fundamental claim to fame for these internet and media personalities.

Saravia loves daddy

There are many photos of her licking popsicles, bananas, eggplants, and other objects with a high aspect ratio – including her taking up the Cucumber Challenge wearing hoop earrings as big as barrel bands. (Warning: the link to the YouTube video is somewhat graphic.)  BTW, hoop earrings are a s1ut tell.


There are even some photos of her comparing her tongue with that of a horse, which is suggestive of bestiality.  Now we’re getting close to real depravity.

Saravia horse

Why not pose with a sun bear?

Sun bear with long tongue

Since we’re on the subject, I’ve seen some truly freaky, alien-like tongues in Asia.


Among white chix, I’d say this lady wins first prize for the best tongue.  Is that even real?

tongue model

Saravia’s tongue can’t compare to these.  So what is actually behind the tongue fascination and click frenzy?  I mean, why aren’t these people becoming just as rich and famous?

people with long tongues

Saravia’s licker isn’t freakishly long, but she knows how to use it in a suggestive manner.  This is the true reason why she’s is popular — because of her sensual seductiveness.  It’s visible in her dark eyes, but the tongue gimmicks and sultry poses contribute to this effect to make it all too obvious.

This raw seductiveness is something the common Joe hardly ever sees from a woman anymore.  Obviously, she’s making her money off of thirsty male lust and sensationalistic female-friendly envy.

One could dismiss her antics as merely entertainment, but if she were to remove the tongue slathering, remove the twerking vids, remove the wildly seductive s1ut eye expression, replace the skin-tight boy shorts with anything less form-fitting, or add 10 years or 10 kg. to her form, then her internet profile would quickly blend into the masses with no particular genuine appeal.  So her tongue tricks should not be mistaken for authentic entertainment.  OTOH, if Gene Simmons never stuck out his tongue, he would still be a stellar entertainer.


If any guy thinks Saravia is “better” than Simmons, then he’s not looking for entertainment, he’s looking to get turned on and F*cked.  Let’s be honest about it.

Lollygagging tongues, lewd poses, twerking bubble butts, cucumber fellatio…  All that which feeds the lust of the flesh, but which can never satisfy.  This is the stuff that gets money-generating clicks these days.

This form of internet whoring is different, however, in that they are not actually putting their bodies down for carnal sale.  Or maybe they are.  Who’re knows?



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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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37 Responses to Yet another variety of Internet Whoring

  1. ray says:

    In vast portions of the East, practical worship centers on Kali, who is the patron-deity of India and of Mumbai, especially. (Used to be Bombay but changed in 1995 to please the Goddess.) The long out-thrust tongue is Kali’s trademark, and typically is coupled with her standing with one foot atop her husband’s chest.

    Gee. Who EVER could have predicted that.

    In occult circles (powers in high places of the world) the planet is now inaugurating the Age of the Goddess, a scheme thousands of years in the devising. Modern feminism is merely the political wing of this larger demonic movement.

    In Latin and South America, the ‘goddess’ typically is embraced as Mother Mary. Same scam tho.

    A few years back, a huge image of Kali was projected on the Empire State Building, with standard Third Eye and crimson elongated tongue. Prolly a coincidence.

    The internet-whoring described in the OP fits with these other agendas/developments. Pieces of a much larger strategy, one nearing fruition.

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  2. lastmod says:

    It was Calcutta. Not Bombay. Kali / Calcutta. I lived there in 1997 for eight months.


    • ray says:

      Both cities worship Kali, from the reports I’ve read. I have not lived in Inja however and don’t know first-hand. Mumbai/Bombay apparently also worships an aspect of the mother goddess. The mother-goddess has been worshipped in the East (including the Near East) from before written records. The form of these things isn’t new, only the scale and scope are new.

      I expect there are hundreds of towns in Inja alone dedicated to worship of Kali. Certainly this particular demon has widespread worship in America, as well. Her U.S. worshippers number in the tens of millions; they just don’t identify themselves consciously with her. They obey her, however, and that’s what counts. Jack’s photo-essay helps illustrate that.

      What impressions concerning local religion did you get while living in Calcutta? Is political feminism aligned with New Age/Goddess devotion, as in America?


  3. lastmod says:

    I lived there in the late 1990’s. I was there when I was with IBM. I have heard it is a much different place now…….when I was there, modern nightclubs, buildings…and a fast growing middle class….along side of this was ancient faith, of untouchables, great wars, occupation, enlightenment, and such a rich history. A place of intense contradictions…..a place of hard work, hard living and despite ALL the poverty that was there…….NO CRIME

    Kali was defeated evidently in what is now modern Calcutta, and her parts were scattered. The Indian faith “Hinduism” is a “family of religions” and not so cut and dry and linear as the Abrahamic faiths. A Hindu can worship one god or many. A Hindu can be a part of different scets of this large religion while not causing controversies within the faith. Many believe in Hinduism that Jesus Christ was an “avatar” and they have no problem with him proper. Guatoma (Buddha) was a prince who “became” enlightened….and indirectly, he was probably trying to “reform” Hinduism about 500 years before Jesus was born.

    Buddhism today is very small in India, and its classical form took a much stronger hold in Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka…..and to lesser extents in China, Korea, and Japan.

    Hindus find fire as a form “purification” not necessarily as “destruction”

    I returned to the USA with a strong taste for very pungent, spicy food, tea……had a bad case of head lice while I was there…….I found in general the Indian people to be polite, respectful and actually we as a people should be courting this country as a friend. Rule of Law. English is the official language of the government (even the poorest beggar on the street spoke english)

    I did see Christians there too. I wasn’t one at the time but they were an odd minority there. They would walk miles and miles to a small church…..they had nothing…….and seemed happy. Here in the states they would be not welcome in any church because the men didn’t have good “provider” jobs, and they actually sang real hymns……because we all know jesus wants a performance and rock show…..or the youth won’t come


    • ray says:

      Why no/low crime?


      • lastmod says:

        I think it’s just a stronger moral cultural code. Stealing is wrong. Don’t do it. I am sure there is crime…..but for example, I hired a boy to wash and press my shirts, clean my apartment and bring tea in the morning. I left US money on the nightstand…not thousands of dollars… times a couple of hundred (ATM’s were not as common as here back then……and I did have to operate on cash a lot). Never a penny taken. My watches, or tolietries. Never taken. This was a street kid…..and I was told to go to an orphanage to hire a boy to do these chores for me.

        I rented a scooter during my eight month stay. I could park it on the street, hang my Nikon camera off the handlebars and no one would take it.

        Terrorism happens there, and its far from a perfect society. There was a islamic militant group / camp near the IBM plant, and the military came right in one morning and strafed the place into the ground. We were standing outside smoking cigarettes and they came in with personnel carries, and helicopters…..and once we realized that it was no joke. We hit the deck. It was frightening. Explosions. the ground shook. The military gave no explanations. Here in the USA we would “sue” and be all butthurt that we were not told that the military was rolling in.

        I frankly was happy to be back in the USA after my stay.

        Japan I hear is practically crime free as well. Though I have never been there,

        It was like that in the USA pretty much as well in the early decades after WW II.


  4. Jack says:

    From what I see on the internet, feminism is a strong force in India. I’m not sure if feminism has any philosophical, cultural, or religious connection with Kali. That’s a good question, Ray.


    • ray says:

      Jack — The presence of a powerful, vengeful, and martial goddess within Inja ensures that feminism, in some form, is extant. We know that after the Fall, the dependence of the female upon the male was heightened, and that every female heart thereafter would share, to some degree, in the urge for power and authority that drove the original rebellion.

      It’s just a matter of how female rebellion manifests in a particular culture. In America, that is socio-political feminism. and America has a very long (and mostly hidden) history of goddess-worship and idolatry. In Islam, often it’s despotic control of the household. In Inja, the form of feminist rebellion would be somewhat different, which specifically is what I was asking lastmod. Like yourself, I’ve read many reports about Inja over the decades that suggest a strong feminist culture there.


  5. lastmod says:

    I would believe now it is. Probably was when I was there too, didn’t notice…was too busy at work, monkeys stealing my food off my plate at some restaurants…fascinated by way untouchables were still treated but yet they didn’t feel or think they were oppressed.

    I am sure in the larger international cities like Bombay, Calcutta, the capital New Delhi……..probably just like the west….remember too India’s DEEP connection to Great Britain, so it would not surprise me. In the hinterland, smaller cities and towns probably not as much…….a vastly different world I am sure still is there. It’s about a billion people, and a cross section of faiths, customs, localism……

    I saw better and stronger marriages there in general. My friends, Jaswinder and Gupreet both had arranged marriages….and they “made” it work. The first few years were rough, and very hard….but they “became” a unit and loving couple. Family honor. Tradition. The children, and building a life together was highly valued in marriage.

    I am not saying we need to implement this in the churches or culture here……but there was something to be said…….men need to have a career, good job, money saved, all of their problems vanquished in order to even be considered a man “worthy” of the woman in church culture. Whereas there…… build it together. Something to think about.

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    • Stephanie says:

      ” The first few years were rough, and very hard….but they “became” a unit and loving couple. Family honor. Tradition. The children, and building a life together was highly valued in marriage.”

      This could be said about our marriage, so many people were against it, including our parents (I was kicked out for even being engaged!). But it was worth it to start so young and build our life together. VERY bonding to go through times of hardship or suffering together, and still make it out together.

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  6. lastmod says:

    My parents had the same thing and they were culturally christian, and had a better marriage than most I have seen in the past twenty-five years. They even have a better marriage than all these “devout” christians, and “real men” I have seen, They met, and ten months later they were married.

    I have a ton of opinions on this, but they don’t matter. I don know this type of marriage is spit upon by and large by the church, by the culture, by the man-o-sphere and by women.

    The man has to have everything planned today…..muscles, a good “stem” career, good looks, confidence bordering on the size of god’s ego, a hatred of their fellow men and just an all around douche bag…and have this by 25, and according to the man-o-sphere “pretty easy to do” according to them. Church folk think the same way, unless the man in question is the pastors son, the praise leader……we already know “god has annoited him with amazing qualities”

    Women have a ton of demands, even the christian ones……and everyone wonders why men don’t step up, don’t want to step up, can’t step and even when they strive…out come the “lectures” of how they are not doing it right.

    Glad you have a food marriage.

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  7. lastmod says:

    good marriage. apologies.


  8. lastmod says:

    Jaswinder was 22 when married (in 1992) he was my age. His wife was 19. They were from a lower caste family. Their first three years of marriage they lived in the same shanty-town that both their parents lived in. Gupreet mentioned “Ughh…..when I first met Jas I cried! Told by my parents that this is the man I will wed. All my dreams of marrying were dashed by him. Not tall enough. A little stiff, kind of awkward. Today? (now 1997) I love him so dearly. He is the man of my dreams!”

    They are still married today, their children are married as well. Two studied in the UK, and returned to India to marry. The other two are still in trade school / university.

    A final note on this. Yes, there are marriages that are arranged I am sure that DON’T work. I accept this. But Jaswinder said once over an evening walk, and tea “You Americans and Brits….you marry for love and end up ruining the lives of children. You bring your state into marriage instead of brahmin (god…the supreme om in their faith), you throw parties and make it about you when its not. I love your country. I love the traditions that the Brits gave us….but in these matters….you are so wrong.”

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  9. ray says:

    Jaswinder is correct. The generations of both my parents and grandparents did not expect to find Enduring Romantic Love in their marriages. Woulda laughed at such silliness. Marriages then were largely practical arrangements and the REAL love part must over time develop, which it often does under trials, as Stephanie confirms.

    Dalrock has shown that the anglo West is just emerging from a thousand years under sway of the Romantic Tradition. The majority of people, at least in America, are much influenced by Romanticism and Romantic expectations. The ‘conservative’ tradcon Right has staked-out Romanticism as the ethical and spiritual foundation of their lives. Romanticism even rules their churches, because it’s a female-supremacist system. As Dalrock’s blog has well illustrated.

    Men and women will not come together again in complementarity and love until Christ sits on the planetary throne. His millennial kingdom will be very strict and traditional, not tradcon-traditional, but the real thing. There will be widespread and strong families once again, and those families will be under the immediate authority of an elder male. Single motherhood will be rare and females will seek greatly to attach themselves to a covering and commanding man.

    This re-union of man and woman under correct order-of-authority will be part of the planetary ‘restoration of Eden’ that the King and his servants accomplish.


  10. lastmod says:

    Ray says: “Dalrock has shown that the anglo West is just emerging from a thousand years under sway of the Romantic Tradition. The majority of people, at least in America, are much influenced by Romanticism and Romantic expectations. The ‘conservative’ tradcon Right has staked-out Romanticism as the ethical and spiritual foundation of their lives. Romanticism even rules their churches, because it’s a female-supremacist system. As Dalrock’s blog has well illustrated”

    That’s bunk. Total bunk. Most marriages in the west were either arranged through the small communities they lived in, and even if there was a celebration, it was a local, humble affair. Even in the “homespun” era of the USA, the local boy on the farm married one of the local girls in town, or that older man became a widower because his wife died in childbirth and he needed a “mail order annie” type of thing to help raise the kids and run the house.

    This nonsense of ‘courtly love’ was done by the higher classes….and the “educated merchant” class, or the nobility / landed gentry in the royal or smaller feudal courts. People like you and me back then would have wed the local millers or bakers daughter and it would have been “set up” through the church, or family ties “Sarah needs a husband, oh…..Nat needs a wife, he is going to be working his fathers plot leased by the local lord”

    This notion of courtly love that he seems to be stuck on, and has attached his whole being to became popular because we as a culture DID end up having the disposable income. Didn’t have to work seven days a week for a penance and had the TIME to date, select, pursue and use all the silly game tactics and when we found the “one” to behave like something out of a story from the 9th century or whatever.

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    • Stephanie says:

      My mom has tracked both hers and my dad’s genealogy very well, and yes, that kind of thing was common (an older man’s wife dying from sickness or most likely childbirth like Jason said, and then him VERY quickly marrying a younger woman and it was all set up for them through social connections). We had at least two cases of that on my dad’s side, and it was interesting to read about.

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      • lastmod says:

        Look, I’m dumb as rocks. But I still cannot arap around the concept that sometime in 1150, 967, or 1332 this “courtly love” thing took over the church, made men into “cucks” (I hate that word) and then everything was moving along until 1970 or so….and then this “courtly love” thing came back because of feminism and spineless beta men running the church. Nonsense. When Dalrock first noticed his future wife, did he just walk up and say “I’m Dalrock. We are going to get married.” No. He laughed. Joked. I am sure did “nice” thing for her. Took her out. Made her feel special, and unique.

        Just as Ray did. Just as all the real men in the man-o-sphere did. Courtly love has nothing to do with declining marriage rates. No perhaps COURTNEY LOVE did…..sure, she’s a real fright…….it’s too fraking expensive to get married, and we as a culture have the TIME to delay it.

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      • Stephanie says:

        Jason, Scott used to have a courtship blog trying to bring back courtship as a way to make dating more biblical. Dalrock wrote his story on that years ago about meeting his wife at a mall (or something) and yes, they dated (he courted her). It may be that he thinks that was wrong (??) I don’t know.


      • lastmod says:

        It doesn’t matter in the end…and to most men, what of it? Courtly Love that is. Let’s suppose Dalrock is 100% correct. What of it? Do most men care today how this came about? No. Most men are not in church, so they wouldn’t hear this nonsense anyway that is coming from the pulpit. Most of the men who DO marry today and are in church didn’t buy this either. I respect Dalrock on a lot of things. I think his blog does a service and has indeed helped men. But tying all these theories and concepts back to King Arthur days is really silly, and its making a mockery of the good he does indeed do.

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      • Stephanie says:

        I agree, most of it goes over my head… and maybe, “courtship,” is supposed to be different from, “courtly love,” I guess? I really have no idea!


      • lastmod says:

        He has never clearly explained it……and when I did call him out, he of course in Dalrock fashion put it up for all his “usual gang of idiots” to comment on it. It was way over my head, and to most normal men it’s over their heads too. I’ve read a ton of history and I don’t see how he connects the dots…..doesn’t matter.


      • Jack says:

        I’ve studied courtship and relational models in depth, and I’ve made a page listing relevant links. Click on “Courtship Models” under the header. There is one post of note that describes the difference between the Courtly Love and the Tingly Respect models.


      • lastmod says:

        Nah….A+B=C stuff. People don’t stimuli / respond in these matters. Everyone has a different personality and different upbringing. These theories, interesting as they are are not “wired” into every single person and everyone behaves this way. Still way too many variables…..and to me???? A bunch of men with little or no clinical experience putting fourth an idea….”just go to any party” as Cane says. Been to a billion more than him, I can assure you……and in todays’ Game world, its amplified even MORE with Men preforming, women choosing.


    • Stephanie says:

      And what I meant by very quickly – it was only about a month, maybe two months! And yes, Jason’s right that it had a lot to do with someone continuing to run his household and raise his children. Plus it was beneficial to the younger lady in a lot of ways. Sometimes she was a widow also, and was literally waiting for the next chance to marry a widower.

      Zero courtship involved.


    • ray says:

      America was drenched in Romanticism from the forties thru the seventies. It was the fundament of popular culture, especially via music and film.

      Courtly love, troubadourism, and Romanticism were middle class American fixtures, by no means limited to the upper classes.

      It is unwise and unjust to characterize Dalrock’s work over the years as having consumed his whole being, as it is only one element of the good works done there. That you have not accomplished commensurate works in the time allotted isn’t my problem. If you can’t keep your resentment in check, there, Mr. Bunk, our conversation is over.


      • lastmod says:

        Read my comment Ray. It was about the middle ages, and in the modern era we have courtly love so to speak because we have free time and the disposable income to do so.

        I have noticed many of you treat Dalrock like a ‘saint’ I have one criticism, and you all immedietely turn it into resentment or I’m jealous or have not achieved what he has.

        Get over yourself.


  11. lastmod says:

    and Jack…….I apologize for responding to Ray about this……I won’t make this comment thread into if Dalrock may be right or Cane, or “tingly model” versus “courtly love” model versus any other model and how it connects to the 13th century and whose fault it is, and how it all connect neatly.

    I promise I will open a discussion on my own page in the future. I won’t regulate or ban people for disagreeing with each other, not will I let people “group shame” someone because they don’t agree with said models. You know my opinion. I can now blame my singleness and virginity on some code of warfare from 1234 if this is the case……anyway. Thanks for the link. Way over my head and confusing.


  12. ray says:

    It is untrue that I have treated Dalrock like anything except what he is: a servant about Father’s business, which is what you also should be, instead of polluting the pages of others with your solipsism, inferiority ravings, and false accusations.

    On many occasions I have criticized Dalrock on his site, and if there’s something I think he’s doing over there that misleads the sheep, I call him on it. If you reviewed the site properly, instead of emoting your erroneous opinions, you would know that plain truth . . . tho it’s no guarantee you’d speak it.

    I remember you now. Jason. You turned just about every Dalrock thread into a forum about your own woe-me woefulness, yet Dalrock let you post there for a long time. Instead of constant resentment, you should be grateful. I’d have tossed you after the first week.

    Our communications are over. I’ve seen enough of your Sad Dog act.

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    • lastmod says:

      Lol……as a devotee of Dalrock, you would say that. Read the comments. Game. Women are evil. Women can’t change. Game. Game. Game. Men need to learn Game, yet there are “no good women left”

      I mentioned “Umm…..this Game, it didn’t work for me”

      “BURN HIM!”

      I admit I derailed a few threads, but no more than anyone else there. And, your full ignorance is showing again (you worship the guy) I told Dalrock, “You don’t like what I post, ban me.”

      He did. I am not upset or even angry at him. It’s his page. He can allow or disallow anything he wants, and I made a challenge on him. He called my bluff. What of it?

      If there are real falsehoods, it is the usual gang of idiots on his page who post comments, not Dalrock proper. You have been telling me the “conversation is over” with me for three of your replies now.


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