A dull shave gets tossed

Gillette is choosing suicide by a thousand cuts.

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I want to thank Gillette for their recent commercial, a showcase of their misandrist Feminist propaganda. Grateful really, because it is now all that much clearer for regular citizens to identify Gillette as a Globalist racketeering corporation to be avoided, just in case any decent person had missed that.

Gillette is owned by Proctor and Gamble, and has many subsidiaries, including Braun and Oral B. So it might be difficult to avoid every single product from P&G, but cutting down consumption would be in order.

But for sure, don’t ever send your resume there, unless you’re an upper level manager who plans to reorganize the structure. It’s time for America to realize that an employee of a company does the bidding of his overseers, for better, or for worse. So choose your employer wisely, and know your life purpose before accepting any job offer.

As Spawny’s pointed out in Collective Guilt (January 16, 2019), the chief complaint of the me-too movement primarily concerns the abuse of power. Granted, the abuse of power is a legitimate complaint at its core, but as several Androspherians have examined in the past, the actual power play is not what the mass media leads one to imagine. Men, and masculinity in general, have been lambasted and rejected as “toxic”. As a result, men now have a minimum token power in Western society. Most men are lost and living without purpose. As such, the me-too complaint has been sorely abused by disappointed social climbers who tried to sleep their way to the top, and has been hijacked by the feminist propaganda machine to push their globalist agenda of destroying Western Society. Remember Kavanaugh… That is the true abuse of power here.

In addition to the purported power play between the sexes which has been instigated by the powers-that-be, there is a grander power play based on the demographic profiling.

A minority group needs to achieve an 8-10% critical mass before they begin to influence the larger culture. Blacks and Hispanics have already surpassed the 10% threshold, and have left their mark on American culture. For the most part, American’s appreciate their contributions to the Arts, especially blacks in the music industry. However, the QTBGL community, at around 4.5% (2018 estimate from Gallup), has not yet reached the critical mass necessary to affect American society. However, their purposes have been pressed fast forward by controlled media and education, which makes it appear that they have gained a dominant place in society. But the last time I checked, American culture is still predominantly white, straight, and nominally Christian (~65%), and as long as this continues, we’re not going to see a major power shift without a fight.

Feminism, on the other hand, has stolen a much larger slice of the pie. According to a survey from YouGov: Compared to 2016, more women now say that they’re feminists, but they’re still outnumbered (August 9, 2018), the number of people who identify as feminist is slowly rising to lie between 38-46%, but the number of people who strongly oppose feminism has quickly grown to similar numbers. Across the pond, Britons are more empathetic towards feministic ideals (at 61-72%), but fearfully shy away from the label (7%).

The social engineering minions at Jillette must have come to the conclusion that now is a crucial time to press for a final victory over public opinion, by using propaganda in an attempt to convince the majority that the values of a minority are a plurality. But the deluded trendsetters at Gillette failed to consider the de facto cultural anthropology… and the moral fortitude of their opposition.

“Toxic masculinity” is a bluff that is now being called. American society is fed up with the propaganda, and the kickback is culminating. There’s a limit to how much BS that people can swallow with a grain of salt. Gillette just passed that limit, and it’s triggered a gag reflex.

An off topic, but interesting trivia: Decades ago, many razor blades were made of a platinum (Pt) chrome steel alloy. In those days, platinum was a junk metal, because there was no demand for it. But since then, platinum found many applications in various industries (especially the automotive catalytic converter, which was/is required by law), and the price of platinum has skyrocketed, even surpassing the price of gold, and has since been removed from the metallurgical composition of razors.

So if you ever find some old safety razors (or catalytic converters) lying around, you might want to hang on to them. They may have a $uffi¢ient platinum content to make their re¢y¢ling worthwhile.



I was first alerted to the Gillette commercial hysteria from Patriactionary’s post: If they hate men, why are they selling to them? (January 14, 2019). I immediately recognized this as being worth an analysis, but by the time I’ve gotten around to write about it, there has already been an amazing backlash from the Androsphere, as well as from society at large. The number of online articles about Gillette’s commercial is approaching landslide proportions!

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8 Responses to A dull shave gets tossed

  1. ramman3000 says:

    Besides my bait comment that I successfully left on Dalrock, I also wrote about the issue from the perspective of defining masculinity in “When should men take a punch?“.

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  2. larryzb says:

    It is a shame when companies pander to various groups instead of just marketing their products for how well these work. All facets of our lives are now being politicized by the SJW overseers and moral arbiters.

    Completely off topic, but platinum (mentioned above) has in recent years fallen from grace so to speak. Palladium, a substitute for platinum in many applications, is now worth more than gold. Wonders never cease.

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  3. ramman3000 says:

    Just popped up on my RSS feed is Gunner Q and “Gillette Now Targeting Children for Reeducation“.

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  4. earl says:

    All Gillette revealed is that feminists are trying to sell an agenda, not a product.

    And as we’ve pretty much known for a long time that’s the same thing that goes on in newspapers and television media…under the front called ‘journalism’.

    It’s simple…I want my razors to do what the product intends them to do. I don’t want some childless woman who was sold a bill of goods in college to tell me I’m toxic now buy this thing to keep me afloat.

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