The Sex Robot Controversy

A completely hilarious video featuring Celestina, a virtual sex doll correspondent for TFM news, spoofing the following articles covering the sex robot industry. (January 18, 2018)

Noteworthy Quotations

Why are sex robots all female? It’s because the ideal woman is a robot.

There are male sex robots – they’re called ‘ATM’s’.

[If you are interested in] transgender accessories for sex dolls, you can buy a tranny dick insert for your female doll and turn it into a shemale. How progressive is that?

The explosion of sex toys has come mainly from women. The sex toy industry caters overwhelmingly to women. [The sex toy manufacturer has] 1 page [of advertisements] for male sex dolls, and 33 pages for female sex toys.

Women have been dehumanizing men for decades, and it’s been accelerated by Feminism in recent years. Meanwhile, men have one small niche in the sex toy industry, and Feminists just can’t stand it.

A man who has a sex doll is considered a creep, but a woman can have multiple dildos sticking out of every orifice at the same time, and guys are like, ‘Ohh! That’s so hot! Take my money!’

Men might seek in sex robots the same qualities they’ve been conditioned to seek in women: submissiveness, agreeableness, and passivity. But in Feminist’s minds, a real woman should be the opposite. A real woman is a domeering, overbearing, disagreeable b!tch! I don’t see why men would see something that does nothing at all to be an improvement over that.

Maybe if you tried being a little more agreeable and submissive, men might enjoy being around you. However, you don’t need men, right? You’ve got your dildos and vibrators, but shame on men for wanting a sex toy for themselves!

The comment [in Forbes] that men are taught to objectify women is especially stupid, as it implies that, (a) women don’t objectify themselves, which they absolutely do. You women like to walk topless or in skimpy underwear for your ret@rded slit walks, but then complain about men objectifying you. (b) Mens visual sexual attraction is a learned behavior, and isn’t simply biology.

Spoiler alert: Men are attracted to women visually, meaning that if you get fat or old, they won’t want to be around you, especially if you’re a domineering, disagreeable old hag that hit the wall at full speed and then got dragged off into the woods by wild cats.

When you interact with an ATM, you want it to do what it’s told the first time. You don’t want the ATM to try to strike up a conversation with you about your day, let alone give you any push-back about what you do with your money. The ATM is there to perform its function, for lack of a better word, ‘robotically’. Why would sex robots be any different? [Maybe it’s] because you’re a feminist, and you lament the fact that these sex robots might give men what you refuse to give them yourself?

“The very idea of a sex robot is so intertwined with patriarchal domination, it’s hard to imagine what the ideal sex robot for women would even look like. The most robot-like sex technologies that actually appeal to women don’t try to emulate human partners.”

In other words, women hate men so much that their ideal sex partners wouldn’t even look the least bit human. You only need to look at the fact that most dildos are inhumanly colorful, accentuated with rabbit shaped clitoral stimulators, and other inhuman modifications to show that, for women, men are merely an assortment of parts for her pleasure and not even ideal ones at that.

Meanwhile, men aren’t trying to break women down into their parts, and create a Frankenstein of vibrating flaps and folds for which to stimulate their penises. Men just want a woman who won’t be a stupid, selfish b!tch. For that, men are labeled as sexist, their desire for love is patriarchal oppression, and their love for women as misogyny – the literal opposite of what it is.

“Perhaps women prefer sexual relationships where both partners acknowledge each other’s humanity.”

Bull F*ck!ng Sh!t! Women have been dehumanizing and objectifying men for decades, and Feminists have been celebrating it every single step of the way.

You made your bed, now sleep in it… All alone… With your purple dildos and cats!


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3 Responses to The Sex Robot Controversy

  1. OKRickety says:

    “Spoiler alert: Women are attracted to women visually, ….”

    While I suspect some women are attracted to women visually, is that what you meant to write, or did you mean to write “Men are attracted to women visually,….”?

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