The Feminine Typecasts of Men

A mansplained feminine view of male archetypes, complete with suggested nicknames.

Readership: Red Pilled readers, and the curiously imaginative sort.

In a previous post on Sigma Frame: Finding Mr. Right (June 15, 2017), we perused several types of men available to women on the S/MMP: Mr. Right, Mr. Right Fit, Mr. Right Now, Mr. Right On, and Mr. Good Enough! The outstanding question was whether a woman can identify them and make the best choice for her life.

Since then, I’ve expanded our understanding of The Feminine Dilemma (October 27, 2018), and found that these different types of men fall right in line with the different archetypes identified in this post. You may like to cover these two posts before reading on, if you haven’t already done so.

Here, I’ll cite the different types of men from the first mentioned post, and add some comments based on insights gleaned from the second. Each type of man/relationship is categorized by the chart given in the Feminine Dilemma – the Lifepath pursued by the female, and the male’s defacto role in the relationship.

Dependent Female + Dominant Male = The Tingly Respect Model

Mr. Right is the man who is in her own SMV band, who has a complementary personality (i.e. is her “type”), and who shares many spiritual values and attitudes towards life. He is the guy who loves and honors her, and she desires and respects him.”

This fits the ideal Tingly Respect model, complete with Tingles.

Mr. Right Fit is the man who appears to be a Mr. Right because he meets her list of qualifications, but there is something missing in their interaction that spells “no happy future” to the relationship.”

This guy is a good match, possibly fitting the Complementary model, or possibly the Tingly Respect model. However, the “something missing” is presumably the Tingles.

Mr. Right On is the man who can fill her life with the dizzying, distracting effects of romance, fun and good times, but he is not cut out for marriage. This guy is likely an Alpha male who is just using her for his own good times.”

This is definitely the Tingly Respect model, however she has foolishly chosen a man who far outranks her on the SMV scale.

“There is also a Mr. Bad Ass, who is a very confident, self-assured man who games her hard and treats her like an immature little girl, and teaches her some very hard lessons about life. She should watch her personal boundaries and beware that she does not “fall in love” with his dominance and charisma, and give Mr. Bad Ass a permanent place in her heart.”

Masculine power rules here, so it’s another instance of the Tingly Respect model. But in this case, his perceived relational value is sufficiently low enough that she doesn’t consider him for a serious LTR. However, even though she might perceive him to be rancorously disturbed, she may be more than curious about exploring the Tingles. Her level of personal agency would determine her choice.

Dependent Female + Submissive Male = The Courtly Love model

“When she gets impatient with herself, and starts to selfishly justify all her lack of qualities that she can offer to a man (i.e. dissociative rationalization, AKA “hamstering”), she will find a Mr. Right Now to fulfill all her urgent, immediate needs for attention and affirmation. But deep inside, she knows Mr. Right Now is just for now, not for marriage.”

Here begins the unholy slide into the Courtly Love model with a Beta orbiter having a sufficient SMV to rise above the Friend Zone™.

“The idea of “settling” connotes a failure to achieve a goal, and “Mr. Good Enough” only serves to reinforce that notion. She is getting too impatient about finding a man, and just grabs one whom she feels she can control and can take what she needs from him. It’s not a good idea to marry this guy, because neither of you will be happy.”

This is another instance of the Courtly Love model with a Beta orbiter. But here, she is more desperate, and marriage minded.

Independent Female + Submissive Male = Feminism

Since I wrote the OP more than a year ago, it has come to my attention that my initial estimation was rather generous towards the motivations of women. I had assumed that the majority of women pined after the Tingly Respect ontology. Indeed, there are other types of men useful for those feminine imperatives which are less honorable.

female scrutiny of male

Mr. Right Cuck – The clueless White Knight™ who is easily manipulated and disposed of by various feminine tactics of the handbag variety.

Mr. Friend Zone – the cool Beta Orbiter who is Oneitis™ loyal to her beck and call, but who cannot be allowed into her secret inner chamber – because telling him the truth about her Feeelz and her sexcapades would ruin the (so called) “Friendship” – and she knows it.

Mr. Husband Material – According to the self-professed unicorn, Ritz and Triscuit, the ideal husband has a SMV between 3 to 6, and is less than 5 on the “Stupid Scale”. What she won’t tell you, is that if a man is too smart, or too hot, then it’s too difficult for her to retain control on a daily basis. In other words, some women intentionally destroy their ability to pair bond, and wait until their MMV hits the wall before getting married, knowing full well that they need to “adjust” their MMV to coincide with that of Mr. Husband Material when approaching the altar. The Hamster can be stupidly brilliant at times.

Mr. Ted-e-bear – A friend with benefits. Here, the trust is high, but the Tingles (and respect) are virtually non-existent.

Independent Female + Dominant Male = Allyship

An allyship* is when a male offers his masculine talents to support the woman’s prerogative. The nature of this interaction is that the woman gains affirmation when male strength is used to pump her ego, which Feeelz gooed to her!

From the second OP mentioned in the introduction,

“Women who can attract a dominant man, but who wish to remain independent, basically have a choice between having Open Relationships with plate spinners, or being a rich man’s sugar baby.”

So we have the following.

Mr. Guy-ration – Plate spinning men who are regular F-buddies and sex party partners.

Mr. Sugar Daddy – An older, richer, and possibly married man who supplies the magic carpet, complete with wine, and who covers all her unforeseen expenses, not all of which are less than luxuries.

Mr. Pawn – A man complicit in a STR contrived for a specific, immediate purpose, such as sexual exploration, rebellious mudsharking, inducing jealousy, attention wh@ring, or to attain social dominance in a peer group, such as the one described here*. It’s difficult to categorize Mr. Pawn, because the Tingles may (or may not) be there, but she will also be wanting to control the interaction. As a further breakdown, each type of interaction might deserve its own nickname.

I’ve decided that prostitution should be in a category of its own, because it’s more of a business transaction than a relationship, and the power of the male is therefore irrelevant.

Mr. John – Men who offer opportunities to liquidate her SMV to generate income.


It may be incredibly difficult for some women to give up their natural desire for relational control and self-determined autonomy, and as a result, they may continue to founder and flail in many ungodly positions.

It may come as a surprise to some men, but many women choose husbands according to the Feminism model, in which she willingly sacrifices her marital bonding capability on the altars of the Carousel and the Wall, in exchange for independence, power, and control. Tingles be d@mned!

Because of the multitude of potential relationship structures that would fit the molds of Feminism and Allyship described here, I suspect that this breakdown may only begin to scratch the surface.

Furthermore, a woman’s subjective, in situ definition of Mr. Right may very well be subject to a woman’s particular circumstances, character, motives, and level of maturity. In other words, the “Mr. Right” that a particular woman speaks of, may not be the same Mr. Right described above.

It is clear, however, that a mature relationship that fits the mold of God’s ideal structure is a highly select set of conditions, characterized by maturity, humility, grace, and self-control.

* H/T Dalrock for bringing the word “allyship” to my attention in his post, Do what she asks, but know in advance that she will take great care to protect herself from feeling gratitude. (October 16, 2018). The post on the Feminine Dilemma has been updated accordingly.


For the converse male view of female archetypes, I recommend Black Label Logic’s Gendernomics: Female sexual strategies (July 18, 2016).


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8 Responses to The Feminine Typecasts of Men

  1. earl says:

    The one I like is…

    Authoritative Male (Husband) + Dependent Female (Wife) = God Created Marriage

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  2. ramman3000 says:

    “The one I like is…”

    I’m curious if any of the married readers will describe which category they fit in (if any). It’s one thing to describe what you want in theory and another to see it in practice.

    Mr. Right: “He is the guy who loves and honors her, and she desires and respects him.”

    Mr. Right Fit: “This guy is a good match, possibly fitting the Complementary model, or possibly the Tingly Respect model. However, the “something missing” is presumably the Tingles.”

    By this measure, I must have a Mr. Right marriage of authoritative male + dependent female (“Mr. Right”), not the Complementary Mr. Right Fit model (i.e. “no happy future”). Do you mean, by Mr. Right Fit, a relationship that is built first and foremost on genuine love rather than sex (Tingles?)? If so, then I’d choose that option every time. It’s also unclear what you mean by independent vs dependent. I would readily describe my relationship as an Allyship, but none of the descriptions under that category match, so that doesn’t work.

    While I married young, I had never attracted much attention (low SMV?). Not a lot of demand for a short skinny geek. I had am extremely short interest with an attractive woman that ended when I didn’t want to get romantic right away. The only thing I ever had to offer anyone was high intelligence and theoretical future earnings, but I was dirt poor, unemployed, and with debt when I got married to a woman with the same description.


    • Wayne says:


      First of all, these models are merely archetypes, so there is a good chance that a particular real world relationship is not going to fit neatly into the descriptions. However, I have attempted to devise a structure that is as close to the larger scale reality as possible. Also, I may have overstated the “no happy future” in the post from last year. Happy marriages are a result of happy partners, and not because of any particular structure. I know there are many marriages (especially in Asia) in which Tingles are not particularly outstanding, yet they still practice genuine love and respect, and are relatively happy.

      The concept of “independence vs. dependence” covers many aspects, such as emotional, financial, relational, and sexual. It is assumed that marriage invariably entails a dependency (not to be confused with codependency).

      The term “allyship” is a trendy word in Feminized culture that I’ve coopted to name a particular structure, namely because it emphasizes the independence. Some might call this a friendship, and when the man and woman are not married, this structure is appropriate. But it’s not exactly right in marriage. In his post, Biblical marital perspectives (October 30, 2018), Deep Strength has shown that it is right for a husband to think of his wife as a friend or equal, but it doesn’t fit God’s preferred structure for a woman to think that way towards her husband. If she does, then that’s what I would call a marital Allyship. If your wife recognizes you as head, and respects your authority, then I would let that fall into the Tingly Respect model.

      I am considering how Authoritative might be a better label for what is now labeled as the Tingly Respect model, as Earl alluded to above. The Tingly Respect model would then fall under that as a subcategory. I think this way because I could believe that many Christian wives get their Tingles from being obedient to God, if not directly from their husband, because she knows that being submissive and respectful to her husband is God’s will for her, and she receives those blessings accordingly.

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    It sure seems difficult for women to find a good match. I wonder if some introspection on their part is in order…

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  4. Farm Boy says:

    How does “Mr Run-Away” fit in?


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  6. redpillboomer says:

    “Mr. Right Fit is the man who appears to be a Mr. Right because he meets her list of qualifications, but there is something missing in their interaction that spells “no happy future” to the relationship.”

    This is the professional matchmakers dilemma. Because they work with a list of desired attributes the woman (or I guess it could be a man using the service) wants in a partner, with some personality profiling or whatever else thrown in there to ‘calibrate’ the match, the ‘Chemistry’ issue is still the hard part to fulfill, to match. Mr. Right or Ms. Right, still needs to be a match ‘Chemistry-wise;’ or maybe it would be more appropriate to say on a CRP site, there needs to be a match spiritually.

    I know when I met my wife years ago, there were two women I dated who were Ms. Right Fit, to include the kind of curvy figures I like in women, but…BUT, something didn’t quite fit Chemistry-wise. It was an intangible sort of ‘something missing,’ and I didn’t know what it was exactly. I just knew it was missing. One of the girls was a particular ‘head scratcher’ for me. Being an analytic type, I actually sat down and tried to figure it out (pros & cons and all that), but all I could come up with in the end was, “She seems right for me (all boxes checked, no major red flags), but I just don’t FEEL it.” The next girl ended up being my wife, I ‘felt’ it with her.

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