The Blue Pill, Feminism, and Sin

Feminism, and most of the Blue Pill, is SIN!

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Recently, Rollo wrote about Blue Pill Trauma (August 1, 2018) – the experience of being so hopelessly lost in Blue Pill conditioning, the indoctrinated self-incrimination, and the simultaneous (and contradictory) sense of self-righteousness – that it drives their nature to vehemently fight tooth and nail against the Red Pill truth.

Why so serious? Because… Sin ye, all ye sin! Thou shalt not dismantle mine precious sin!

White hair blue pill

I gave the following speech about “Sin” to a mostly Christian audience on Thursday, September 13, 2018. Since I wrote this speech, I pondered the subject further, and couldn’t help but see how Feminism, and much of the Blue Pill mentality, is nothing more than a bastion of sin.

Following further introspection, I made some connections to Feminism and modern culture, and added these points to the speech. In the following essay, my speech is displayed in blue font, and my RP comments follow in black font.

Welcome to the show!

Tonight, I will pose the question: What is sin?

The idea of Sin is one of those concepts that is shrouded in a lot of confusion. Christians hear this word often, but they don’t really know what it means. They think they do, but not really.

So what is sin?

Sin is when you don’t want to accept reality. You’re always trying to change your reality into what you want it to be. You always have the opinion that you’re right, and other people are wrong, and you might even have the habit of saying so. Your deceitful heart resorts to various defense mechanisms in an effort to protect your thoughts and ego from the vicious assaults of the truth. You’re relying on a wide assortment of tricks, lies, deception, slandering, stealing, killing, and so on, all done in an effort to change the world according to your comfort and liking – that’s sin.

Sin can be interpreted from a holy, or unholy view, depending on whether one is really pursuing God’s truth or not. That is to say, from a holy perspective, anyone who indulges in solipsistic, self-centered sin is a sinner, while from the sinners perspective, anyone who upsets their own fantasy world is a “sinner”. Here, defense mechanisms abound, exacerbating the confusion. And so, a war erupts between different factions, based on their variations of what they consider to be “truth”.

“And almost all things be cleansed in blood by the law; and without shedding of blood remission of sins is not made.” ~ Hebrews 9:22 (WYC)

Today, we see the “shedding of blood for the remission of sin” in the form of terrorist bombings, suicides, assassinations, politically motivated violence (e.g. Antifa), martyrdom of Christians around the world, and especially the sacrifice of abortion. All these things are committed in an effort to defend and advance the perpetrators sinful world view, and reduce the subjective abrasiveness of reality. At the same time, it increases the corruption of offenses that cause the faithful to stumble.

One prominent example of this dynamic of sin is the “planning” aspect of Planned Parenthood. Young wimminz want to ride the carousel, and they don’t want to marry and have children (“yet”, so they say), so they sacrifice their sexual purity, their honor, their unborn children, and with them, their opportunities to start a happy family, all in order to control their own lives, and fulfill their own will about how they think their life should turn out.

Of course, it never turns out exactly as they imagine, and that is the deception of Satan. The strategy of Satan (their god) is to forbid that they should ever offer their bodies to inspire and motivate a husband or their reproductive ability to produce Godly children. For the family to be destroyed, such noble purposes must be calumniated, as they currently are.

[Eds. note: So far, my Red Pilled readers may have picked up on the point of this essay – that the lies of Feminism, the Blue Pill, and much of the Purple Pill, the convalescent legal system of the west, and the convergence of the Church, are the steel reinforcement for the expression of the sinful nature.]

Most people experience their sinful nature as frustration, or “quiet desperation”. They want something, but they can’t get it.

This completely sums up the life experience of both the typical Blue Pilled incel, and the post-wall Feminist. The Blue Pill conditioning creates a shroud that surrounds and blinds the male since early in life, and he cannot see past it. This experience of guilt and frustration catches up with “Liberated” women about a decade later, when they become a widowed victim of their own Hypergamous Addiction to Choosing.

If a person were sufficiently determined and diabolical, he/she could probably find a way to fulfill his/her desire, but at some point along the way, guilt kicks in, and he/she stops in his/her tracks thinking, “This is wrong. I can’t do this.” Various people have different thresholds for how much guilt they can endure. It seems that the wide variance in the tolerance for hell is a quality that sets people apart from each other.

The tolerance for hell and self-deception is also something that can be conditioned into a person from education and cultural norms, as well as a converged, Churched-up, Feminist doctrine. This is basically what has happened over the last 40+ years since the sexual revolution. People have developed a taste for indulging their personal sin-fetishes, and a tolerance for guilt.

Christianity is basically a guilt based ethical system. If a person feels guilty after doing wrong things in his efforts to fulfill his particular preferences, then that is God’s way of saying, “This is not who you are. You’re better than this.” So through our guilt, God calls us to change our life strategy. In Christian parlance, this is called “repentance”.

But if a person is doing everything according to their feral liking, and they are successful at that, and they don’t feel guilty about any of their offensive methods or techniques of forcing their will onto others to get the job done, then they are really going to hell.

The rationalization hamster, as well as various defense mechanisms, have a way of accounting for any feelings of guilt.


“…hate speech is acceptable provided it’s aimed at what feminists decide is the ‘right’ demographic.”

The ‘right’ speech and demographic is whatever aligns with, and supports, their self-centered sinful predilections.

Although everyone has this inclination, God condemns it as evil. It is evil because you are basically requiring other people, and perhaps even God Himself, and all of creation to submit to your will. You set yourself up as the ruler of reality, and as the judge of all that transpires. This is essentially a rebellion against God’s will.

Feminists and SJW’s have a regular pattern of resorting to violence, rage, and dishonesty, all efforts to force others to conform to their narrative of truth.

Even if you don’t actually do anything to cause others to follow your will, you still have the desire for them to do so. Your nature is no different. Either you don’t have the ability or opportunity to make things your way, or else you are just wasting a lot of energy to act contrary to your nature, which is basically lying, because you are not being your true self.

A lot of Christians fall into this trap of denial, thinking that they are being “righteous”, simply because they do not act out the feral inclinations of the flesh.

When we face the truth, the first thing we perceive is that nothing is the way that we want it to be. That introduces the elements of suffering – we have to live in a situation where nothing is as we wish. We have to be patient. We have to forgive people. We have to accept other people’s shortcomings. Yet, we still need to do something to contribute. But what we contribute is not what makes us valuable and worthy in God’s eyes.

A lot of people think that our “work” is what makes us good. They think, “if we do good things we will go to heaven, and if we do bad things we will go to hell”. But that is only part of the story, and certainly not the main point. To be declared righteous in God’s eyes, you have to get to the root of the problem. You have to face the fact that you are sinful. You have to face the fact that you want to change everything to be as you want it to be. Then, you need to depend on God to make things right by faith.

SJW’s always talk about being offended, but they are the ones who are primarily creating offense through their alternative reality. Their “offensiveness” only serves to draw others into sin. For example, angry Feminists draw men into sin when they gain weight, hatchet chop their hair, and dye their hair strange colors.

elisophie drinking male tears

A normal man’s reaction will be, “No, I don’t want women to be fat, or have short, blue hair! I cannot accept this reality! I must do something – anything – to change this reality!”

Now enter the ‘perfect’ sex dolls… Oh luscious silicone aphrodite! Fulfillest thou mine sin!

But then Feminists are angry that men have access to sex dolls, and bring further judgment upon them. Sin compounds sin.

The problem is not that everything is wrong and that you cannot change it without doing something bad. No, the problem is that you cannot accept the fact that everything is wrong, and you’re doing (or want to do) all kinds of wrong things in an effort to make it according to what you think is right, according to your self-centered opinion, which is not actually right.

So when we come to Jesus, we just say,

“God, I don’t like anything the way it is, I want to change everything according to my liking… and this is the problem. Not that I can’t change everything to my liking, but the fact that I can’t swallow my pride and accept the truth of being helpless and in a state of need – that’s the real problem. Please show me Your will.”

Feminists have been trying to bend the social structure to their liking all along. But because of their rebellion, the western, Christian, white male is facing this state of sin more and more. Unfortunately (I suppose), Christianity, whiteness, and being male will never qualify as “intersectional disadvantages” under the current regime. But that, you see, would be buying into their argument.

So when we begin to accept the truth, then we have to suffer because things are not the way we want. Actually, we have been suffering all along, but this is the moment when we stop resisting it and denying it, and begin to accept our suffering as a path to a new life.

Those men who resist prostitution, or the trappings of the sex doll, will either go MGTOW, or will be forced to search for a wife-worthy woman elsewhere, maybe even abroad. Such men are destined to sacrifice and suffer, but they’ll also find a new and better life.

God has a purpose for us in this suffering, and that is to build character in us. Character gives us the vision to see beyond our selfish preferences. It gives us the ability to say,

“I’m not going to do things the wrong way. I’m not going to do things the way I want. I’m going to do things the right way, God’s way, even if it doesn’t lead to the outcome I want. I will do what is right, even if it hurts me.”

And when you begin to think this way, then that frees you from the bondage to sin, which is basically just the habit of serving your self-centeredness (and Satan), and it puts you in alliance with God. You stop resorting to your old ways of lying, stealing, deception, and so on. That’s also when you become righteous, because people will know that you will do the right thing, even if it hurts you. Only when you are willing to sacrifice, then people can trust you, respect you, and even fear you. People will begin to like you (or hate you) for that reason, and that sets us free from all those bad ways of thinking and doing things.

Case in point: MGTOW’s all make a personal sacrifice by abandoning females and Feminist society’s rules. Even though MGTOW’s only comprise a small segment of the male population, their sacrifice has struck fear in the hearts of all women everywhere.

The thing that a lot of people really don’t like about Christianity, is that (1) it does not provide a solution to satisfy the sinful nature, which is merely your being bent on getting what you want. If that were not disappointing enough, (2) it frames and embraces suffering as a character-building coping mechanism.

It is possible to get what you want out of God, but not in the way you think. He will satisfy the desires of your heart.


Personally, I could never find contentment as a white Christian male in the U.S. It wasn’t until I went to Asia that I found satisfying relations with women, a new life, a wife and children, and eventually, a new purpose for living, contentment and joy.

Every man is different. Find out what you need to do, to escape the traps of your own predilections and predetermined asservations, and to find a new life in Christ.


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13 Responses to The Blue Pill, Feminism, and Sin

  1. earl says:

    ‘So when we begin to accept the truth, then we have to suffer because things are not the way we want. Actually, we have been suffering all along, but this is the moment when we stop resisting it and denying it, and begin to accept our suffering as a path to a new life.’

    Denial of self, taking up the cross, following Christ.

    -Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? Or what can one give in exchange for his life? Matt 16:24-26

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