Moon Day Review – Crack and the Red Pill

During the week of May 5 – May 11, 2019, there appeared a large number of insightful articles, so it was difficult to narrow them down. Some (not listed here) have spun off into separate posts that will be put up in the near future.

There are two themes, The Red Pill and cracking the feminine mystique.

  1. Roissy (Chateau Heartiste) was deplatformed from WordPress.

The big news around the sphere this week was that Roissy, one of the most godless godfathers of the Manosphere, was deplatformed by WordPress on May 10. The news was covered by several articles, including the following.

Courtesy of the WayBackMachine, here’s one of my favorite CH posts from this month.

Chateau Heartiste: Science externally validates CH poon commandment VIII (2019 May 7)

Click here to see a screen shot of Roissy’s last post, Corporate Conspiracy to Silence and Impoverish Political Dissidents, courtesy of Brannon1776 on Gab.*

* H/T: Western Rifle Shooter’s Association: Some Might Call This A Clue (2019 May 10)**

** H/T: Honeycomb@Boxer

Adam Piggott found that Chateau Heartiste is still posting on Gab. Click here for Roissy’s Gab profile. Click here for Roissy’s posts on Gab.

In addition to the Chateau, I’ve noticed that at least three other “Red Pill” sites have folded up.

  1. A King’s Castle
  2. Judgy Bitch
  3. Red Pill Chick

…and then there were six little Red Men.

On Sunday, just out of curiosity, I tested the legitimacy of Google’s search returns by searching for the string, “race to the bottom Dalrock”. It returned two pages of search results in 0.31 seconds, with nary a Dalrock post in sight.

At the end of the last result was the cliché,

“In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 20 already displayed.

If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.”

Sure enough, when I clicked on “omitted results”, it returned 29,600 results, fully ubiquitous with Dalrock’s posts.

So… Dalrock, and probably many other conservative Christian sites, are filtered out of search results. I’m expecting to see the filtering get tighter and tighter until it takes the form of a shadow ban.

The good news is that there are a couple new sites in the Manosphere. Sharkly has a new blog, Laughing at Feminism, which strikes me as the right attitude to have at this time.

Also, I’m happy to report that FreeMattPodcast has taken to blogging more regularly. You can see an introductory video of him on his About page. He seems like a great guy.

  1. The 21 Convention

The second big topic was the spring 21 Convention in Orlando Florida, which finished up on May 5th. R. S. McCain wrote two feature articles on the event, both worth reading.

  1. Black Label Logic: Of Criticisms, Complaints and The Red Pill (2019 May 9)

Black Label Logic offers some Framework for writing Red Pill critiques of Red Pill arguments. Iron sharpening iron is a scarce commodity, so BLL’s post should be required reading.

 “…the Red Pill does not have a formal hierarchy whereby people are promoted and demoted. There is only one way to climb the ladder to a position of influence, and that is your contributions to Red Pill Theory. Rollo got nicknamed “The Godfather” because he is the most prolific and influential writer in our niche, not because of starting beef with the top guys when he started writing. Every influential “Red Pill Man” is influential because of his Body of Work, regardless of which format he prefers.”

“If you want to make arguments about morality along the lines of:

  • “If all men bang hoes you are ruining Western Civ”
  • “Don’t you realize that you are turning our future wives into Alpha widows”
  • “Don’t you see that by telling men to put themselves first and be their own mental point of origin you are creating psychopaths”

and the likes, then you are not criticizing Red Pill theory, you are criticizing its application, and one potential set of consequences. I cannot speak for other content creators but I generally tend to view a desire to respond to such concern trolling as a sign that I’ve had too much to drink and should go to bed.”

The second theme covers several insights and challenges from the female perspective.

  1. The Federalist (feat. Suzanne Venker): Ladies, Stop Trying to Have Sex Like Men (May 9, 2019)

This article, which was quite satisfying to read, was reblogged by Hommunism and Larry’s Musings.

“Kerry Cohen, author of the memoir “Loose Girl,” can relate. In her book, Cohen examines her promiscuous past, which included sleeping with almost 40 boys and men. “Loose Girl” analyzes in great detail all of the emotions that accompanied Cohen’s sexual experiences. She reviewed the reasons why she had sex, why she chose the boys and men she did, how she felt leading up to each encounter, how she felt afterward, and what she expected to happen compared to what actually did happen. At the end of the day, what Cohen wanted was for guys to like her. “I let these men inside me, wanting to make me matter to them.”

It’s difficult to imagine the young man Olivia slept with having bouts of bingeing and vomiting and winding up at the campus health center as a result of his time with Olivia, just as it’s difficult to imagine a young man authoring a book like Cohen’s. The average guy who engages in commitment-free sex doesn’t ruminate over who he had sex with or why he did it—he knows why he did it.

Nor will he typically have sex with a woman because he wants her to like him. Many men have sex for no other reason than it’s available. “For a man, this might be a peasant trip down memory lane, counting up one’s conquests,” wrote Cohen. “But for a girl, it’s a whole other story.” A whole other story indeed.”

Women are known to love “drama”, so maybe the emotional roller-coaster originating from a sordid life of illicit sex is just what their feral feminine imperative is looking for.

The next article touches on a key trait of women that is too often overlooked.

  1. The Red Quest: Most chicks feel anxiety and uncertainty, and most guys never realize it (2019 May 8)

“Most chicks, when you get underneath their social surface and social armor (many guys never do), are just not very confident. Even many very beautiful women are insecure about their looks, their relationships with guys, etc. Many women really are like liquids, looking for vessels to give them shape and purpose. The better you know chicks, the more apparent this becomes.

Even a lot of bitchy, unappealing behavior comes from a place of weakness, fear, and uncertainty… not a place of strength. When I have written about trying to build women up… this is what I am trying to get at. Most chicks are adrift and need a man’s approval, but most guys don’t recognize this dynamic and only perceive the surface level.

When we laugh at or ignore shit tests, when we’re non-reactive to some kinds of typical bad female behavior, when we laugh off rejection and go find a chick worthy of our attention… we are working at these deeper levels. […] I think a lot of guys who get this low, find a woman or two or three they want to be with and drop out of the conventional dating market.”

This should be the end goal of a Christian young man – to figure out the Game, get down to the bottom line, and settle into a LTR or marriage with a nice girl (one absent red flags). In fact, there’s nothing uniquely “Christian” about this life stage development. We see this pattern happening with PUA’s and nonbelievers as well. But if this process isn’t happening, then there might be a problem going on in your own heart.

“…even a lot of very attractive chicks are insecure about their looks, bodies, and performance. Why? They are comparing themselves to chicks who are +2 or +3 above them…”

“There is still a lot of sex negativity in society, so chicks are worried because they know guys want sex (just as chicks do), but chicks worry about their reputations, what will happen if they seem to like sex too much, etc. etc. Chicks compete with each other quite a bit, and many chicks are worried about what their stupid friends will think of their sexual behavior. Mature, psychologically stable chicks won’t have these problems, or will understand that they need to mute these problems, but the number of mature, psychologically stable chicks is small.

So a guy who a chick heavily invests in… she really wants his validation and reassurance. That is valuable to her. Validation that she is beautiful, that she is not a slut, that she is doing good and normal things, etc. She is probably pretty uncertain about herself because she is looking “up” at the hottest/coolest/most whatever chicks (and dudes).”

“A girl wants to feel like she is replaceable but simultaneously that she will not be replaced.”

I am reading this word “replaceable” as meaning she experiences the grace of having a man better than what she feels she deserves, which appeals to both her humility and her hypergamy. Likewise, the “not be replaced” aspect gives her a sense of security and peace about the relationship.

“…many [chicks] are worth trying to “build up…” but only AFTER they have invested deeply in [you]. If you try to build up a chick who has not invested in you, you are just another beta dude feeding her free and unearned resources, attention, etc.”

“As so often happens, there are guys talking past each other online, at different “levels” of the game or seduction process. A guy at one level, may not even PERCEIVE the other level(s) are there. This goes both ways, too. A bottom guy reading this will see women’s bitchy, cold social armor and think most of this post is ridiculous. A top guy reading this post may read it and think that it’s obvious to him, isn’t it obvious to every guy?”

“Probably my biggest transition is to let a lot of the bullshit go, to stop feeding attention to chicks who aren’t going in the direction I want them to go, to accept that most chicks will say no, to focus attention on the chicks who say yes or who are on the path to saying yes. A chick who is fundamentally a “no…” needs to be chucked. A girl who is a “maybe” is where a lot of the game is.”

Bottom line: If you concentrate on a girl who’s seriously into you, you can get into a better courtship structure. Johnny Caustic adds,

“At each of these stages, it rarely works well to force things too hard. She has to want it at least a little (and you have to be a man who can provide it).”

“Currently I have a woman who’s invested in me, and I’m guiding and shaping her and teaching her confidence. I’m not sure I’m good at it, but it’s thanks to the community (and blogs like this) that I know it’s important for me to learn how, and embrace an opportunity like this when it comes.”

  1. Adam Piggott: Things that are supposed to get girls, but don’t get girls. (May 8, 2019)

Adam’s article adds clarity to the importance of the social context.

“When it comes to seduction, context matters. And women always want the guys who are in control.”

“But if you’re at a party and making the girls laugh all night, if that’s all you’ve got then all you’re doing is setting up the guys with game who are patiently waiting for you to run out of steam.”

“Power, competence, confidence, they’re all bound up together in game, and game is never in isolation; it is in the context of the dynamic that you wield in competition with other men. Whoever dominates the group or whoever is in the dominating group gets the girls. Because girls are looking for the best guy that they can get and they rank the men against each other.”

  1. Christianity and Masculinity: Teachable: one of the most critical traits in vetting a wife (2019 May 6)

“The purpose of a husband’s love for his wife is for her sanctification. It’s not to placate her feelings or make her feel loved but so that she becomes more like Jesus. More often than not, this type of love will make her feel hurt or bad in the moment because it means correcting her if she’s gone off track.”

“It is very wise that you only marry a wife who is teachable. If you marry a wife that does not respond to correction or criticism that’s heaping trouble upon your own head. If they don’t respond to correction or criticism, it’s unlikely that they’re also going to want to obey God or the Bible to respect and submit either.”

The degree to which a woman is teachable depends largely on her humility, which is presumably related to our next topic…

  1. Random Xpat Rantings: Why arranged marriages have less divorces (May 8, 2019)

I’ve had this question on the backburner of my mind for a few months, but information on this topic is sparse.

“…the default setting that I think helps Indian’s in arranged marriages be happier than people who marry out of love is this:

Some people have the default setting of trying to make each other happy. To make things work out. To be on the same team. To turn conflicts into patience, understanding, humor, and a mutual exercise of “feeding the baby” of romantic attachment.

I’m guessing that arranged marriages have this default setting as the assumption.”

“The whole point of assortative mating is to social climb. For guys this looks like trying to get the unicorn; an attractive woman who is not crazy.”

I read “social climbing” to mean finding a partner who is above you, or at least better than the last, on the SSMMV scale. This is the adjunct goal of hypergamy, but truth be said, men are also on the lookout for somebody “younger, hotter, and tighter”.

“It tends to be the guys who are on the lower social rungs, the gammas and guys on the autistic spectrum, who have the most need for training in how to get girls. These are also the people who tend to be the most resistant to self-development.

The guys who succeed in using red-pill and PUA technology to improve their sex lives eventually all come to the same conclusion. Getting better with women is MOSTLY about self-improvement. Very little to do with routines or scripts. It’s about becoming both authentic and at the same time charismatic – not choosing charisma over honesty.”

And then, through much dating and interaction with women, we realize that women are also all on a social scale. Not just an attractiveness scale. It becomes apparent how common sense became common; common sense distinctions of class are accurate. There are trashy loser disorganized women, and there are trashy loser disorganized socially inept men. The dating market is about assortative mating, such that you actually have to be a decent match; you can’t get a hot and kind and smart girl with scripts.”

Although the author makes several good observations, he doesn’t quite make it to the logical conclusion that successful “social climbing” doesn’t predict marital happiness and contentment. I’m not sure if this omission was intended or not.

I believe contentment with a LTR comes more easily when people are focused on their joys, their responsibilities, and their shared life purposes, rather than dwelling on the other person’s attributes and shortcomings, and ranking them as a social prize to be exploited.

But if you’re young and you’ve never had a fresh hottie feeding you constant S#!t tests, then you might disagree. A word for the young guys, especially those with little experience; hotter always yields more contentment and less guilt too… until the thrill and novelty wears off. Be careful about marrying into that, because the elf-life of a hottie is 5-10 years at best.

  1. Snapper TRX: Above Reproach (2019 May 6)

“Many christian women bristle when asked to do something they don’t want to do by their husbands, and get downright hostile when their husbands TELL them to do something. They have no problem being obedient to their bosses at work, even if those bosses are male and even if they don’t like them! The curse, however, raises its ugly head when that man is their husband, and she will readily reject his authority instead of being the obedient wife she is called to be.

In modern society women are pawns in a game of world domination. Instead of being “empowered” like they are told they are, women are used as tools of controlling the masses through the political system. They are easily bought off with votes for “rights for women” that include things like the right to murder their own children free of criminal prosecution, the right to steal from those who work so that they may live without having to work, the right to entrap and prosecute men for their own mistakes and nonsensical behaviors, and many others.”

Women are like sheep, no matter how you look at it. It all depends on who the shepherd is.

  1. The Orthosphere (feat. Alan Roebuck): Honoring Our Ancestors: The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad (May 10, 2019)

Alan’s article is a historically informative, yet very pleasant, relaxing read. I had to include it here.

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