MEN: Avoid the 21 Convention

A warning to younger readers about the dangers of the 21 Convention community, and the personalities within it.

Contributed by the author of Lexet Iustitia.

Readership: Men following the 21 Convention.

If you are a male who is familiar with Red Pill / MGTOW, you have probably heard of Rollo Tomassi, the 21 Convention, or the Red Man Group (YouTube channels and personalities).

The 21 convention is a channel that hosts conferences, and features “Red Pill” speakers.

Tickets to the 21 convention are $1,600-2,500 apiece.  They claim over 120 attendees on average, which means a gross over $180,000.

Having organized massive events with hundreds of attendees, I can estimate that no more than 1/3 of the costs went to reserving the hotel conference rooms.  Any speaking convention that asks you to spend thousands of dollars in fees, flights, and hotels is a scam.  Especially when the speakers are internet entertainers who tickle your ears, telling you what you already know.

It’s owned by Anthony Johnson, an adult male who allegedly lives in his sister’s home.

Anthony came to the Red Pill when he realized his now ex-wife was a prostitute.  He spends a lot of his time complaining of this fact, while also bringing up the fact that he has slept with hundreds, if not thousands of women, and was promiscuous before and after his marriage.  His cognitive dissonance is amazing.

The way he tells his own story is textbook NPD*.  Narcissism and sexual disorders go hand in hand.  Unfortunately, many professional PUA bloggers and YouTubers are narcissists.  One doesn’t sleep with hundreds of women without having some form of mental/sexual disorder.

If you don’t believe me, search for his name and the term, “marrying Medusa”.  If his speech doesn’t convince you he is nuts himself, you are prone to being taken advantage of by predatory narcissists.

Back to the topic of the 21 Convention, Johnson built his brand on the backs of others, particularly Rollo Tomassi and Richard Cooper.  But after promoting his recent convention, he decided to kick Rollo and some other speakers out.  Anthony is now taking advantage of the star power of George Bruno and Stefan Molyneux to make money.

Long story short: The 21 Convention is a scam.  It’s full of narcissists, and full of drama.  Avoid that crap.

If you are naive, you probably thought these guys were solid.  If you are savvy and have ran into narcissists before, you would realize these guys were ego maniacs obsessed with their influence and image.

Don’t be discouraged if you were conned.  Start your recovery by reading the links below.  It’s a learning experience.

* Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).  If you’re unfamiliar with personality disorders, you might want to spend a few hours reading up on the subject.  It just might save your life!  You can start here.

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