The Parable of the Pressure Cooker

Preserving the passion that is a prerequisite for fulfilling a person’s quest for love and long term sexual and marital satisfaction can be likened unto a pressure cooker.

Readership: Young women and high-SMV men

The Frame: The Current SMP is Jading and Self-Serving

Judging from my own experiences in tempestually promiscuous settings and sexually tinged situations, it seemed apparent that the underlying goal of the purported ‘inner game’ was to stuff your heart behind a wall of arrogance (purveyed as DHV) so as to NOT lose control of your passions! If you ever lost control of your desire, you would be booted out of the SMP (dorm room, frat house, etc.) in a jiffy, and labeled something akin to “a rude, desperate loser” or even a slut, (which is a label far from the truth in this case, because true sluts have had so much casual boinking, that their natural libido has been jaded into ancient history).

Young women and a few high-SMV men (over the past 30 years, especially) cannot wait (postpone gratification) to the point that their will power is overruled by their passions. Many of them might think they’re waiting, but they’re not. They are dating different men, chatting with many men online, experimenting with sex, diddling around with random guys who drop by for the Friday night strip poker game…

Individuals who are bound by conscience or social customs might justify their relative righteousness by telling themselves that they’re not “going all the way”.  Although there is some value in declaring certain sexual misadventures as “off limits” (outside of marriage), this approach ignores the fact that they are still putting themselves into highly tempting situations and pressing their sexual desire to the limits of their self-imposed legalism.

Women who are not bound by conscience or social custom may play by a different set of “rules”, supported by various flimsy axioms, such as “I want (or am trying) to lose control!”, or “If it feelz good, do IT!”, or “Number thirty-three out of sixty-nine of these men will be the ONE!” All of which only indulges their feminine imperative, kinks up their socio-sexual (and psychological) anisotropy, leading them to nurture and hold many high expectations of a man, while expecting nothing from themselves. This invariably leads to the despoilment of their MMV.

Girls who fear the social stigma of the carousel might opt for the Boyfriend route, often with a hot, but manageable Beta, but the end is the same.

In sum, they are seeking out, and provoking their passions like wildfire… and doing so until all their natural passion is completely dissipated.

And this is colloquially called “finding one’s self…“, meaning, “finding one’s self relieved of authentic sexual passion and the idolatry of lurrve“. The only benefit is that the destruction of the distraction of desire makes it easier for an individual to think clearly about life — but at what cost?

Bottom line…

  • They are not learning to contain and channel their passions.
  • They are not entering into the crucible of unconsummated desire and growing spiritually through the experience.
  • They are not preparing themselves with serious intentions of marriage.
  • They are not learning how to get along with a man.
  • They are not coming around towards realizing that a romantic relationship cannot ultimately satisfy the deeper longing of their souls – and that only God can do so.

No, their vanity and ego satisfaction remains as their primary driving force.

Once a sufficient amount of carnal knowledge has been gained from their sexperiences, the ability and opportunity to experience a true passion that is strong enough to overrule their will to self-determination, is lost forever.


The Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is a sealed container which works by trapping the steam produced from boiling the liquid inside the vessel, thereby causing the internal pressure and temperature to rise quickly. After the contents are cooked, the steam is slowly released so that the vessel can be opened safely.

The pressure cooker’s higher temperatures and pressures allows food to be cooked more thoroughly (abstinence allows young women to mature emotionally) in a shorter amount of time.

Food toxins (STD’s) can be reduced by pressure cooking (abstinence).


Young women should stop throwing their clams of great value before hunky handsome pigs who will trample them and dash out the next morning, leaving them as an Alpha widowed future cat lady.

Young Chads who have the opportunities to titillate and tempt gals with the Tingle should be more circumspect and choose wisely. Think of her as another man’s daughter, or some other guy’s future wife.

There is a reason why the Bible emphasizes sexual purity.

When young women choose to remain chaste, when they choose to keep a lid on it until the kettle boils over, then they may have a chance of finding the love of their life, and a passion strong enough to add value to a marital relationship.

Unless the journey embarks along this process, the deep, authentic passion needed to keep the marital bond glued together during times of trial and temptation will be spilled and lost. Unless passion is preserved for the marriage bed, then the resulting marriage and family will remain half baked.


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