Moon Day Review – The Escalation of Anarchy

Note: July 3 – New (Waxing) Moon

Lynx for June 30 – July 6

  1. Rise Up Times (feat. Helena Cobban): The Ethics of Regime Change (2019 July 3)

If you’ve ever lived abroad for more than a few weeks, you’ll know it’s mind numbing to see the news reports in foreign countries. Why? It’s because they cover angles that the Global Nooz Network (GNN) won’t tell you about. Here, Cobban discusses American Interventionism in a way that was hard for me to believe until I lived abroad for several years.

“…behind a public façade of supporting mass movements and “democracy promotion,” a great portion of the regime-change efforts undertaken by Western governments still relies on fomenting the kind of “palace coups” that were a staple of CIA operations during the Cold War…”

“…the massive investment that Western officials made in projects to bring about regime change (or regime collapse) have thus far failed. The civilian populations of both Syria and Venezuela—and of half a dozen other countries targeted by Western government for regime change—now find themselves trapped in crises of deep impoverishment, displacement, and infrastructure collapse from which no easy exit is in sight. The governments that launched or supported all these regime-change efforts bear some responsibility for this suffering.”

Cobban goes on to list several tactical tools in the jiffy quick Regime-Change toolbox.

  1. The encouragement of high-level defections.
  2. Ever-tighter economic sanctions, the effects of which (despite claims of “targeting”) are nearly always devastating for citizens of the sanctioned country.
  3. The creation of new “mass protest movements” in these countries, or the co-optation of existing ones.
  4. The intense use of information ops and communications ops intended to bolster the “opposition” and to discredit the targeted government. (This was a Cold War staple, too.)
  5. Cyberattacks, including on infrastructure vital to civilians’ wellbeing.
  6. Deployment of highly politicized “humanitarian” activities aimed at relieving the suffering only of populations opposed to the targeted government and not those still loyal to it. (This politicization of humanitarianism violates the long-held precept of the political neutrality of humanitarian action and thus diminishes the chances of real humanitarian action being possible in the future.)
  7. On occasion, as in Gaza and Syria, the use (and support of use by others) of actual military force.

To the rest of the world, Orwell’s Big Brother has already arrived, and is now supported by your tax dollars.

  1. Asia Dialogue (feat. Wataru Kusaka): Why Filipinos have come to embrace authoritarian ‘discipline’ (2019 July 3)

In this excellent article on the political transformation of a burgeoning economy, Kusaka cites ¡SCIENCE! to explain the transition of legitimate politics and the reconfiguration of violence, resulting in the current popularity of Dirty Duterte.

“Neoliberalism and populism have damaged the balance between liberalism and democracy: populism, because it radicalises democracy while undermining liberalism in the name of the popular will of ‘good people’; and neoliberalism, because it radicalises liberalism while undermining democracy by reducing the ‘demos’ which is responsible for democracy to ‘homo economicus’.

Consequently, the vector sum of extreme populism plus neoliberalism leads to a ‘state of exception’ in which a sovereign state can legitimately kill ‘dangerous others’ in an alleged crisis.”

Kusaka goes on to explain how the emergence of an extremely fluid party system, penetration of the media to the masses, and increased levels of migration for work and remittances, has produced a new political morality which focuses on definitions of a ‘good we’ vis-à-vis ‘evil others’. These ‘evil others’ would be the liberal democratic elites on top, and those on the bottom who are too poor or lazy to get an education and work abroad.

As a result, this new middle-class moral populism has presented a serious challenge to the traditional interest politics (concerned with the distribution of resources) in deciding the outcome of national (and possibly other) elections.

When Filipinos get an honest chance to succeed by working hard, it’s amazing how moral they can suddenly become. The Protestant Work ethic declares that if people are moral, then they will work hard, except the Philippines is Catholic, so here, hard working people become moral. I expect we’ll see the rise of Gothic Filipino Banditos within 20 years.

Calavera Bandito

  1. The Ethnic European (feat. Mike Walsh): Nearly Half A Million Flee Lawless London (2019 July 3)

As bad as a Puritanical Asian-Hispanic culture might sound, it’s definitely better than what’s going down in London town.

“New figures show that record numbers of Londoners are fleeing the capital as a result of soaring violent crime rates and the high cost of living.  The brain drain, most of those packing their bags and getting out are self-achievers, whom the capital can ill afford to lose. The departing successful-set are being replaced by benefit-laden migrants thus adding to the drain on the capital’s resources.”

Stats released by the Office for National Statistics show that in the year to June, 340,498 Londoners left the city while just 237,270 migrated inwards from the rest of the country – a net loss of 103,228.”

“336,000 Londoners already left in 2017, a figure significantly higher than the 255,140 who left in 2012.  However, London’s population is still increasing thanks to immigration from abroad.”

No thanks to policy makers who allowed unfettered immigration and made it commonplace, literally.

  1. Biblical Signs in the Headlines (feat. Michael Sawdy): INDEPENDENCE DAY SHAKING: America’s Modern-Day Sodom Struck by Strongest Earthquake in 2 Decades (2019 July 4)

Meanwhile, the Night of the Living Dead continues on as usual in Californica, where environmental catastrophes are seen to be the cause of all things unholy, instead of the other way around.

“…instead of acknowledging that all of the rare and historic earthquakes, wildfires, and hurricanes are all God’s way of getting our attention after falling so far away from Him as a nation, the youth of today are brainwashed to believe that it’s all a result of random “climate change” or “global warming.”

The Left is right in saying that natural disasters are caused by human activity, but they are wrong in thinking those disasters might be allayed by “reducing the carbon footprint”, or some such nonsense.

“As long as many Americans continue to believe this lie promoted by men and women who have never picked up a Holy Bible in their lives, the judgments of the LORD will only continue to get worse. No amount of “climate action” taken by this generation, or any generation, will ever prevent the future weather catastrophes from getting worse.

The only thing that will ever prevent future disasters in America and the world is turning from SIN, repenting of it, humbling ourselves under the Almighty Hand of God, and returning to Him with all of our hearts. Until we do, mark my words, the judgments (especially in Godless states like California and New York) will continue to fall upon the USA.”

By the way, if this doesn’t make sense to you, then just close this browser window and go to Fazelook or the next article in Puffington Host, in order to continue enjoying your Politically Correct State of DeNile.

If you wish to continue reading, then be informed that you have chosen to take the Red Pill.

  1. The Orthosphere (feat. Kristor): The Sigil of the Orthosphere (2019 July 2)

  2. Dark Brightness: Mistrust all public religion. (2019 July 3)

  3. Collective Evolution (feat. Richard Enos): Powerful New David Icke Documentary Implores Us to Become Renegades (2019 July 3)

  4. Dark Brightness: Woke Journal (2019 July 5)

Here’s a real classic piece from Dark Brightness, which brings us to the Apocalypse Now.

  • A quote from McCain describing the echo-chamber hegemony of the urbanite elite in politics and media.
  • Soldier fly larvae proteins being used to create food for exotic pets, and soon, Soylent Green for the masses.
  • Automated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems designed to monitor and regulate all human activity.

Now welcome Big Brother home to roost, from his unspoken international interventionism, to turn his austere gaze onto the Yankee codgel. Once home of the free and the brave, now ghetto of free stuff to the slave.

  1. The Red Quest: Location and logistics, married guys (2019 July 5)

To pop the last candid cherry on the lake of Anarchy, The Red Quest offers tips on how married guys can slink around the bush.

“You still need good fundamentals, you still need to approach, you still need to accept rejections, etc. etc. But if you are married and trying to hide it, you also worry about your approach being rejected and then the woman telling on you to your wife… so why get married, or stay married if you already are married? Sounds like a lot of bullshit.”

Yes, there are other alternatives to affairs, such as this one: Created for Connection.

“Big problem for those guys is also probably location and logistics. Good game is tough in suburbs and always will be. Other moms are likely targets.”

Good neighbors pimp yo mama! All soccer moms and cougar MILFs on display! Step right up here, laydied and gentrymen. Take ’em down for the count!

“There are a small number of chicks who actively prefer married guys, and a larger but still small number who don’t mind the married guy. Some chicks will actively reject married guys.”

There are also some women who don’t give a d@mn about marital status, one way or the other. The only question is whether he is Mr. Right Now.

“Amateurs worry about what to say, pros worry about logistics…”

Cons set up a system of logistics, such that the action is promulgated automatically and reliably.

Such is the world we live in.

In closing, a line of classical poetry from the 20th century of horrors.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

~ Dylan Thomas

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