The True Ontology of Power

The interaction defines the relationship, not what we imagine, or desire, or try to force it to be.

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Power is an old subject in the sphere.  But over a year ago, I identified power as a key component of intersexual relations that deserves consideration from other perspectives.  Some of the most noteworthy posts on this topic include the following.

Power is commonly misconstrued to be a vehicle of manipulation, or a battle between the sexes, or a competition among men.

But these expressions are not power itself. They are merely manifestations of power that reveal the true ontology to our cognitive awareness.

Case in point: You can’t become an Alpha just by doing what Alpha’s do.  The truth of who you are is much deeper than that.  Time and again, the disciples of the old PUA’s have invariably come to the conclusion that you can’t improve your Game results simply by memorizing lines and approaches.  No, you actually have to become a better man!


Bobby “Bones” Estell and Sharna Burgess.

Miscognitions of Power

On this topic, Richard Cocks at The Orthosphere has written a nice piece about power in his essay, When One Sex Attacks The Other, Both Lose (November 22, 2018).

“Post-modernism has a tendency to emphasize power above all else.  This is partly the result of rejecting the notion of objective truth and there being a supposedly infinite number of interpretations possible with no way to select between them.  This turns things into a fight for dominance rather than a search for the truth.  This perverse truth-rejecting view has combined with modern feminism at times to focus on power above all else for political propagandistic purposes. […]

The rejection of truth is no coincidence, because truth must be sacrificed in the quest for power.  But why must power be given such preeminent ascendancy?

So, it is a mistake to focus on the balance of power between the sexes because it runs the risk of characterizing the lives of men and women throughout history as a power struggle and then producing a competition to see who has had it tougher.  Something similar can happen when it is pointed out that the number one consideration for men, regarding the choice of a romantic partner, is female beauty and the most salient consideration for women choosing men is the man’s social status and income.  Men compete with each other, generating hierarchies of competence, and women then select from among the winners, typically choosing men of equal or higher status than themselves (hypergamy).  Though these are important truths of which everyone should be aware, they obscure the bonds of love and dependence that actually connect the sexes.”

The dual nature of being human — We all need God’s sovereign love and grace, yet we judge prospective partners as if they were prize poodles at a thoroughbred competition.

“Power is an element in all human relationships, for instance, between parents and children.  If power and the abuse of power starts to predominate in this relationship, something has gone horribly wrong.  The parent/child relationship should be primarily one of care, concern, love, and minimal supervision; shaping and socializing the young child, teaching him self-restraint, discipline and respect for others.  Tyrannical parents exist, unfortunately, but this represents a pathological exception, not the norm.”

We definitely see these struggles occurring in society, and to our own demise.

power dream

Authentic Power

Discussions on these perspectives should bring the insight that we are too easily distracted by the underlying false assumptions about power structures – namely that (1) power is always synonymous with peace and order, and (2) that power must be taken and maintained by action.

It is not to say that the entire topic of power is a red herring, but that a distinction must be made between two different types of power – the authentic Power of God versus the manipulative power of Mankind.

As an example to make my point, the age old Feminist trope concerns the false belief that Feminine power is contained in education, status, and social dominance, and that power is reinforced by legislation and court rulings favoring women, such as the Duluth model, as well as moxies and hypergamic successes.  Because of their immediate and heart stinging effects, men may easily believe that these tentacles represent true vehicles of Power.

But these are all fabrications of the human desire to control uncertainty and minimize risk and responsibility — a hallmark trait of whimz especially.

While it is certainly true that many women rely on these vain stratagems to attain power over men, their power is also limited according to the ways of the world.  That is to say, all these efforts undercut their God-created nature as the female sex.  All such efforts do nothing to bolster their authentic, God-ordained, feminine Power, which is a different anima altogether.  At best, these efforts actually detract from their genuine feminine Power.  At worst, they are storing up wrath unto themselves.

Case in point: A court ordered alimony might enslave a man financially, but it will never inspire him, empower him, nor tug on his heart strings again. A woman who attacks her husband in a court of law has irrevocably betrayed him, and is therefore subsequently and permanently relegated to his S#!t List. She may win the Earthly battle with a rude stunt, but she will forfeit the Eternal war.

Malfortunately, the GlowFembo reOrder has declared a Race to the Bottom, so we must tolerate the B1ack H@nd of power for a while longer.

What a difference a woman can make


Human power frequently boils down to a zero or negative sum game, but authentic Power is expressed as positive sum.

A controlling, domineering person zaps the emotional energy of others, whereas, a truly Powerful person empowers everyone around him.

Usually, any power grabbing efforts of the feral nature only serve to undermine the trust and joy of the relationship.

Beware of a woman who jockeys for power and control in a relationship.  She is not comfortable with the truth, and she is fearful of trusting male authority.  Ultimately, she’s not at peace with God, and will not prove to be a stable, reliable partner.

Instead of pressing and forcing reality to match desire, get in touch with the reality of the situation, and work through it to find the fulfillment of desire.

The interaction defines the relationship, not what we imagine, or desire, or try to force it to be.

True Power is determined by a relationship’s ontological construction of unique identities being manifested, and less so in the motivations or behaviors of the participants.


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  1. Ed Hurst says:

    Looks like the Lord was speaking to both of us on the same subject at the same time. My own blog post today was an anecdote about power abuse.

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