Moon Day Review – A return to normal

As you may have noticed, I had some trouble putting together the Moon Day review these past couple weeks.

The first challenge was a constraint on my time. My in-laws visited us from out of town, which proved to be a stressful experience for both me and my wife. My wife’s relationship with her mother is filled with chronic anxiety, so I needed to give my wife a little extra attention and encouraging admonishments.

During this time, I also had to finish grading midterm exams and other assignments which took several days.

The third challenge was the content. I found a large number of noteworthy articles, and it was thought-provoking and time consuming to sift through them all. I couldn’t do them justice by simply posting the link with a brief excerpt. Some topics were sufficiently profound that I decided to make some of them into separate posts, soon to appear in the near future. Time allowing, I may go back and compile the reviews for the last two weeks and post them with back dates.

So here are the articles from the Hall of Frame for the week of 2019 May 19-25.

  1. Rob Says…: Confession to the World (2019 May 20)

“…a little over four years ago, I committed a crime. I did something that could get me locked up for the rest of my life. In some areas of the world, it could get me executed.

I have committed Murder in the First Degree.

It was premeditated. I did it in cold blood. I did it without remorse as to the suffering of the individual that I killed. And I would do it again given a chance and if I had to do it again.

Who did I murder, you ask?

Just this guy I knew. I knew him my whole life and he was one miserable, unhappy son of a bitch. In all honesty, what I did to him shouldn’t be classified as murder, if anything, I should get a medal for what I did. If anything, I should be considered a hero. I don’t consider killing him as an act of brutality so much as an act of mercy. I put that motherfucker out of his misery.”

Click his link to read on for the most dramatic twist of the year!

  1. Desni Linkovi: Fatherhood lost: How abortion affects men (2019 May 21)

“As astonishing as it may seem, according to the experts, fathers of aborted children often feel even worse than mothers.”

“If you or a man you know is suffering from the loss of a child through abortion, help and healing is available by contacting You can also visit”

H/T: Larry’s Musings: Socio-critical links: Feminism, new world order, and abortion’s effects on men (2019 May 22)

  1. Amerika (feat. Johann Theron): Breaking The Feminine Ceiling (2019 May 21)

The Feminine Ceiling is defined as a collection of prominent cultural fads and false notions which prevent women from performing their best – as women.

“Feminism denies what women do well, and therefore, sends women off on a quest for a false goal.

In order to perform, a woman must recognize who she is and what she does well. The feminine ceiling is of course unseen because the current environment incentivizes and advocates the opposite, where women seek to break the glass ceiling to achieve male performance parity.

This requires that they cross another kind of glass ceiling, one formed of knowledge, towards becoming proficient in jobs that fit their skillsets.”

Theron finishes with a comparison of the United States and Tanzania, and a warning against integration.

  1. Biblical Gender Roles: The World of the Handmaid’s Tale: Not Completely Bad (2019 May 24)

Biblical Gender Roles brought to my attention one screenwriter’s vision of a future reformed patriarchy. The author of BGR also analyzed the series in terms of its allegiance to Biblical principles. In sum, certain points were found wanting, but certain other aspects were right on.

I enjoyed reading this because it stretched my imagination to envision a return of the patriarchy.

  1. On that same note, Sharkly wrote a brief road map about How to bring back Patriarchy (2019 May 21) – what needs to happen to get back Overton Even.

“The respect society gives to men, in general, is regulated and set by two factors:

  1. Society’s beliefs about men and what they deserve.
  2. What men have been conditioned to expect, and what they willingly endure.

The second factor, what men expect and tolerate, adjusts with and is set by the first factor, which makes the first factor ultimately the determinant factor.”

One addendum I would make is that the terms “male superiority” and “female inferiority” should refer to their respective places in a hierarchical structure of society, and this should not be misinterpreted as misogynistic.

Farm boy concluded in The Herd Revisited (2019 May 25),

“So what is the cure?  Rational. practical men.”

  1. Free Matt Podcast: Reject the Social Credit System (2019 May 21)

Mogadishu Matt’s message is one that needs passed along.

“I would like to call upon the human resource world (and our society) to reject the concept of a social credit system. It will destroy the diversity of talent. It can hurt a company’s ability to make money. (Your talent pool will dry up). To sterilize the flavor of your employees is to make things dull and boring. Our everyday lives can be [better, not] worse.

Don’t ‘unperson’ the exciting elements of life. We need the spice of a different set of tastes.

[…] the public and even an oft maligned group of human resources personnel can help stem a terrible tide.

Support the concept of true diversity and put value in differing opinions. Let tech companies and the world know that no one needs a “white washed” world.”

  1. Black Label Logic: The Empathy Key (2019 May 23)

Carl, at Black Label Logic, spells out the differences between Cognitive and Emotional Empathy. If we presume that empathy (or mercy) is a conservative and reserved form of trust, then Carl’s treatise correlates strongly with my earlier post, The Trust Factor (2019 April 18), which described the differences between Head Trust and Heart Trust.

Carl also comes at this from the man’s perspective, which provides both sides of the coin. This is a must read.

 “…you have to be able to not enter her frame or let her control the frame, but understand very clearly what her frame is based on cognitive empathy.”

“[…] This is based on being in the rather unique situation of being able to see the signal without all the associated noise. What I mean by signal and noise, is that most of us are capable of both emotional and cognitive empathy, the cognitive empathy is the signal, and our emotional empathy is the noise. Our ability to put ourselves in the situation of another allows us to understand their perspective, behavior and potentially future actions, however our ability to put ourselves in their frame with reasonable objectivity hinges on minimizing emotional contagion or empathy.”

  1. We Are Ezer: My Clothes Shopping Rules (2019 May 23)

If you can get past the feminine fluffy Feelz at the beginning, this post contains a pretty solid list of guidelines for choosing clothing. If a man is ever “forced” to accompany his girl/wife on a shopping trip (to prevent her from blowing a wad of cash on overly trendy visages), some arguments based on this list might save his wallet from unwise and unnecessary purchases. If your wife is mature and responsible enough to be trustworthy in her purchasing, sharing this female-friendly list with her may be enough to reduce your credit card bills.

Whenever my wife is unsure about asserting a purchase decision, I always tell her to sleep on it, and if she remembers it later in the week and she still wants it, then we’ll come back and get it. Usually, she’ll forget about it. Sometimes she’ll be glad she didn’t get it. About once a year, we will actually go back to get something, usually at my urging.

  1. Proverbs 24:26 (feat. Lily Mtongwiza): A Morning Routine for Night Owls (2019 May 24)

I am definitely a night owl. All my best work comes out after dark. I’ve been this way since childhood. But I do recognize the value of starting the day off with a Bang.

“…a good evening routine is key to a great morning routine. Because if you don’t get to bed at a decent hour, it’s impossible to get up early.

My morning routine starts with at least 7 hours of sleep. I’d like 8, I know that’s the recommended amount, but for me, it’s not happening. But 7 is non-negotiable.”

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to enjoy good mornings. For me the trick is to make the time my own. By that I mean, I wake up when I’m rested, not by the dictates of an annoying alarm. I spend an hour or two on the patio communing with nature, listening to the tropical birds chirp, sing, and coo, sipping a latte, puffing on my pipe, reading a couple blogs, having a talk with God, jotting down some notes for a future post…

Truly, it’s the best part of my day!

  1. Relevant: Infamous Pickup Artist Roosh V Says He’s a Christian Now (2019 May 23)

This trendy pop article pokes fun at the Godfather of the Manosphere for repenting of Bang Lady and returning to the Orthodox faith he was raised in.

That’s about as normal as it gets!

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7 Responses to Moon Day Review – A return to normal

  1. Sharkly says:

    One addendum I would make is that the terms “male superiority” and “female inferiority” should refer to their respective places in a hierarchical structure of society, and this should not be misinterpreted as misogynistic.

    No, you have to go beyond just male superiority in God’s hierarchy. We have to believe that men are all undeniably superior, made in the image of the Highest! Not just generally physically stronger, emotionally stronger and more stable, mentally more rational and more capable of abstract reasoning, and constitutionally able to endure environments that would break down most women. Society has to believe that men are all “de facto” superior, created first and solely in the image of God. And to believe that women are inferior, the second class, created to serve the first. That it is a crime against God, men, and all society for a woman to claim equality, or for a White Knight to go along with that claim. Any claims of innate equality between the sexes are already a great usurpation and a failure to give due reverence.

    Now if people want to see that as misogynistic, that just stems from a delusion of innate equality, but I see it as just a plain acknowledgement of facts and reality. While our souls may receive equal grace, our earthly bodies and personages were not created equally, but one more glorious and superior reflecting God’s glory, and one lesser and reflecting the glory of man.

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  2. Sharkly says:

    Oh, and thanks for the link, Jack!. I appreciate your aggregating and sharing these gems.

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  3. larryzb says:

    In anthropology class at university many years ago, we were informed that the sexual division of labor (men as hunter-gatherers or as herders (pastoralists), or as crop farmers, and women working in the home and caring for children) was biologically based. This division of labor was not merely a product of cultural development. The problem for us in the West these days is that we ignore, trivialize or minimize (even deny) natural, biological differences as we seek to make men and women equals (as in basically being the same). A more honest, rational and natural approach would be to recognize and respect these difference in the sexes, and not try to obliterate these.

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  4. Feminism is the child of Lucifer. Just as Lucifer strives to take the authority from God so feminism strives to take the God ordained authority from men.

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  6. Gunner Q says:

    “Whenever my wife is unsure about asserting a purchase decision, I always tell her to sleep on it, and if she remembers it later in the week and she still wants it, then we’ll come back and get it. Usually, she’ll forget about it.”

    I do this to myself.

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