The Pendulum Swings Back, and Cuts to the Bone

About the Pendulum

The Pendulum Effect (AKA Cyclical Theory) states that cultural and political norms swing from one extreme to the other over the period of 2-5 decades. Over the past year and a half, the swing of the pendulum decreased it’s momentum as it reached its extreme maximum amplitude to the Left. The election of the radically traditional, neo-conservative Trump in November, 2016, heralded a new age in the socio-political context. Now, the pendulum is slowly gaining velocity back to its equilibrium position.

The swing of the Pendulum is driven by an Avoidance Construct. That is, people avoid the imminent and readily apparent pitfalls and errors posed by present society, and go towards the other extreme, which also has pitfalls, but which are not readily apparent. The presumed goal is to arrive at Life, Truth, God, fulfillment, or whatever, and achieve a balance. But if a person does not embrace the core structure of Truth in the return swing, then they invariably get pulled off to the other extreme.

Matthew 7:13-14 (NKJV)

13 Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Some of the confusion arises from the widely differing opinions of where the true center of Truth is located. Feminists will argue that our 40 year long sojourn through the desert since the sexual revolution is only now bringing us to the Jordan River. “Once we cross that final river, we will enter into that Promised Land!” So they rail vehemently against those who dream of returning to the Egyptian bondage of Traditional norms and Patriarchy, and who are giving up the hope of forming a new nation of ‘sexual freedom‘ and ‘gender equality‘. Trump is the anti-Moses in a cruel twist of fate – obviously a stratagem of the dark Enemy who has dominion over this fallen world.


But to many MGTOW’s and sub-SMV men taking the Red Pill, the Promised Land holds Traditional norms within a Patriarchal nuclear family model, which is a totally different brand of ‘sexual freedom‘ – a freedom for ‘sexual access equality‘, where everyone has a fair chance of getting laid – not only genetic jackpot Gina and Sir Chadwick Edcad III, Sh*tLord of Edensplurge.

The motives of Feminists and Traditionals are clear. The motive of the ‘Murican war machine is to amass wealth, curb population growth, and to change the nature of post-war society. But for Churchians who are warning others to stay away from the Red Pill, what is their Promised Land? This question is the biggest enema enigma of all!

In February, 2016, Black Dragon foretold a fundamental shift in the Manosphere paradigm. This shift is becoming obvious now, but it remains to be seen whether the Manosphere will be infiltrated by Blue Pill adherents as Black Dragon believes, or gain traction in society as the pendulum swing back to the Right, as I predict. Some reasons are described herein.

There are several developments in society that chronicle the constitutive metamorphosis.

  1. Growing Resistance to Increasing Socialism
  2. The Public Rejection of News Syndicates, Hollywood and Media
  3. The Advent of the Anti-Feminist
  4. The Rupture and Reorganization of the Right

Each of these are summarily reviewed in the following.

1. Growing Resistance to Increasing Socialism

A major harbinger of a shift is conveyed by the creeping clampdown on civil liberties, and the rising support against these changes, as evidenced by the development of Anti-Fascist factions (AKA AntiFa, which is also mockingly termed “Anti-First-Amendment’ by the Right), and also the widespread condemnation by the Right of the same. The Anti-Fascist movement is a leftist movement which is rebelling within their own Liberal ranks, primarily because of the way policies and laws have steadily grown more socialist in nature. Much of the right is also upset about these policies, because they have grown to target Nationalist bastions of the right, especially straight, white Christians. Obviously, the Right and the Left have contrasting concepts of what Socialism entails. AntiFa has attempted to label core elements of the Right as Fascist, and pundits have unsuccessfully attempted to label Antifa as ‘Alt-Left’. Controversy surrounds the legitimacy of Antifa’s claims, methods and purposes, which border on revolutionary.

Quoted from the Atlantic,

“Antifascists call [violent] actions defensive. Hate speech against vulnerable minorities, they argue, leads to violence against vulnerable minorities. But Trump supporters and white nationalists see antifa’s attacks as an assault on their right to freely assemble, which they in turn seek to reassert.”

2. The Public Rejection of News Syndicates, Hollywood and Media

Hollywood has long been the subject of public ridicule, no more to be said there.

The media continues to be fundamentally biased towards the Left, in spite of the Antifa’s sedition towards the media, and an ever-growing, grass-roots attrition to the Right. Thus, the Leftist following is slowly evaporating. Leftist groups, like Antifa, have picked up on this split, and while they agree with the Right that the media is untrustworthy, they disagree with the populist migration to the Right. As a consequence, the Liberal-based media is slowly being left high and dry.

For example, in a conspicuously liberal attempt to shame Americans into relinquishing their Constitutional rights, CNN broadly condemns the callousness of Americans who couldn’t care any less, as the mass shootings continue on unchecked.

Meanwhile, all this continues as the focus of Feminist values steadily slinks further away from the concrete realities of the common man’s daily life, as evidenced in the following article.

The public has had enough.

America is coming apart at the seams, and most topics reported in the news prove to be irrelevant. To me, REAL news is something that somehow affects (or could affect) my life or my future. It’s not just fashion entertainment or a new political spin, mudslinging, or other such propaganda. I suspect that most REAL news, by this definition, goes unreported.

Furthermore, media outlets are so darn biased, and with the exception of basic fact checking, it seems like none of them do any original research on their stories.

The number of news outlets that offer REAL news, and not just political posturing, have diminished to but a few. The following news sources are thought to be considered the most relevant and reliable (relatively speaking) by the general populace.

3. The Advent of the Anti-Feminist

The advent of the Anti-Feminist has been manifested in various reaction figures, including luminaries such as philosopher Stefan Molyneux, political activist Lauren Southern, Prof. Jordan Peterson, celebrity Gavin McInnes, media broadcaster Ezra Levant, populist speaker Milo Yiannopoulos and Senator Al Franken, who have all been met with mixed reaction.

Another quiet, but imposingly controversial incarnation of the Anti-Feminist voices include women, ranging from a few, loyal, unicorn Red Pill Girls at one end, compromising Violet crossovers in the middle, and CoverGirl bedecked Tradthot posers at the other extreme. Godfather Roosh has been an outspoken voice on the latter, basically decrying their implicit fraud. Related posts are listed here.

Thermidor explains the distemperate influence of the Tradthot.

“If populism and appealing to the common man rather than cosmopolitan liberals can get you attention and profit (as Trump’s success clearly showed), there will be those seeking to capitalize on that. Due to a failing career or a general impotence, they will flock to a fringe scene that has just the right amount of people within it to gain notoriety for changing their “beliefs.”

Among many other Truth statements in his video, Roosh says,

“Traditionalism and Religion go hand in hand. They can never be separated.”

which, I feel, strikes to the core of the issue. Real faith and spiritual maturity is required to produce an individual who can escape the corrupting influence of society, dodge the cutting swing of the pendulum, and prove themselves worthy of a LTR/marriage. In doing so, they receive the eternal honor of (possibly) becoming the bettered progenitors of future generations.

By the way, here is another crack in the foundation – the ubiquitous, desperate, horny men who can’t keep a lid on the lust. An Anonymous commenter writes the stock moribund rabble on the 4Chan Board,

“I hate her (Lauren Southern) but I’d still fuck the shit out of that pussy. Such a cute little tummy.”

That’s some shrewd ontological sagacity right there on a public forum, my friend! The last thing we need is to reproduce slugs like this guy. Reading stuff like this makes me (somewhat) sympathetic with rabidly hypergamous females. We have a long way to go, guys.

4. The Rupture and Reorganization of the Right

Anonymous on the 4Chan Board offered the following succinct analysis of the current state of the Right.

“The Right is comprised of a bunch of different factions who fundamentally can’t agree on basic shit, like what women should do, what races should do, what the economy should be, what about religion? etc.”

“The only thing identifying us all as Rightwing is animosity towards the dominant Progressive dogma. That’s it.”

“This “trad thot” war is being spurred by Nazbol (National Bolshevik) communists in an attempt to fracture and infiltrate our (Red Pill) movement.” [Eds. note: Anonymous provided no sources for this claim.]

“It’s divide and conquer. They’re probably really pissed that women are joining the Alt Right because that means the Alt Right has real cultural relevance and could become mainstream. Especially the women pandering to the thirsty beta orbiters that can’t give their money to [them] fast enough with the hope in the back of his mind that she will be his girlfriend.”

An article from Vanity Fair: The Misogynist Civil War Within the Alt-Right (December 7, 2017) offers a confirmation that Anonymous on 4Chan could be right in his claim that the Tradthot war is a Trojan Horse. Before it trails off into drivel, it offers a smug triumph over the so called ‘division’, leading one to question whether there might truly be an underlying intelligent design.

“The alt right’s long-simmering resentment at its favorite women exploded with the discovery of pictures of [Lauren] Southern posing in costume as a Japanese video game character with — gasp! — a man of color.”

“Suddenly, the men of the alt right realized that their Internet girlfriend might not be as racist as they had hoped, and complained that they had been taken for suckers.”

“What Sommer calls a “full-scale freakout” against women of the far right has ensued.”

On a side note, Red Pillers might not be aware of this, but the Japanese costume remark, in addition to the obvious racial slander, are both underhanded attempts to slur the ‘moral’ reputation of Southern, and the Right, respectively, by painting her as a transgressor of Cultural Appropriation, which is considered a sin by Feminists.

Vanity Fair reveals it’s own self-serving ignorance in the following lines.

“Concludes Sommer, the chronicler of right-leaning media: These various YouTube women have been treated terribly, whatever you think of their politics. But it’s still been interesting to see them, some of the Internet’s most outspoken critics of feminism, realize that the far-right could do with a little feminism of its own.’”

I’ll wait until you finish laughing.

What hope is there for the Right?

I do believe that the Right will slowly gain mass and momentum in the coming years. Although what the new Right will resemble remains a mystery. Perhaps the current stagnation of society will serve as a Petri dish to form a new cultural organism. A polarizing catalyst would serve to jump start the nucleation of solidarity. We can watch for this.

I like to believe that the Red Pill will continue growing in strength and numbers. As religious foundations founder and fulminate (e.g. Churchianity), the Red Pill seems to be the only bit of Objective Truth remaining in today’s society.

President Donald Trump, in spite of all his gaffes and foibles, has proved to be a strong leader and proponent of Traditional norms. I expect this to continue. Before the next election, some of the old blood will pass, and more youngsters (iGen’s) who overwhelmingly favor Trump, will reach voting age.

Time is on the Red Pill’s side. The Red Pillars of Society wait with hopeful anticipation.


About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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8 Responses to The Pendulum Swings Back, and Cuts to the Bone

  1. earl says:

    ‘America is coming apart at the seams, and most topics reported in the news prove to be irrelevant.’

    It seems to me most news outlets are appealing mostly to either women or the highly emotional.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sigma Frame says:

      Hype and sensationalism over ‘equity’, ‘rights’, and race-baited issues remains as the Liberals preferred blunt club over the rational mind. Will society submit to this discipline of dumbing-down, or will people realize the incongruency and immaturity of it all? I could have written another full post detailing the hypocrisy, cherry-picking, straw man assumptions, and cognitive dissonance expressed in the Everyday Feminism, and Vanity Fair articles. They are lost in Wonderland, and it is slowly becoming repulsive to the average Joe. Hence, a realignment is imminent.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. earl says:

    ‘Reading stuff like this makes me (somewhat) sympathetic with rabidly hypergamous females. We have a long way to go, guys.’

    It’s almost like a cognitive dissonance between not wanting to woman worship…yet still worshiping women (via your sexual lusts).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. SFC Ton says:

    Given technology and some basic universals of human sexuality I don’t think there will ever be a promise land for sub value smv men…. Women too but don’t much care about that


    • Sigma Frame says:

      Yeah, I have a feeling that technology will continue to funnel society into a bottleneck chokehold of hypergamy – which is theoretically good for the betterment of the race, but is experienced as a crucifixion by the average person. I think this is perhaps the greatest foe to the application of Red Pill in the wider society. Men as a whole will need to exercise a great deal of self-control in order to reclaim the reins.


      • SFC Ton says:

        Given folks lust to put men out of work with automation I think IQ will be the real bottle neck and most men will be to busy trying to hack out a living to worry about where they stand in the smp/ mmp.

        Liked by 3 people

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