The Distinction between Feminine Soft Power and Masculine Hard Power

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Deti rightly presumes that men are well skilled in using Hard Power, and women are naturals at Soft Power. It is argued that everyone’s best interests would be better served if men and women stuck to their areas of expertise.

Hommunism posted a Cultural Collapse Theory that seems to come straight out of the Illuminazi playbook. Hommunism lists the following seven steps of cultural revolution.

The Cultural Collapse Progression

  1. Removal of religious narrative from people’s lives, replaced by a treadmill of scientific and technological “progress.”
  2. Elimination of traditional sex roles through feminism, gender equality, political correctness, cultural Marxism, and socialism.
  3. Delay or abstainment of family formation by women to pursue careerist lifestyles while men wait in confused limbo.
  4. Decreasing birth rate among native population.
  5. Government enactment of open immigration policies to prevent economic collapse.
  6. Immigrant refusal to fully acclimate, forcing host culture to adopt external rituals and beliefs while being out-reproduced.
  7. Natives becoming marginalized in their own country.

Concerning the second phase of collapse, Elimination of Traditional Sex Roles, the natural masculine and feminine expressions of power are fundamental concepts that are slowly eroding, and therefore need more emphasis.

Long time Manospherian Deti left the following gem at Spawny’s Space. Deti rightly presumes that men are well skilled in using Hard Power, and women are naturals at Soft Power. It is argued that everyone’s best interests would be better served if men and women stuck to their areas of expertise. However, Deti doesn’t cover the more positive, uplifting expressions of feminine Soft Power, which is desperately needed, as this is a lost art among 21st century women.

Descriptions of Hard and Soft Power

Soft Power: Gossip. manipulation, deceit, fraud, subterfuge. Lying. Telling half truths. Backchannel communications. Use of status within the Feminine Social Matrix. Threatening, cajoling, persuading, begging, crying, wailing.

Manipulating your man, whether he be your husband, father, brother, whatever. Hiding behind your man and shrieking “let’s you and him fight!” Getting your men to do your dirty work. Special manipulation of boys in general, or boyfriends and husbands: Getting your men to do your bidding by offering sex or threatening to withhold sex. Getting men to do, well, pretty much anything you want by offering sex or threatening to withhold sex.

Women are exceedingly adept at lying, deceit, manipulation and subterfuge. Really, REALLY good at it. The main reason, I think, was so they could get men to protect them and love them, and then not kill them when they fucked up.

Hard Power: Brute strength. Use of physical force, or the threat of same, to achieve objectives. Codes of honor based on performance, courage, virtue and honesty. Positioning men into hierarchies based on merit and ability, and the ability of those at the top to move men up or down in the hierarchy based on merit, ability, and any other necessary factors. Men controlling money and property, and deciding how available resources will be allocated. Men put in charge of their businesses, land, wives and children. Men held responsible and accountable to other men for their public dealings and conduct of those people in their charge, and subject to economic, social, and possibly physical approbation for dishonesty or poor results.

Men are exceedingly good at work, getting shit done, and accumulating and channeling resources into goods and services that benefit the most people. Really, REALLY good at it. The main reason, I think, was so they could keep others from taking their stuff, land, money, and women; and to get more stuff, land, money and women.

Problems Resulting from the Homogenization of Sex Specific Expressions of Power

So what’s happened over the last 100 or so years is women saying their Soft Power isn’t enough, and demanding access to more and more Hard Power. But it doesn’t work very well, because women don’t like the harsh results that happen when Hard Power is wielded. Hard Power cares nothing for feelings, fairness or kindness. Hard Power is concerned only with results, responsibility, responsiveness, and “getting it done”.

But women say that’s not fair, and so demand that Hard Power be tempered with Soft Power. We’re told we must reach consensus. We must include everyone. We must do it in a way that makes everyone feel good. And [women give men the ultimatum] “you have to do this for us, or NO SEX FOR YOU!!!”

And so, men, with Hard Power, allow it to be softened.

And, women using Hard Power get hardened. They get masculinized. They lose that which makes them attractive to men: Their femininity. Their charm. Their soft inviting bodies at the end of a hard day. Their kindness and cheerfulness. Women really aren’t very good at using Hard Power, because they insist that it be changed into something it isn’t, and it changes them.

But, women insist that not only should they get and wield more Hard Power; they also insist that Soft Power be the sole province of women and feminized men. Also, that Soft Power cannot and MUST not be changed in any way.

And then, men are told they should use Soft Power. They should also manipulate, lie, deceive, and use backchannel communications. Men should also get others to do their dirty work, pass off the responsibility/blame for others, and use persuasion and negotiation rather than Hard Power to get things done.

But men aren’t very good at using Soft Power. First, they’re really not very good liars. They can do it, but they’re not anywhere close to as adept at lying as women are.

Men aren’t good liars because it contravenes their natural bent toward honesty, virtue, courage and performance. Men have that bent because their relationships are based not on love or affinity, but on respect and position.

Men don’t respect men who lie. Men don’t respect dishonest men. Men don’t respect men who lack the courage to say what needs to be said and do what needs done. Men don’t respect men who can’t or won’t pull their weight. Men don’t respect spendthrifts, layabouts, poormouths, or fools who squander and waste their resources. Men don’t respect manipulators, liars, deceivers, frauds, and saboteurs. Men send liars, cowards, lazy asses, and fools to the bottom of the hierarchy, or kick them out altogether.

Second, men are not good at using words, wiles, and backchannel communications to manipulate people into getting them to do what they want/need. All this requires indirect communication, and men aren’t very good at indirect communication. They’re not good at innuendo, double entendre, hinting, and body language. They’re much better at direct communication.

There’s shit to do, you see, and it needs to get done, and men consider that it’s better and easier to send orders up and down a chain of command than it is to lie and manipulate and persuade Charlie down there into getting it done. It’s better to just tell Charlie what needs done and order him to do it, or lose his job or be replaced. That’s clear. That’s direct. That plainly communicates what needs done and who is to do it.

Third, men often transplant their natural affinity for Hard Power into their attempts at Soft Power. So the cajole with the underling female employee becomes borderline assault or “sexual harassment”. Their attempts at “courtship” with rules and regulations and no pattyfingers become hamhanded sexual misadventures. Their attempts at manipulation at work or church become exasperated statements of “fuck it, I’ll do it myself”, or “fuck it, I won’t do it”, or “can’t we please just set up some rules for how this is to get done instead of attending time-wasting meetings where we talk and talk and TALK??!!”

Soft Power is much less concerned with results and responsiveness, as it is with how everyone feels. “Is this fair? Is everyone included? Does everyone feel good about this?” Men just can’t ratchet up their feels enough to care about these things. What we men care about is getting shit done, because shit needs to get done. We care about:

  • Does it work? Is it effective?
  • Is it efficient? do we have the resources to do it? Is this a good use of resources?
  • How, mechanically, will it get done?
  • Who is going to do it?
  • Who is responsible for it if it doesn’t work?

And so what happens is that men who have to use Soft Power become feminized. They lose that which makes them attractive and appealing to women: Their status among other men. Their low tolerance for BS. Their ability to organize and get things done. Their ability to amass, wield, harness, direct and channel resources effectively and efficiently.

Most importantly, their ability and willingness to do violence and mayhem on behalf of those in their charge, to defend their lives, land and treasure against anyone or anything that would threaten them.

So this has gone on since time immemorial. Where it’s going wrong is women’s insistence that they get to wield Hard Power; and demanding that men stay away from “Soft Power”.


When men exercise Hard Power within their individual dominions, and women stick to Soft Power, and concentrate on transforming it into a positive, inspiring brand of power, then it leads to the following benefits.

  • Masculine men and feminine women have a naturally higher SMV/MMV, and are more desirable to the opposite sex.
  • Masculine men and feminine women are kicking back against the erosion of our culture and heritage, and thereby preserving our cultural inheritance.

Do your part to develop your SMP presentation, and undermine the progression of global communism, by exercising your hard masculine (or soft feminine) power today!


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6 Responses to The Distinction between Feminine Soft Power and Masculine Hard Power

  1. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    I think that female soft power is mostly based on manipulation, and that it is hardwired as opposed to being learned.

    The earliest/youngest example i’ve seen, involved the girl who used to be my daughter.

    One day when she was about 4 years old, we had just returned home after running some errands. Her older brother had grabbed a bowl of chips and started to watch the TV. She asked him if she could have some chips, and he told her she could get them herself. Without missing a beat she said, “but Robbie, I am only a little girl!” Within an instant the boy was on his feet, and getting her a bowl of chips.

    It was then i realized just how manipulative females can be.


  2. larryzb says:

    “Second, men are not good at using words, wiles, and backchannel communications to manipulate people into getting them to do what they want/need. ”

    In some instances, this is not true. Consider how the lying FDR behaved in the years 1939 to 1941. He managed to get the US into a war that most citizens wanted to avoid all the while he kept prattling on with (disingenuous) assurances that he would keep the US at peace. Some men can and do lie and manipulate just like women can.
    [SF: That’s true, and when men behave this way, they are contributing to the downfall of society.]


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