If the shoe fits…

When you make some off hand comments, and the shoe starts to fit someone, you might just become that persons’ springboard to internet infamy.

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Last month, there was a lovers spat that went viral, which involved a fine young hoe, Madison Witham, and her ex-boyfriend, Justice Champion. The incident was described and discussed in the following articles.

This is rather old news by now, so I trust that the reader is familiar with the altercation.

I don’t think anyone has pointed this out yet, but there is a discrepancy between the facts offered by the hoe and her ex.

She offers screenshots of text messages showing a man saying,

“You look like a slut b, no offense.”

She claims this message was sent by Champion, ascribes avarice on his part, calls it ‘slut shaming’, and thereby uses it to denigrate his honor.

But in the version from Fox, Champion offers his own screen shots of their chats, in which he responds to the dress rather enthusiastically by texting,

“It looks great”.

Also notice that in those texts shown by Witham, the male respondent calls her ‘b’ in each message. (I presume ‘b’ is short for ‘baby’, a term of endearment.) However, in the text shots offered by Champion, he never calls her by the nickname, ‘b’.

Are you with me here? There are two different men!

I get the strong impression that Witham had a backup man (not Champion) who sent the “You look like a slut” message. She claimed that message was from Champion, and tried to use that message to defame Champion in an arrogant power play that she probably thought was humorous. But beyond her expectation, the news went viral, and then she was unable to back out of the lie without being ousted, so later, she had to decline going to the prom with Champion.

In a follow up message, Witham responds with,

“I’ll stick with the dress and get myself a new man, bye.”

This statement shows that she is quite familiar with the habit of employing her hypergamic desires (with a pinch of hamster fantasy added) to ditch any particular man she is with in favor of the next one, or the last one, or the one next door, or whoever he might be. Her general mindset is that men, and probably sex as well, are just a smorgasbord cafeteria for her tingle indulgence. If she is having a bad day with one guy, she’ll use a little dreadette game to ‘put him back in line’.

So here we have the situation where she is chatting with and probably sleeping with (at least) two different men. She takes offense at the mere mention of the word, ‘slut’, and she dumps the guy who didn’t say it. Then she takes advantage of the feminist narrative, hamster spins a false narrative to restore her so-called honor, and becomes an internet celebrity in the process.

Freeman - If the shoe fits

So this is the story of a tramps’ brilliantly evil Machiavellian behavior and abuse of feminine power. As long as a society ignorantly rewards and rubber stamps such pseudo-virtue posing with sensational attention and affirmation, society will be in downgrade.

On a more positive note, we see Justice to the Champion of this showdown, in that he can now move towards finding a more worthy woman than Withman.


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11 Responses to If the shoe fits…

  1. earl says:

    ‘She takes offense at the mere mention of the word, ‘slut’, and she dumps the guy who didn’t say it.’

    Well I can continue this consperiacy plot.

    A lot of females get nothing but compliments from thirsty guys all over the place. Any decent looking one could put up one selfie on instatwitbook and get several compliments. It means nothing to them or I could even think over the long run it produces contempt. They’ve heard all the BS before and even a woman who thinks she’s a goddess begins to have contempt for all these idol vag worshipers. Hearing you look beautiful and you are the greatest thousands of times by men eventually loses meaning….even if it comes from your boyfriend.

    Insults are self-explanatory. A woman with that big of an ego hates having it popped.

    So let’s say she had two men. She punished the guy giving her the compliment by using the insult the other guy used. Took out two birds with one contemptous stone.

    So the point I’m trying to make is…when it comes to women, use compliments very sparingly. Like when she makes a good meal or actually does something you tell her to do.

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  2. earl says:

    Also hopefully Justice realizes he just dodged a big bullet and does find a more worthy woman. Girls like her I would say are snares at best.

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  3. Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

    well, i don’t think the dress looks bad at all. “slut” wouldn’t have even been a thought.

    not sure where the ‘second guy’ idea comes from, besides being a guess. was anything else posted that showed another guy, or any other info showing that?

    regardless, the boy is still probably better off without her.


    • Wayne says:

      The two texts had a very different style of voice and structure. This suggests that they are from different people. This take is also confirmed in this Tweet from Justice’s sister.

      The Daily Mail article shows the Tweets and texts from Witham, but not Champion, which excludes the incriminating evidence that there was another man involved. The article from Fox shows the evidence offered by Champion and his viewpoints.


      • Fnu Mnu Lnu says:

        Or she could have just made the text exchange herself, using one of those web sites that help you fake a text message thread. In reality, it doesn’t matter. The whole thing is stupid. He is better off without her in his life, and we’d all be better off if twitter didn’t exist.

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  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    She is only sixteen and she is Middle American as can be. I don’t want to think what she will grow up to be. Another thing that struck me is that Justice is nineteen. What is he doing messing around with a girl still in high school?


    • Wayne says:

      Fuzzie, in the midwest USA, it is pretty common to see girls as young as 15 going with older, teenage boys. In rural areas, about 20% of girls drop out of HS because of pregnancy, or to get married.

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      • fuzziewuzziebear says:

        This is all news to me. My experience was that college aged and high school kids were exclusive. I have to wonder where her parents are. Your theory is probably correct. She was stringing along two guys.


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