Review of vetting, virgins and new info on virginity pledges, from Christianity and Masculinity

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The information in the post below is a Cliff’s notes exercise in common sense for men interested in a LTR or marriage. The facts and reasoning involved are scattered all over the Manosphere, but this post collects most of the relevant Red Pill wisdom into one long checklist. Each man might emphasize different aspects of the analysis in light of his own abilities, preferences, and real life opportunities. But the real value of the information here is for assessing a potential partner(s), making a comparison to the statistical models, and forming a conclusion about whether to jump for ‘the ring’, or else, keep looking.

Male vetting of female partners is phenomenally important these days, and a wise man seeking a LTR or marriage should spend a bit of time to consider this. The reason a lot of men don’t think through these things, is because it requires a lot of time and work to collect this information and go over it in detail. Deep Strength has done a grand share of that work here.

If you are a parent or loyal friend of a marriage minded man, please share this with that person, and, if appropriate, become a soundboard for them to talk it over. If you’re unsure of the wisdom of getting involved with another person’s decision making process, please consider the pertinent benefits and risks here.

Brother Deep Strength, the host of Christianity and Masculinity, has been a long time contributor of top class wisdom to the Manosphere. He is now compiling a book which includes this subject material. If you are a youth pastor, marriage counselor, or a parent, you might consider purchasing a copy after it hits the press.

Now, on to the good stuff…

I’m reviewing some of this for the book, plus some newer information. First, revisiting vetting. I’m going to eliminate as much commentary as I can, as this review is going to be very long. Let’s look at one example we are all familiar with: virginity. From the Teachman study on Social Pathologist. In particular, we […]

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1 Response to Review of vetting, virgins and new info on virginity pledges, from Christianity and Masculinity

  1. SFC Ton says:

    I married a church going virgin

    Never going to make that mistake again.

    At one point I swore off dating etc church girls. Was one of my better decisions in life


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