Opal’s Femsplaination of Cakeface

Commenter Opal offers a hamsterbated excuse for why women wear makeup. SF reveals the men’s point of view.

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Cindy Crawford, without (left), and with (right) makeup.

Recently, I came across this query on Quora: Do men prefer women without makeup and with long hair? The answer should be intuitive, but with the current widespread corruption of beauty standards, apparently it’s not.

‘Opal Smith’ wrote the top answer, with 169 upvoters (all women, except for five White Knights, including one g@y, one Muslim, and one musician). She writes,

“It’s funny that so many men say this. It’s for a few reasons.”

No, it’s not funny, and there is just one reason, really. The reason men prefer their steaks rare is so they don’t waste their time and emotional energy getting aroused by a woman who is actually not all that great. Maybelline doesn’t make a woman any more nubile nor respectful, nor does it improve the gene pool of potential children.

“Men dislike high maintenance women because they think they’re selfish, when in fact, they just care about their appearance and love themselves. They see this as vanity when it’s just self love.”

This woman thinks ‘high maintenance’ means spending an hour to dress up her cake face. Heh… If she can’t understand what men really mean by ‘high maintenance’ then it’s definitely vanity. She should improve her posture. Moving on…

“Second, Men forget that women enjoy makeup and doing their hair. Looking our best makes us confident (not everybody enjoys it but quite a few women do).”

Confident – not because she’s truly beautiful, but because she can look better than she does without artistic fanfare, and possibly even better than her friends do – from a distance – all to bask in the limelight of attention. After all, popularity breeds contentment!

“The other issue is that men have no idea whatsoever what natural is and isn’t. Natural is uneven skin tones, dark circles, spots and sparse eyebrows that might need a tiny bit of filling in. Natural hair is plain one dimensional brown.”

That first sentence was, well… blonde, but the rest is exact! Those blotches, bags, and pockmarks tell us how many years she’s been drunk and DTF. But if she takes care of herself, there should be an absence of tribological clamshell fatigue striations, leading to a premature freak rupture at some unpredictable point in the future. You can paint over the cracks, but it won’t remove the flaws.

Fatigue Fractography

If possible, men would conduct a non-destructive evaluation to test for cumulative damage, such as beachmarks and striations, shown in the figure below. [I trust the analogies and puns are clear.]


Continuing on…

“Natural in mens eyes is brown mascara, light eyeshadow, slightly tinted brows and bronzer lightly applied. They think natural hair is a nice chestnut with a little bit of a lighter brown highlight. They don’t know what’s natural and think they’re being nice, but they’re actually negging you on some level by doing this.”

She has the idea that ‘natural’ is a style of makeup application. She must look pretty – pretty bad! A mere highlight is conservative in her view! No wonder she gets negged. And she’s ‘known’ a few PUA’s, or else she wouldn’t know what a neg is called.

“If a man asks you to intentionally be less confident, less happy and put less effort into your appearance, it’s a way to keep you ‘his’, and so that he is less worried about others looking at you. I see it as a strange thing. Would you ever tell a guy ‘oh stop shaving/washing your face/wearing cologne’ because it’s not ‘natural’?’’

In thinking that guys are worried about ‘keeping her’, she’s projecting her insecurities onto men. And women are known for dressing down their man, so they can feel less insecure. (Men should never take ‘fashion advice’ from a woman!) So that last line of reasoning is also projection.

“In extremes, makeup can look bad. But most guys saying they like ‘natural’ girls are full of it.”

She’s dismissing the argument because she can’t compete without a buff coat. It’s long past time for her to develop some inner beauty, if possible.

Then she offers these photos as an example.


While I will admit it is less glamorous, I feel the presentation on the left is more befitting of ‘wife material’. Opal comments,

“A prime example of natural makeup vs. no makeup. A guy who says he likes ‘natural’ girls will still go for the girl in the right. Because she’s highlighting features without being too bold or making it look like she’s wearing a lot of makeup.”

No Opal, this photograph is a prime example of a (slightly) past prime lady, which fits your case.

My readers should notice that ‘the girl in the right‘ is a Freudian slip, revealing her true Feminist preference for drag.

Even in the case she offers, a guy who says he likes ‘natural’ girls will still go for the girl on the right, but not because she looks better wearing makeup, but because she’s more likely to move fast. Whereas, a guy who’s seriously interested in a LTR will take his time to know someone looking like the girl on the left, because she’s not an attention whoring clownface.

FYI, here’s what guys mean by ‘all natural’. In case you’ve missed it, there’s a bit of youthful innocence involved. Guy’s want to see the healthy ‘glow’, and makeup only hides that.

On another, similar query on Quora, Do men prefer women without makeup? Is it really true that men prefer women to wear less makeup? Adam Holme offered a good example of Amanda Kimmel.

“Do you ever watch Survivor? Everyone on that show looks better ‘au naturel’, here’s the most painful example, Amanda Kimmel, who goes from flawless and unique [on the left], to common and forgettable [with makeup]. Makeup is an attempt to hide reality with a lie. What lie could ever be attractive?”

To answer Adam’s question, there are cases when lies are more attractive. For instance, if you happen to look like this lady below, please go to your vanity chest – NOW. We will forgive you.



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14 Responses to Opal’s Femsplaination of Cakeface

  1. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    “Men dislike high maintenance women because they think they’re selfish, when in fact, they just care about their appearance and love themselves….”

    what a crock. if these women really ‘loved themselves’, they wouldn’t be using makeup to look like someone else.

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  2. seventiesjason says:

    Another “modern woman’s” explanation, which is circular, to fit her “mood” and “feelings” at the moment of: “Stop treating me differently!!!” and “Stop treating me as an equal!!!” This is the same as making men play a guessing game of what is “bothering her” at the moment.


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  7. JPF says:

    I used to have a thing for blue eyeliner. But otherwise, “less is far more”.

    I suspect women use makeup to try to recapture the beauty she could portray when she was in her prime of youth. Reminds me of the “wife goggles” phenomenon; women should just marry the good man her father chooses for her when she is a young virgin and then stay with that husband for life. Then the need to artificially try to portray a different appearance, after she has aged, will be (largely?) removed.

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  9. redpillboomer says:

    I’ve noticed a number of the younger women that I know from an educational course I take with them posting a lot of flattering pictures on social media with their make-up on. Then, for some reason, in the midst of all the make-up pics, here comes a pic without the make-up on. It has never ceased to amaze me that it stops me dead in my tracks and I think to myself, “Wow, now that is different. It’s you, but that is a different version of you.” Same woman, but definitely not the same look. Now, they’re younger so they get away with it a little better than the post-wall women, but not by much. I see why the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry!


    • Jack says:

      Cosmetics is all about having that extra edge in the SMP competition and getting attention. Younger women with better genes will occasionally show a picture with no makeup just to prove that they are real people who can still compete. How good a woman looks without makeup is a different kind of competition. I think more women are waking up to the fact that natural is more real and carries more validation.

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      • redpillboomer says:

        “Younger women with better genes will occasionally show a picture with no makeup just to prove that they are real people who can still compete. How good a woman looks without makeup is a different kind of competition.”

        Hmm, never thought about it that way. Interesting insight!


      • Novaseeker says:

        Yes it’s true.

        It’s also all about us, frankly. Women can much more easily tell what each other look like without makeup, because they work with makeup all the time themselves. They are very functionally familiar with what each kind does, and how, and what kind of look is makeup driven, and therefore what they are looking at it makeup-driven rather than genes. They can tell fairly easily.

        Men often … can’t. Even guys who are married or had sisters or what have you … often can’t really tell very easily between a woman who is wearing no makeup and a woman who is wearing only light makeup (most guys will say she isn’t wearing any), and although men can generally tell when a woman is wearing a good deal of makeup, most men can’t tell what exactly is made up and what isn’t, and “deconstruct” it in their minds to guess more accurately what the genetic face looks like underneath. A skilled makeup artist can, but most men can’t. Most men are snowed by makeup.

        One thing I have found useful in looking at a woman’s face is the shape, the lines, the proportion, the symmetry, the shape and color of the eyes — the underlying stuff, the “chassis” of the face. If you can focus on that and not be dazzled by the makeup (especially the eye area makeup, where it has the most dramatic effects), you can get a basic read on how genetically gifted a woman is facially even if she is wearing makeup. What you can’t see is her skin quality — that will always be hidden by makeup so it’s always a wildcard. And the eyes can be challenging because eye makeup is … very good, very distracting, and honestly an area where women spend a lot of time, generally, so the underlying look is more “buried” there, often, and is harder to discern.

        Try not to be snowed by makeup (it’s hard) because it’s like a freebie for women, really.

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