What is glorification?

Glorification is a religious byword which has a practical meaning that most are unaware of.

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In a previous post, Why do Christian women have the reputation of being whores? (February 23, 2019), I made the following statement.

“Truth be known, the only times I have ever seen women spiritually glorified is when they were having an affair, or were just about to. I’ve seen this so often, that now, whenever I see a woman glorified, I automatically jump to this conclusion.”

A reader sent me a private message asking the following question.

“What do you mean by a women being “spiritually glorified”? What does that look like? Sounds like a useful thing to watch for but I’m not sure what you mean by it.”

Generally speaking, glory is the brilliant, heavenly beauty and transcendental timelessness of the atmospheric presence of God. Thus, glorification coincides with the state of being close to God, and therefore, the glorified entity should exhibit more of the nature of God.

But ironically, people, places, things, ideas, and even fallen angels can appear glorified, even though they may be far removed from God’s holiness.

“For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” ~ 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 (NKJV)

For example, film and advertisement industries explicitly present their lead actors and products, respectively, as being excessively glorified. The reason is because glorification is attractive, persuasive, and even seductive. If you are exposed to a person or a product in a glorified state, you can believe it and/or accept it very easily. It may even become your new mental standard of comparison. Compared to an entity in a glorified state, all other competing entities appear common and mundane.

Women appear glorified in the eyes of men when they display indicators of health, youth, and fertility. This is because aesthetic beauty is defined by how it appeals to the soul of a man. Contrary to what one might expect, such indicators are highly controllable, and most women are well aware of this.

The average woman might achieve more glorification if she loses weight, dresses attractively, and wears makeup in a “natural” style. Many women pile on the makeup whenever they’re seeking to glorify themselves for the purpose of attracting attention or affirmation. But women who are young and naturally beautiful actually display more true glory without makeup. This phenomenon was covered in a previous post, Opal’s Femsplaination of Cakeface (June 17, 2018).

There are many photo editing apps that are designed to remove wrinkles, acne and other aesthetic flaws from photographs of people’s faces. The intended effect of using these apps is specifically aesthetic, but in a larger sense, the desired impression is one of glorification.

At the opposite extreme, women who wear dingy, ragged clothing, get fat, get tattoos, chop their hair short, or dye it an unnatural color, are actively detracting from their own glorification. I believe such women are attracted to these fashion trends because the debasement of their feminine beauty is a glorification of death and destruction. They eschew the glorification of life and health within themselves because it is too closely associated with God, beauty, nature, and order.


This is a well preserved example of Chinese Buddhist art from the Liao Dynasty (907-1125) in China. The Guanyin Bodhisattva is the Buddhist/Daoist goddess of compassion. She usually appears as a female, but can also appear as a male, and sometimes with many arms. She is often depicted in a variety of open, relaxed postures. Note the bare breasts, the leg lifted and spread, and the tender sensuality expressed in the eyes and fingers.

Now to get down to the reader’s question: How does having an affair enhance a woman’s glory, and what does that look like visually?

The appearance of spiritual glorification in human flesh is challenging to define in words, but I’ll take a shot at it here.

When people get into a new relationship, they start believing in new possibilities for their lives. They feel loved, they have hope, they are willing to humble themselves. They get into the mindset of being their best selves at all times, or at least those times when social intercourse with the object of adoration seems probable.

Women display a market value change when they’re entwined with the Tangles, and especially after they get sexually imbued with masculine affection. There are many obvious physical indicators, which when combined, lead to a form of glorification.

  • Her face glows.
  • She’s happy and smiling.
  • Her eyes are gleaming with hope.
  • She has a sudden burst of self-esteem.
  • She conducts herself in a more mature manner.
  • She’s more content, and less emotionally needy.
  • She is more confident, especially more sexually confident.
  • She may become more animated and emotionally expressive.
  • She’s dressing up and attending diligently to her hair and makeup.
  • She is self-assured, and she speaks in a more direct, candid fashion.
  • She stops using anger and feigned helplessness as tools of manipulation.

This phenomenon of glorification also happens to men too, but it’s less frequent, and less pronounced.

Note: If your worried about whether your woman might be cheating, Chateau Heartiste has a large number of posts on this subject. See these search terms: cheating; infidelity.


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1 Response to What is glorification?

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    IE, breaking patterned behavior, by becoming exuberant.

    “Women display a market value change when they’re entwined with the Tangles, and especially after they get sexually imbued with masculine affection. There are many obvious physical indicators, which when combined, lead to a form of glorification.”

    Amen. I have observed this as well. It is amazing how quick a woman can lose weight (or gain it).

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