Purple Haze

The Red Pill Transformation Experience Relative to SSMV

Every man has a different experience with the red pill transformation, so we naturally expect every man to have a unique opinion about it. But recently, some generalized behavioral patterns have been flushed out. I think Rollo was the first to fully report a polarity of attitudes among newly awoken men. Along with some polity issues, he discussed how some men grow bitter and resentful after swallowing the Red Pill, while other men gratefully and enthusiastically receive it as the Gospel.

Alpha Game Plan followed with the discussion of Purple versus Red. A comment from Aeoli Pera under this post contained a succinct generalized description of the different attitudes and Red Pill experiences that various men have. I added a few characteristics to complete the lists by male socio-sexual rank.

Attitude Toward Women By Socio-Sexual Rank:

  • Alpha: Satisfied Contempt
  • Beta: Benevolence
  • Delta: Idealism; Anger when illusions are shattered
  • Gamma: Fear
  • Omega: Hate
  • Sigma: Guarded Control
  • Lambda: Disinterest

Red Pill Experience By Sociosexual Rank:

  • Red-pilled Alpha: Feels nothing
  • Red-pilled Beta: Feels relieved
  • Red-pilled Delta: Feels disappointed, let down
  • Red-pilled Gamma: Feels confusion or rage
  • Red-pilled Omega: Feels resolution, finality (could be good or bad)
  • Red-pilled Sigma: Feels pensive
  • Red-pilled Lambda: Feels amused

[SF: I am a Sigma, by the way, and yes, I feel pensive, and also somewhat amused!]

Color Saturation Hue

From this ranking, we can see more clearly why some men can quickly and easily transition to the Red Pill mentality, whereas, other men lounge in bitterness and contempt for years. I believe much of the difference lies in how close to the heart the arrows of the enemy came, and how much damage is done in removing the arrow.

So now the question comes to this. How much of the Red Pill transformation experience is determined by a man’s SSMV ranking, and how much of it is dependent on his experiences and his station in life?

Maybe Religion has an effect?

Maybe upbringing?

A strong father-figure, or lack thereof?

I hold a strong suspicion that having a feministic mother, or a mother who was very disrespectful to his father, would increase the likelihood for a man to experience a lot of frustrations and disappointments in the mating game.

The remainder of this blog explores several of my thoughts and beliefs concerning these questions.

Growing Pains

A common protest I hear against the Red Pill is that it causes men to hate women. Apparently, it’s common for men to feel this way after getting red pilled.

I can understand. After I started giving serious attention to the Manosphere online, it took a couple months of casual reading before I started to reframe. And I remember the moment when I first “got it”. At that time, I did have what I believed to be feelings of hate towards women in general. But that emotion lasted no longer than a week for me, at most. With continued reading, and a lot of reflection on my own experiences in life, I became accustomed to the Red Pill mode of thought. Then I realized it wasn’t hate. I was just angry because I had it all wrong and I felt betrayed or lied to in general, and those feelings were somehow psychologically pinned on women as being the cause or source of the frustration and disappointment. I think that’s what the Manosphere calls the loss of “ego investment”.

Judging by the comments I’ve read under other blogs, it seems I am one of the few men who has been able to transition from blue to red with relative ease. I believe it takes some self awareness, humility, deep introspection, and a bit of intelligence, to move past the first impression of “hating women”, and see those feelings as the “growing pains” that are evidence of an existential paradigm shift.

I know every man has had his share of bad experiences with women, including myself, and I am sure these impressions do much to form the psychological association.

I think it might be analogous to a man who was kicked by a horse, or hit by a car, and then comes to be fearful and resentful towards all horses/cars. What would be the proper response to such an experience? Is it to swear off horses and cars altogether, as MGTOW appears to be doing?

I want to believe that a man of courage and indomitable character would recover from his wounds and return to break that horse in, or build his own hot rod. Then, ride that horse through the outback, or drive that rod to a cruise show, or a drag race, in royal Kingly array.

The idea here is that man determines his own mindset about life, and should not let his bad experience keep him down in the gutter of self pity, nursing a defeated mindset.

No One Is To Blame

In reality, there is no one particular person to blame for the present condition of western society, but rather, the culmination of a 50 year, society-cuckolding affair between Feminism and the Sexual De-Evolution. A life-sabotaged man is not going to find any constructive outlet outside the Manosphere, so any displaced feelings of hate or anger onto individual members of the female sex are only going to have the following negative impacts.

  • He’s not going to find any immediate closure.
  • Ruminating in angst and hopeless despair is only going to drag him down and make him depressed.
  • He feels less motivation to build a career and succeed, and therefore has a greater tendency to low-ball his potential SMV.
  • He makes it that much harder to maintain frame, to get laid, get married, etc.
  • His hatred shows, affects his relationships, and possibly contributes towards a misogynistic reputation.

Personally, I don’t hate women for being women, but on the other hand, thanks to the Manosphere, I no longer take them very seriously either. Since then, I have learned to just accept them for who they are, adjust myself accordingly by revising my frame of mind, and try my best to offer the unconditional love of Christ, which is what, I believe, characterizes a real man, and not notch count. Whatever pagan feminists think be d*mned.

God Game

More recently, when I found that Chateau Heartiste endorses this same fundamental attitude of Game, I was humbled to the core. An exerpt from said post, “God Game”, follows.

“The beta mangina’s credo is “there shall be no other god above me than the goddess whose pussy pedestal I swear to polish unto my last day”, and we can see how arousing that is for women. (Not very.) But the jerkboy who knows the value of God Game has placed a higher power above pussy power.”

The following comment, an eisegesis based on 1st Corinthians 1:26-31, must be the quote of the century.

“God has chosen the PUA’s of this world to bring truth to men in these adulterous times, in which His Church and faithful followers have failed to deliver the truth, and have been led astray.”


Gamma brother Wesley Jansen made a statement that got me thinking about how much of a purple-piller I might be, and why.

“You see men as the problem, but I see women as the problem. A lot of my writing has been based on how I’ve had my heart torn out by women. Nothing feels worse than heart-break. Your story reminds me of my own.”

I was a little confused about why he thought my posts portray men as the culprits, and so my initial purpose for this post was to clarify my own viewpoints. [Editor’s note: It’s very important for a man to know what he believes, and how to express those beliefs in words.] After some reflection, I realized I did hold some paradoxical ideas about the moral agency of men in the mess. (The moral agency of women is still up for grabs. It is introduced here and explored here.) So this study then became an exploration of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about the red pill experience.

To be honest, I do see some men as the problem, and I don’t mean to say that they are male centrists, misogynists, or what not. [SF: That would be a feminist’s viewpoint of the “problem”.] I interpret “problem” to mean something or someone that poses a hindrance to Red Pill progress. I’ll list these types of men here.

  • Those Blue Pill men who remain silent and uninvolved, passively giving their power away to feminist women, and thereby empowering them.
  • White Knights who are old-school dreamers. While it’s true that they play the part of a useful fool for both feminists and Red Pill men alike, I cannot see how they contribute to the advancement of Red Pill awareness in society. They are either like a tool to be used, or like a dead weight useful only for entertainment.
  • PUA’s? [Eds. note: That’s complicated! We’ll save that one for another post.]

From an emotional standpoint, I can identify with such men, and I pity them more than I blame them. Considering not more than 15 years ago, practically all men were still on a default Blue Pill mindset that had been programmed into them – myself included. Even today, Blue Pill rhetoric is shamefully prevalent among men.

[Eds. note: Female drama warning.]

The Manosphere is well aware of the problems from the females’ side, ultimately summed up as the female’s propensity to indulge their Tingles in consecutive whirlwind romances, followed by their emotional bondage to doting on the pangs of unrequited love. [SF: Speaking cynically from that perspective, all women are the problem!]

I also think women are not going to change their fundamental nature, at least not within this millennium. If western culture is ever going to become less feminized and more patriarchal, then it will be because men did something about it.


At this point, I am sure many angry, suffering men are dismissing me as an ass, but I will tell it straight. I just want to inspire you to maintain a positive attitude in the face of suffering. The competition is brutal, and the chance of coming out on top is slim, but you know, attitude is everything – maintaining a sense of dignity and self respect, and refusing to go down. It’s just better for us in the long run.

Maybe that is the pat answer to the question about the differences in Red Pill experiences among men – their ATTITUDE!

[Eds. note: To what extent could a man change his SSMV ranking, merely by changing his attitude?]


  1. Dalrock: Red Pill Bitterness (March 23, 2013)
  2. Christianity and Masculinity: Overcoming the Anger Phase (May 1, 2015)
  3. Donal Graeme: Getting Past Anger (May 2, 2015)

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