A cord of many strands is not easily broken, but here’s how to do it.

In order to destroy your chances of future marital happiness and success, there are a number of procedures you must perform. A must read for all chronic sufferers of “one-itis”, and Feminists who “don’t need no man”.

Targeted Readership: Branch Swingers, Churchinas, Feminists, Gold Diggers, Hookers with die-hard fans, hopeful soon-to-be divorcees, and those with various types of personality disorders.

Two are better than one,
Because they have a good reward for their labor.
10 For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.
But woe to him who is alone when he falls,
For he has no one to help him up.
11 Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm;
But how can one be warm alone?
12 Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.
And a threefold cord is not quickly broken. ~ Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

How a Woman Forms a Relationship with a Man

To form a strong bond between a man and a woman who are together in an intimate relationship, there need to be a number of ‘strands’ in the ‘cord’ that keeps them together. These things, roughly listed in order of their bonding power, include…

  1. Blood Covenant (formed by a virginal sexual union) A blood covenant can only be dissolved through the death of one partner.
  2. Sexual passion and desire (A cyclical, periodic, simple harmonic motion that is used as a sacrament or “maintenance” of the Blood Covenants and Soul Ties.)
  3. Soul Ties (For more information, see What is a Soul Tie? and Introduction to Soul Ties.)
  4. Spiritual maturity and obedience to God in one’s dealings with the other.
  5. A long history of interaction, which has built up good memories, and an appreciation for the other person, as well as trust and respect.
  6. Social ties, traditions, and expectations (pressure from family, friends, societal order, laws…)
  7. Emotional attachments (e.g. such as feelings of love, kindness, compassion, and natural affection.)
  8. Shared values, interests, and goals in life. (Adds depth to the relationship, and takes the trajectory of the relationship into the future.)
  9. Mind mates (having the same mind, and/or an intellectual connection.)
  10. Mindful and Willful commitment to remain faithful.

After entering into matrimony, it is even more important to keep one’s self on top of maintaining these bonds, than it is before marriage – that is, if you care about the marriage. Many people talk as though it’s very difficult and challenging to develop and maintain these bonds. But the next section will explore how the opposite is closer to the truth.

Many women ‘let themselves go’ after tying the knot. ‘Letting themselves go’ is generally and easily interpreted as ‘not caring about this marriage’. This is often accompanied by the rationalization that the regular humdrum of marriage life (a code word for ‘dead bedroom’) can be too enervating.

now i can get fat

‘Letting themselves go’ usually means to become hideously obese. But if gaining weight is not an option because she wants to retain her SMV for ordering a side dish of cad, or if she is looking to attract the hawt rich man of her fantasies, then there are many other ways of viscerally informing her partner that she no longer values this relationship, and that she is passively-agressively working to bring about its’ demise. Some of these other methods have an even greater effectiveness!

How a Woman Can Easily Get Rid of a Man

Just as a person might sever a rope by cutting each strand one by one, a person can cut off their relationship with a partner by destroying, corrupting, or sabotaging each type of bond listed above. Here are a few of the most common and easiest ways that this can be done, with respect to each type of bond.

  1. Blood Covenant – The woman can sacrifice her virginity on a dildo, a ONS, or a cad whom she knows will never marry her. If the covenant has already been formed, then adultery will really throw a monkey wench across the branch. Fortunately, dildos die after a few uses.
  2. Sexual Passion and Desire – The woman could spend a decade frittering away the most passionate and powerful MMV period of her life, such that no “stickiness” is left to maintain a marriage properly.
  3. Soul Ties – The woman can engage in witchcraft and sexual promiscuity, so that the unhealthy soul ties formed from these activities would displace any healthy soul ties that she might form with God, or any man who might match her for a proper marriage. Also, it’s ego stroking easy to make ungodly inner vows and resolutions, such as, “I don’t need no man (or woman)”, or “If it feels good, then just do it!” or “I’ll never marry a man like so and so!”
  4. Spiritual Maturity – The woman could totally neglect her spiritual vitality and growth, such that she would never develop any form of virtue or inner beauty that would inspire a man to love her in a LTR.
  5. History – Burn all existing photographs of you two doing happy things together. Rip up those cards and mementos that were sent to you from years ago. Defecate on your marriage certificate. Be sure he sees you doing it, while calling him derogatory names laced with profanity. Replace them with photos of you and your boss (or secretary) at the company New Year’s gala.
  6. Social Ties can be bypassed by going off to college, making friends with the lefty INN-crowd who will support any lifestyle you choose, joining a sorority, and partying with hawt F-boys. Alternatively, you could get a job in a distant city where no one knows you, and you could work the local meat markets and social media to build a new lief, one centered around your own wants and needs. Expectations can be rescinded by firmly announcing that you never want to be married or have a family. This image can be reinforced by getting several large tattoos and a butch-dyke buzz cut. Start a new tradition by broadcasting your race to the bottom, trusting in the pseudo-virtue of being a strong, independent, helpless victim. The societal order and laws are on your side.
  7. Emotional Attachments can be sabotaged by being bitter, unhappy, and contentious on a regular basis. Identify his love language, and turn it into his hate language. Call him a lazy loser, and talk disparagingly about his work. Identify all his weaknesses and demand that he change them according to your liking. Use sex as a weapon and make explicitly sure he knows that you’re stooping whenever you bend over. Make every interaction with him a repertoire of shame, ridicule and embarrassment, so that he can develop a d@mning library of horrible memories, which will force him to withdraw his trust and respect, and curse your name. If these habits are continued in a regular, consistent manner, then it’s only a matter of time until he will suddenly realize his efforts are futile, that he would be better off without you, and then permanently exile you from his heart and mind forever.
  8. Shared Values are easy to overturn. Just change your value system by becoming an irrational Feminazi. If you have any shared interests, you’ll have to abandon these for a while, and talk about them like they are stupid, immoral, or a waste of time. Cancel any previous goals that the two of you had, and make new goals with other men (or women) in your life.
  9. Mind Mates – Stay current on Feminism’s new philosophical developments. Vehemently disagree with anything he might say. Interrupt him by questioning his identity when he’s talking passionately about something. Walk out of the room whenever he asks you for your thoughts. Put in extra effort to present yourself as an arrogant braggart.
  10. His mindful and willful Commitment to remain faithful is difficult to control, but it can be eroded over time, especially when all other bonding mechanisms have failed.

In summary, if a woman wants to end the relationship with a man, the quickest and easiest way for her to do that, is to sleep with other men early and often, be a dead fish in bed, avoid sexual intimacy, condemn his sexual desire, and ridicule his sexual performance with a condescending attitude.

The only reason that a man would stay in a sexual relationship with such a woman, is if they were married, and he had a strong conviction to be faithful to his wedding vows.

Ideally, a wimminz should leave her partner with no other viable bond except 10, so that there is no motivation or reason for him to stay loyal to her, except through his own willing choice to remain committed to her out of sheer obedience to God. Worminz don’t need to worry about whether his commitment might be too strong or not, because she can always jerk off the other 9 broken strands until he cuts the last strand himself. One bond is not strong enough to get him to withstand all her verbal, physical, and emotional abuse, cuckoldry, police reports, court cases, social condemnation, ostracization, and rejection.

However, if he happens to be younger and has a strong libido, has an SMV greater than about 5 or so, and he has too much dignity to be fapping everyday, then his willpower will be much easier to break. Provided that the various forms of bonding in the above list are in sufficiently decadent condition, sooner or later, another woman will steal his heart and his desire, and he will automatically nexit the cold varmint in his life.

It would be especially advantageous to the shrew if she can force him into having an affair, because then she can have hard evidence against him for breaking the marital agreement, as well as sufficient plausibility of her perceived innocence within her social group. No one will notice, or even care, that she broke the other 9 bonds herself.


Ladles, don’t be so cruel as to allow your chivalrous, chauvinistic, toxic, male baggage to suffer the ignominy and pain of a poorly drawn out execution. Instead, gain the skill to inflict a lightning speed check-mate. He will thank you later.

Wimminz must not forget his greatest weakness – that cursed piece of meat dangling from his groin. He’s got to wash it, feed it, and drain it every day. He’s such a slave to it, that he’ll never be able to endure all the temptation that he faces each day. There’s no way he’ll be able to keep that thing tucked and folded neatly in his pants until the day he kicks the bukket. He’ll go off the deep end first. Wise witches will work this to their advantage.

The femme fatale should make sure she consistently conveys this same brand of contempt for his sexuality, as well as for her own. Even God Himself wouldn’t hold him guilty if he could not remain faithful to a controlling, lying, cheating, frivorce thieving, branch swinging, hoez. No worries! He’ll be out in no time.

If she’s struggling with a guilty conscience, and worried about how this will make her feel, possibly wondering if she could have done better (with Chad), then she can always rev up the hamster cage by telling herself that the Churchian God of the Tingle Tantrum won’t hold her guilty either, because, “everybody else is doing it”, and “it feelz sooo good”, so “just do it”.

Moreover, she should never feel guilty about breaking these bonds and destroying his life, because she’s a Strong Independent Woman™, and she has only but one peak fertility to exploit to the fullest!

Upon reflection, the reader may discover that most wimminz are already in the habit of abusing all of the above techniques to destroy their relationships and marriages – and they don’t even know it, or else, they don’t really care.



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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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25 Responses to A cord of many strands is not easily broken, but here’s how to do it.

  1. larryzb says:

    Sadly, too many Christian pastors and priests consciously or unwittingly back the feminist bias against healthy, normal, natural men by complaining that the husband, if he desires frequent lovemaking with his wife, may “objectify” her. These Church men ought to be condemning the sin of sexual refusal and gatekeeping within marriage.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. earl says:

    I’ll keep saying it…

    Most women don’t want a marriage. They certainly may want a wedding…but her husband is basically the same thing as a long term boyfriend in her eyes. The vows to God and her husband mean nothing.


  3. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Or she could cheat on him, four weeks after they get engaged. A dumb ass male would forgive her, only to be dragged through a painful divorce 30 later.

    Ask me how I know ☹️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

      30 years later. 30 days, weeks, or even months, would have been a blessing…


    • earl says:

      Yeah that’s a tough break, man.

      You can still forgive her…but that’s a dealbreaker.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

        It should have been. But I was smitten, and wanted things to work. I should have just walked away right then and there. Would have saved a lot of pain for sure.


    • Wayne says:

      “Or she could cheat on him, four weeks after they get engaged.”

      Prenuptial cheating is quite common, and it’s definitely a deal breaker. Its also a sign that she can’t jump off the carousel, and that even marriage is not a sufficient motivation for her to do so.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:


    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lexet Blog says:

    What’s creepy is how far a woman will go to manufacture the ties and bonds of a relationship. I was near the point of no return when it was admitted that her feelings were all made up.

    I’ll never view Christian women the same. Never trust their faith and spiritual state based on their word alone.


    • earl says:

      ‘Never trust their faith and spiritual state based on their word alone.’

      In a sense…that’s what Christ was pointing out when it came to the righteous Pharisees.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Wayne says:

      Most people are unaware of their true spiritual state, partly because their faith has never been tried, and partly because they can’t face the painful side of the truth. They will believe everything is cool, and say so too. In the 21st century, life itself is no longer a crucible. But it all comes out in the crucible of marriage.

      Could this be the spiritual reason why marriage is so unpopular these days?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lexet Blog says:

        To answer your question, Most likely so. Although historically, people married younger, and marriage was a foundation of adulthood, not the capstone.

        I have noticed the complete lack of maturity and “delayed onset adulthood” amongst my peers. If I hadn’t gone through incredibly harsh circumstances at a young age, I’d probably be there with them. Adversity and diverse experiences produces maturity, and many, especially in Christian circles, hyper insults their children. So the men are mid 20s and still living at home.

        Liked by 1 person

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