The Trust Factor

Trust is indispensable when activizing a woman. Yet, there are two kinds of trust. Which one are you pursuing?

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Two Kinds of Trust

Human beings are naturally inclined to trust.

When trust is present, there can be a similitude of a relationship.

When trust is broken, then fear, anger, and retaliation result.

Whenever confusion and suspicion are present, trust is unable to form.

In sum, trusting is a monumental importance that carries potentially catastrophic consequences.

Our experience in life teaches us whether to accept or deny that uncertainty, usually in view of mitigating risk and maximizing Spiritual Efficiency.

Unfarcimoniously, I would go so far as to say there are two kinds of trust, and one of them is not in the dictionary. Neither is the first word in the last sentence, but you know exactly what it means – that’s trust.


The first kind of trust is in the head. It’s when you believe the person will do what they said they would do, or what you expect them to do. Contracts and business agreements rely on this kind of trust.

The second kind of trust is in the heart. It’s when you can feel free to be yourself, and “let it all hang out”, knowing that the other person will understand your intended meaning, accept your foibles, and extend the grace necessary to glorify your contributed value, whatever that might be.

InteresTingly, these two kinds of trust are rather mutually exclusive. You either have one or the other, and it’s very rare, if not impossible, to have both simultaneously.

Head Trust

When a woman has Head Trust in a man, the Manosphere labels this as her being in “transactional mode”. Operating with a woman in transactional mode is known as a Beta trait, but is actually more common among Deltas.

When a woman places Head Trust in a man, the Fitness Testing (AKA S#!t Testing) emerges. There will be no end to the contention until she finds his limits and pushes his buttons. He’s the pack mule, and she’s the driver. The quarreling with only end when she has attained full unconditional control over her domesticated beast of burden, and he has submitted himself, meek and mild, to her authority as the gatekeeper of his hard earned sexual release.

Meanwhile, Ms. Home Grown Hypergamy will be on the secret lookout for Mr. Wild Alpha Beast who can naturally draw her Heart Trust out of her vile pussycat thighs.

S#!t Testing happens, partly because her fallen nature of rebelling against male authority rears its ugly head, and partly because she needs to know the exact limit of that Head Trust. Knowing the limitations of a man’s capability determines the level of Head Trust that is appropriate. Going beyond this level of Trust would be foolish (in her view). This is why Fitness Testing becomes a top priority to her.

The pliability and accessibility that the man displays during Fitness Testing will determine the limits of her control over the relationship. A woman can wield more control over a man who is obsequiously “Nice” and reliably predictable (viz. he has a high Head Trust rating). But a man who exercises limits and boundaries, and who Pushes the Line (viz. his Head Trustworthiness is inscrutable) is difficult to subjugate.

It follows that guys who play “Nice Guy” tactics are presumptuously vying for the Head Trust relational structure. If the man proves to be totally predictable and dependable, then she can place a large amount of Head Trust in him.

Most guys naturally think this kind of altruism would improve the relationship. However, most females will utilize the dependable man’s predictability to attain dominance in the relationship. She might even call him boring, all the while entertaining herself by jerking him around.

The Courtly Love model of Chivalry also falls into the Head Trust category. In this case, there are necessarily a lot of romantic feelings (AKA sexual “thirst”) on the man’s part, which naturally increase his devotion to prove himself worthy of her Head Trust. This in turn, motivates him to provide accessibility of resources to the woman. Her confidence in his reliability feeds her self-indulgence, buttresses her ego, breeds her addiction to choice, and infuses the euphoria of power. The resulting synergy of deferential male lust and female empowerment is often falsely labeled as “love”.

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Heart Trust

When a woman has Heart Trust in a man, the Manosphere labels this as “affirmation mode”. Having the ability to continually operate with a woman in affirmation mode is an Alpha quality.

When a woman places Heart Trust in a man, the Tingles percolate. She’s always short of breath and walks around with her headlights on. Heart Trust is an aphrodisiac. This is because Heart Trust opens up the heart. It brings a person to life. It encourages faith and confidence. It breaks down psychological walls. It overrules egotistical Pride. It defuses defense mechanisms. It inspires respect. It affirms hope. It opens the eyes of the Soul.

This is partly because his purposes in life are independent of the outcome of his relationship with her, and partly because the man can handle all her S#!t with a fair degree of finesse. As a result, she knows there is no limit to that Heart Trust.

Interestingly, the boundaries presented by the man’s Frame serve to remove the boundaries that trap the woman in her own self-constructed solipsistic ℏǝll. These boundaries will determine her sense of security in the relationship. How tight or loose that boundary needs to be, is dependent on the individuals involved.

It follows that the Bad@ss who sticks to Jerkboy’s will to power are presumptuously vying for the Heart Trust relational structure. If the man proves to be assiduously impervious to whatever she deems as a weakness, then she can place a large amount of Heart Trust in him.

Most guys naturally think this hardcore spline-fit would destroy the relationship. However, most females will intuitively grasp onto the steadfast man’s Frame to secure a position of boundless passion for the relationship. She’ll willingly submit herself to be his spritely play toy, all the while entertaining herself with notions of love and romance.

The Tingly Respect model of courtship also falls into the Heart Trust category. In this case, there are necessarily a lot of romantic feelings (AKA sexual “thirst”) on the woman’s part, which naturally increase her devotion to prove herself worthy of his Head Trust. This in turn, motivates her to provide emotional accessibility and service to the man. His confidence in her faithfulness feeds his self-esteem, buttresses his ego, breeds his confidence, and engages the efficacy of his power. The resulting synergy of deferential female desire and male empowerment is the “true love” described by fairy tales of yore, and is the garden variety topics of modern romance novels (AKA female pornography) – a consummation devoutly yearned for by females everywhere.


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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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21 Responses to The Trust Factor

  1. necron48 says:

    Your article here is depressing…..why? because everything you said is so true. In fact It’s more than true, it’s an astute observation of just how evil female nature is, and the lengths men must go in order not to lose them

    To be honest Jack, I’m sick and tired of the endless loop games that women play with men’s hearts and lives and I’m beginning to think that the only solution to this is to go back to a time when women had no rights. I’m a Christian but I’m getting increasingly convinced that the forced marriages in India and the strict controls in Sharia Law in Islam are the ONLY way to escape the shackles of female supremacy and domination of mankind

    How far we have gone as a society when the best and most accurate way to have relationships with women is being heralded by our arch enemies of Christ, namely Islam and Hinduism


  2. ramman3000 says:

    Mutually exclusive? I’ve had many relationships (including romantic relationships, non-romantic relationships, and same-sex friendships) that include both head and heart trust. So you’ve lost me on this one, I’ve got no idea what you are driving at.


    • Jack says:

      Derek, I worded that part a bit strongly for the rhetorical effect (IOW, to provoke a discussion). It doesn’t have to be a dualistic conundrum, but I see that too many people experience it that way.

      You are correct. Ideally, a good relationship should have both Head and Heart Trust, and it seems like you’ve achieved that balance in your marriage. But problems arise when immature people fall into one of the extremes and mistakenly believe that things will work out according to their expectations which happen to be either unrealistic (when focusing on Heart Trust and ignoring Head Trust) or incomplete (when focusing on Head Trust and eschewing Heart Trust).

      More specifically, men tend to be overreliant on Head Trust while being oblivious to Heart Trust. Women, on the other hand, put all their eggs in the one basket of Heart Trust, and only turn to Head Trust when it benefits them somehow. (On point, they seem to know that men work this way.)

      This blog is directed towards men, so I’ve emphasized the positive aspects of Heart Trust accompanied by the dichotomy of choice between the two.


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