A Historical Contrast: Western and Asian Women

Could the attitude of women towards Patriarchy affect the longevity of a culture?

Readership: Men and Pink-Pilled Women

Even a cursory reading of Christianity and Masculinity, Dalrock, or Rollo will reveal that having a marriage and family is a high risk gamble for a man, largely because of the volatile unpredictability of the female nature. This is not a new “de-evolution” of human nature caused by Feminism, but is a byproduct of human nature that has been newly revisited in modern times.

Western civilization has often toyed with the concepts of chivalry, various social movements, philosophy and reason, as can be seen in Greek and Roman antiquity, the Crusades, the Renaissance, and more recently, Women’s Liberation. All these cultural fads have come and gone in their time and season, often taking polite society out with them.

Civilizations that thrive must have a firm Patriarchal structure to guard against the wanton wiles of women. But when the Patriarchy dies from being displaced by Fem-centrism, the structure of society slowly unravels.

Think about it…

  • Western men play around with social fads and posture posing in their efforts to “accommodate” and “appease” their women. But in the east, there has always remained the strong (but ever loving) pimp hand of the ginsu wielding, kung fu Patriarchy!
  • China and other Asian nations can maintain their cultures and civilizations for three to five thousand years, while western nations rise and fall every three to five hundred years.
  • Asian women are considered to be the most feminine and desirable women on the planet, while western women are stereotypically described as contentious, obese, slutty, harridans.

Don’tcha think there might be a correlation there?

In the west, relationships began with flowers, serenades, and formal courting. In the east, either their parents hooked them up with someone before the age of 12, or else relationships began when a woman brushed her bare foot against a man’s calf.

Western men have developed science, explored frontiers, and conquered the world. This is often credited to genetics. But I’ve often suspected that the real reason could be more insidious – they were simply desperate to get out of the house, far away from the contentious verbal assaults of their women. They sought to distract their minds with various other, more exciting endeavors, and maybe even find some soft, submissive colonial poontang in another part of the world, where the women don’t suffrage from a religiously fortified Madonna-hoe bipolar disorder.

By contrast, eastern men have not made as much worldly progress. Maybe that’s because their women created a comfortable environment at home, and kept them busy with nubile sexercise activities, which motivated them to work hard and earn money. They now boast the largest populations in the world.

Meanwhile, modern western women have been aborting and miscegenating their race out of existence, and all the while blaming it on “the Patriarchy”.

Heh… Give me a break!

Anyone seriously want to get married these days? Take your pick, fellas.

The typical western woman interested in marriage: strong, independent, middle-aged, career-minded, plus-sized, post wall, ex-CC-rider, with a Tumblr account. She has a mouth that is hawkishly garrulous one minute, and the next, derisively demanding you to “man-up”! If you’re lucky, your uncle will loan you his copy of Roosh’s book of Game so that you might hedge against the odds of frivorce court.


The typical eastern woman interested in marriage: young, slender, vulnerable, humble, submissive, respectful, family-minded, near-virginal, seeking meaning and value in life, and has a sense of duty to her husband? She keeps her mouth shut, unless it’s to inspire with sweet words and interesting stories, or to ask whether you prefer rice or noodle. (Tip: You should always answer, “shrimp fried rice”.)


You’ll need a job and a thick wallet for both women, but you’ll be more likely to keep them (and the children) with the second option.

Made your choice? Worried about the logistics? Don’t worry white man! Many Asian girls are ecstatic to receive you into her folds and grasp you (and your billfold) tightly! They are calling out,

“Come! Come return to the Patriarchy!”


About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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13 Responses to A Historical Contrast: Western and Asian Women

  1. earl says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure of the Asian women either. One guy I know was divorced twice with both as Asian women and he thought they were supposed to be more feminine. I roomed with a Chinese student in college and his Chinese gf was certainly as loud, caustic, and slutty with him as any other broad on campus. They always seemed to be either fighting or screwing. Besides when it comes to abortin’ China is certainly up there.

    It’s a lot like the Latina or Eastern European women myth…we are so neck deep in the sewer in the west it seems like those women who are slightly less feminst are actually more feminine.

    [SF: Yes, once removed from their Patriarchal culture, they naturally devolve into feral creatures. Unfortunately, Feminism is leaking into many Asian cultures.]

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  2. Eastern men don’t make progress? Look at China’s development, look at Korea, Japan, etc. and then compare it to many European countries like Greece that are burning to the ground.

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  3. SFC Ton says:

    But in the east, there has always remained the strong (but ever loving) pimp hand of the ginsu wielding, kung fu Patriarchy!

    Having been in the east I will disagree with the loving part. Never recall seeing much in the way of loving familia bonds outside the Christian West

    [SF: Yep! Westerners would call this type of interaction, “toxic love” or codependency. RP men know that the worse you treat them, the more they love it.]

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  4. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    Asian women may be thinner in the early years, but not a lot of them seem to age very well.

    I am not sure that the pimp hand is the answer to a declining culture.

    [SF: Maintenance techniques would be different from firefighting techniques.]


    • Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

      It would be much better if they actually believed in a way of life, instead of being coerced.

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      • earl says:

        How many women go the feminist route because they are coerced into it or they actually believe the ethos?

        I’d argue the former due to the coercing effects of the herd. It’s different from the pimp hand because women don’t want to be thrown out of the herd.

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      • Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

        I think a lot of them actually believe it. Or at least they want to believe it.

        Why else would they double down on it, when things dont work out the way they thought it would?

        Because the only way to fix a problem, is to do more of what hasnt been working…

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      • earl says:

        That’s why I laugh with their ‘independent’ proclamations as much as the ‘strong’ part. They aren’t strong because they break down easily when things don’t go their way and they aren’t independent because of their herd tendencies (plus men keep their vehicles and lights running).

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      • Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

        My Ex is a SIW.

        Living off of my retirement pay…

        F’n hypocrite


      • earl says:

        ‘Why else would they double down on it, when things dont work out the way they thought it would?’

        Because the herd doubles down.

        Men don’t have as much herd tendencies…if a guy sees something clearly isn’t working he can break from the group or at least take the risk to disagree even if it means he gets thrown out.

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      • Wayne says:

        Personally, I believe women need to be taught, trained, and led, and ideally, this should begin at childhood. That said, one of the biggest differences between the eastern and western cultures (relevant to the formation of character in women) is in their educational structures. Asian education is a cookie cutter, while Western culture encourages and relies more on developing creativity and independent thought. Unfortunately, the “independent” approach doesn’t have the most beneficial results with most women raised in the west. Instead, they get taught and trained by popular culture, rather than develop any inner mechanisms of information processing, as intended. They gotta have the feelz, you know.

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  5. Wesley says:

    um, that says a lot… and in a very intelligent way… I had to read that a few times to capture all of it
    I understand many parts of it… women become controlling beasts… that part I definitely get, and understand
    always depends on the person….
    yeah, both Asian and Western Women can be incredibly destructive
    men are just as guilty as women are sometimes
    every heart is born selfish in a way


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