A Noodle Asian Inspiration

Breaking world news from Taiwan….

Pretty female vendor wears flouncy skirt at noodle stand!

What about all that other real news that’s happening in Taiwan, the Asia-Pacific region, and around the world?

F*ck that… THIS GIRL IS WEARING A LITTLE DRESS AT A NOODLE STAND! The TRAFFIC stops here! VIEWS! Life doesn’t get any better than this, Men!


And why do we give a sh*t about this?

Precisely because it’s a break from all the politically correct, ugly feminist crap and fake news we see every day. It’s a brief respite from the usual drudgery, and personally, I can’t think of any other respites from modern feminist drudgery that are any less trite and mildly offensive to SJW’s sensibilities.

The headline emphasizes “short skirt”, but that is not a skirt. It is a summer dress. But we’ll gladly forgive the correspondent for misreporting the facts. Actually this is a typical dress worn by thousands of NORMAL (i.e. NOT feminist) girls in Taiwan every day, whenever they go out.

It can get pretty hot in the tropics! Maybe she likes short, thin dresses because she works outside with no air conditioning, and it is more comfortable? In Taiwan, she can wear light clothing to stay cool in hot weather when she is cooking outside, and do it without fear of being raped or ever harassed.


The best thing about this is that she is not whoring for attention. She is dressed so sexy but it’s not perverted. Her appearance isn’t cheap or shameful at all. It’s perfectly wholesome. And look at that smile!

Actually, this dress is muuuuccch longer than some of the cellulite-showing, cutoff jeans shorts I see what-passes-for-women wearing in rural Murica. She’s wearing more clothing than the betel nut stand girls in Taoyuan, who are basically wearing see-through negligees with g-strings and a lacy bra. By contrast, this woman is scandalously virtuous!

For those complaining that we’re sexually discriminating, I’ll also include this story about a hunky male Buddhist monk. That should prove that we’re treating all attractive and inspiring people equally!

Men, be reminded… a woman wearing a short skirt or dress is not an invitation to stare or an invitation for anything else. Maybe she is only wearing that dress to promote her business. She just wants to look pretty for her customers and doesn’t give a sh*t about feminism, objectification of her body, nor people taking pictures of her behind her back. I’d guess her business is doing great, and she’s making tons of money – despite the fact her noodles might taste horrible. She’s laughing all the way to the bank every evening.


But aren’t we afraid to take photos without her permission, as though she may subject us to “the right of privacy” legal issues?

She’s in a public space. It’s her choice.

But we’re publishing the woman’s photographs, and humiliating females. Don’t you find that shameful?

If you look at the photos, she smiles and laughs into the camera, I don’t think she finds the attention humiliating at all. She recognizes the marketing value of dressing sexy and getting attention for it.

She’s a “strong woman” for being able to withstand so much sexist and misogynous “toxic” male attention from sun up to sun down, and still serve those men food with humility and a graceful smile!


Now just in case someone tries to condemn us for sexually objectifying women, you just tell them it is not our intention to humiliate her, or “rape” her by asking for her phone number. We are just simply SO INSPIRED by her feminine beauty!

Consider the facts of the matter. In this industrialized, heavily polluted, east Asian city, you can get the most disgusting part of a pig, the part sh*t travels through, served to you at a street stand by a pretty lady wearing a dress and high heels.

Now, if we a ask a group of foreign tourists if they would like to try some extremely exotic food made of organs deemed unacceptable for eating by Western cultural norms?

“Intestine vermicelli… Yum!”

“I used to think 1000-year-old egg was an abomination. Now, a gift from the gods!”

“I like a lot of the “exotic” foods here. I should expand my cultural references.”

“I am feeling so inspired right now! I think I’ll just sit here behind this lady for a few hours and try them all! I’ll have the thousand year old egg fried with stinky tofu in Hakka spices, anything involving tentacles, pickled pigs ear, marinated beef tripe, galangal ginger pork liver, tofu skin, cold oil chicken testicles, sun dried shrimp roe…”


Still not good enough of a reason to go to Chiayi? Then your male credentials to be on the Manosphere are hereby revoked! Just as Murican women say, “Man up or shut up!”

The next time your woman complains about how much trouble it is to wear a skirt, care for long hair, and wear heels… Show her these photos of a woman wearing heels while standing on a cobblestone sidewalk and selling hot noodle soup to customers in 35°C (95°F) weather – AND SHE’S NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT IT!

This is the New Feminine Power Model! Aging feminists, exit stage left!

Let’s hear all those feminists rev up their moxies now!

“You Rock On, grrrl!!!”

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Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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2 Responses to A Noodle Asian Inspiration

  1. Sapphire Morningstar says:

    not every woman can wear heels, especially those heels that lady has on in the photo.


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