Revealing Her Unencumbered Beauty

Men need to help women accept difficult truths, develop faith in Christ, and find the beauty of life.

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In a previous post about “wife moulding”, J.T. Anderson has stipulated that women need to be “sculpted into excellence”, meaning that negative qualities and attributes need to be “chipped away” in order to reveal the inner person created by God.

Sculptor Jean Leon Gerome

The Artist and His Model (ca. 1890-93), by Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904)

But what exactly needs to be taken away?

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” ~ John 8:32

There is a relationship between truth, and freedom.

Freedom in Christ means that the believer is relieved from the encumbrances of sin: self-deception, denial (e.g. psychological projection), inner division, and psychological dissociation (AKA ‘hamstering’).

Freedom in Christ means that one is free from one’s own infelicities of disloyalty, ambition, selfishness, fear, avarice, greed, envy… enslavements that, without Christ, would alienate one from God and others.

Freedom in Christ means that one is able to experience the power of ‘worldly’ passions and desires, but is not compelled to yield to the invitation of temptations.

Thus, Freedom in Christ allows the believer the ability of willing, choosing, and deciding, but these are all under the conditions of finite freedom. There are certain things that could be chosen, that could possibly render one, or others, back under the auspicious oppression of sin.

So to answer the original question, the things that need to be “chipped away” could be any of the following.

  • Her ignorance surrounding the difference between the world’s pseudo-ethical system, and the spiritual truths of God’s Kingdom.
  • Lies resulting from her Feminist conditioning. For example, her belief that men and women are not different, but ‘equal’.
  • Her many false notions concerning her expectations of reality.
  • Voluminous inaccuracies about her own self-concept and worth. For example, accepting the worth of her substance, contribution and influence as a woman, and how it changes as she ages.
  • Her refusal to face her strengths and weaknesses, and take responsibility for them.
  • Her fundamental misgivings about the benefits of having self-centered bad habits and attitudes.
  • Many others…

Here, I’ll offer an analogy of finding Freedom in Christ. Believing in the truth is like learning to ride a bicycle. Once you learn to balance the bicycle by steering, it’s a skill that you always retain throughout life. Likewise, once you’ve seen the truth and learned to trust God, it’s hard to deny the resulting revelations of God’s blessings: peace, joy, love, and the other fruits of the spirit. (Satan has his own distorted version of “truth” as well, accompanied by certain “liberties”, and if one were to delve into that dark realm to a sufficient degree, it would be hard for one to then have an accurate view of God’s truth, and see it for what it truly is.)

So in summary, men, especially fathers, need to do what they can to strip away the false concepts, poor attitudes, and bad habits, from the females in their care; all that would prevent her from learning to ride the bicycle of faith, discovering her Freedom in Christ, and experiencing the joys and blessings thereof.

Image credit: The Haggin Museum: The Artist and His Model (ca. 1890-93), by Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904)


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14 Responses to Revealing Her Unencumbered Beauty

  1. JT Anderson says:

    I think you’re right on target here. The church tends to focus on the “sacrifice” aspect of biblical hubandry. But they neglect to notice the goal of this sacrifice, which is the removal of the woman’s flaws and, as you put it, revealing her unencumbered beauty. This is a topic worthy of a lifetime of mediation and practice!

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  2. Excellent post. Screwtape would say that keeping a woman’s mind away from firm details and hard truths is exactly what he would do. Focusing on nebulous platitudes, and vague pleasurable verbal tautologies.

    If Satan’s compass points one ways and yours points the opposite your going in the right direction.

    Liked by 1 person

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