Why is Citizenship Unquestionable?

America’s immigration policies are quickly becoming self-destructive liabilities. Long lived cultures have a noose-tight admission. Why shouldn’t My America do the same?

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This will probably be my only political rant this year. I despise politics, but sometimes you’ve got to speak up on issues. This is one of those instances.

NPR (feat. Hansi Lo Wang): Jeff Sessions Told DOJ Not To Discuss Citizenship Question Alternatives (October 27, 2018)

NPR unwittingly reports how the Deep State is attempting to resist the addition of a question about citizenship to the census, which was dropped after 1950.

“But days after the Census Bureau received the Justice Department’s request, its staff concluded that collecting people’s self-reported information through the census would not be the best way to generate better citizenship data. Instead, compiling existing government records about people’s citizenship status, the bureau found, would not only produce more accurate information but also cost less money.”

Their argument sounds so good, that it’s hard not to agree. But are they really concerned about “accurate information”? Are they really going to implement the proposed alternative, or is it only a red herring to stall the confirmation of the new census amendment?

It’s pretty clear that this is about money, votes, and power.

It might help our analysis of this situation, to consider and compare a few other countries citizenship policies.

Israel’s government insists that it is purely a Jewish state, and no other residents are genuine citizens. Jews worldwide may claim Israeli citizenship. That’s quite a grip on power.

In China, people aren’t even allowed to apply for citizenship unless they are a Chinese National. (There are very few, and very rare exceptions.) If they are Chinese National, then citizenship is bestowed automatically upon application, and the person does not need to give up their citizenship elsewhere. In other words, citizenship is based directly on race, i.e. paternal ancestry. No one in China wants to adopt orphans of other nationalities or races, because that would not be a benefit to the community, or to the country. But if they allow their orphans to be adopted abroad, they are planting seeds of cultural and economic sources worldwide.

In Taiwan, it is a little more lenient, but not much. The race-based admission still applies, but other than that, you need to have a squeaky clean criminal record, a bachelor’s degree, a small business, and US$650,000 worth of non-liquid assets in Taiwan. Oh, and you need to live in Taiwan and pay income taxes for at least 5 years straight. You can get a permanent residence if you marry a Taiwanese citizen, but not full citizenship status. However, your children will qualify, since they would have certified, direct, Chinese ancestry.

Feminist America would call all these policies “racial discrimination”, and label these countries as “backwards”, but Roissy would call this the preservation of culture. China and Israel should know about the preservation of culture, because they are among the oldest, still-active cultures in history.

Think about it. What would happen in the United States if we instituted a landed/educated grandfather clause for citizenship eligibility?

Mega MAGA overnight!?!

The Philippines has an open immigration policy, where anybody can come and go as they please. The problem is, nobody wants to live there, not even Filipino’s. The economy is lifeless, so there’s no economic opportunity. The government, police and military, are all corrupted to the core. Everyone is pursuing work overseas, and trying to get out of there.

The trend is that immigration policies around the world seem to follow a “supply and demand” type of structure. Countries which are so poor and unstable that no one wants to live there, are more than happy to accept anyone who comes along. Whereas, countries which have anything of value, a sanctum of decorum, economic freedom, political liberties, what have you, are all controlling their borders tightly, and the path to citizenship only allows the most elite types through.

But there have been a few European countries that have not followed this “supply and demand” trend for their admission price. We know them well: Britain, France, Germany, Sweden… and just as macro-economic theory predicts, the value of their citizenship has fallen through the floor overnight.

Following the dictates of supply and demand, I fear that if the U.S. sells its citizenship status too cheaply, then the value of being a citizen will soon fall afterward as well.

The writing is on the wall. It’s time for Democrats to put aside their partisan platitudes and do what’s good for the country.



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4 Responses to Why is Citizenship Unquestionable?

  1. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    “It’s time for Democrats to put aside their partisan platitudes and do what’s good for the country.”

    Why start now? All they (and the GOP) really care about is retaining power and control. If either party really cared about the country and the citizens, things would be a lot different.

    Everyone crows about the US having a broken immigration system. IMHO it is less that the system is broken, and more that it isn’t being strictly adhered to and enforced.

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  2. Scott says:

    The word “American” has failed, in one generation to provide me with anything of lasting value that I can transmit to my kids as part of their identity.

    I tell them that they are are Serb-Scot-Irish who happen to live in a place called the United States.


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