Musings on Feminine Soft Power

[Eds. note: This post explores a powerful sphere of authority and influence that 50 years of feminism has allowed women to neglect, and over time, forget. Warning: Language and Sexual Content]

Modern women are neglecting their most fundamental avenues of power by pursuing feminism. Women would fare better by,

  1. Realizing their most fundamental value to society and to men.
  2. Abandon efforts to usurp power within men’s sphere of influence, which they are poorly suited for.
  3. Optimizing the match between their feminine skills and natural abilities, and their overt goals in society.

Immature, Self-Centered Women are Ugly

I’ve been with a few girls that I felt very attracted to, because they were young, sweet and attractive on the outside. But once I got them down in bed, I found that they were so ugly on the inside. By ugly, I mean they were devoid of passion, immature, self-centered and bitchy. They whined about how uncomfortable their position was. They didn’t want to touch my rod, turning up their nose at it, like it was a smelly turd. Their facial expression was so dull and bored while I was thrusting them. Their mind was somewhere else. They talked about topics completely unrelated to our interaction. They gave me less attention than their dog, or their smartphone. Afterwards, they complained about the mess. In short, these women were such a shameful, embarrassing turn-off that I never wanted to see them again, after that first time.

So I had an unintentional ONS… So disappointing…

[Eds. note (November 25, 2017): Dalrock points out two fundamental elements of ugly women: (1) they prefer to be ingrateful, and (2) they don’t want to serve the needs of others. Dead on!]

Understanding How Women Affect and Influence Men to Change

On the other side of the coin, as men, we know there is something about a woman who “treats us right”, that can melt our hearts. I know that from experience.

Believe it or not, earlier in my life, up until I was well into my 30’s, I made a whole-hearted, conscientious effort to resist the temptation to fornicate with every woman who offered me the opportunity.

[Eds. note: I’ll give you a moment to let that sink in. Yes, it’s true.]

During these periodic exercises in self-control, I noticed that just because a woman was a 9 or 10, it didn’t mean that I would lose the battle and automatically yield to temptation. I still had power over my will to resist those hotties.

I also noticed that there were a few other women I’ve known who somehow surpassed my threshold of temptation, and who could lure me into bed no matter how much I objected to it in my mind. Some of them had even passed the wall, and others even had a SMV that was 3 to 5 points below my own. Even though I did not find them to be aesthetically beautiful or attractive, there was still something about them that got my heart totally addicted to them, and then the sex just happened so freely and naturally. My willpower was overruled, and I mindlessly performed the stud service. These were women who knew how to treat a man right!

I’m talking about having one of those saving grace, “Oh my God!” experiences!

Other times I would meet a woman that I thought was right for me, even someone I thought I could marry, but there was no such chemistry. She met my checklist, but she was a dud.

Funny thing is, I never regretted those formerly described experiences as much as I thought I would. I am not one who believes in “fate”, but it kind of felt that way. I want to say that I did not conscientiously “choose” to lay with those women, but somehow, I know I did. I don’t understand how it happened though, because my mind switched off when she started working her magic.

I felt it was like a PUA Game shakedown with the sexes reversed! Instead of me gaming and bedding women, certain women were gaming and bedding me!

I know that if I said, “it just happened”, it would sound so naïve and bird-brained. Guys know that is what women always say after they cheat on their boyfriends and husbands. But that’s part of my point. How did it happen that these particular women could bypass my prefrontal cortex and tap into my feral nature, thereby changing my attitude and even my will?

The Secret to Women’s Power

After I had several experiences with women doing this to me, I began to realize their secret – the power that enabled them to break through my willpower. I began to understand my nature more clearly.

I was always well aware that I had a strong sex drive. No surprises there. But what I did not know about myself, was that, as a man, I had a basic male need for respect and admiration that was lying dormant, deep inside me, like a hibernating bear. Those women simply fed that innate need for respect in me, and I awoke!

Yes! They gave me an impeccable level of respect, and this caused me to transform into a different being, a more confident and purpose-driven man. My purpose was, of course, to ride their horse until the break of dawn, and gaze upon the golden sun rising on the horizon – as many times as possible. In assuming this purpose, I lost all my will-power to resist the goal of their advances.

It felt like we became ONE.

I know that sounds laughable, maybe it reminds you of “oneitis”, but that’s not what I mean. I mean, there was “peace in the valley”. The experience was beautiful.

That is real feminine power!

So, since I have been the unwitting target of female PUA’s, I can totally understand the power that male PUA’s have over their female targets. When a woman experiences “love” from a man, in the form of Game, it can totally trump a man’s apparent SMV, and break down any mental resistances, and make any remaining faithless hesitancy vanish completely.

Likewise, I learned from these experiences, that getting respect from a woman can trump my physical attraction to her (her apparent SMV). (I know I am using the term SMV loosely here. These relational skills also contribute to one’s SMV, and that is part of my point.)

So now, my point is to assert that just as men have an illimitable power over women in the form of Game, women also have a comparable power over men in the form of vivacious respect, for lack of a better word.

What shall we call the feminine form of Game, in which they exercise their female powers in giving honor, purpose, life and joy to a man? (My personal favorites in bold font.)

Tilt?   Sport?   Emulation?   Wile?   Coax?   Bait?   Trap?   Draw?   Lure?   Wheedle?   Lead?   Hook?   Inveigle?   Allure?   Bamboozle?   Kittyclamp?   Seduce?   Homestroke?   Roping?   Diversion?   Honeycraft?   Pursuit?   The Moves?   Bash?   Blast?   Clambake?   Dally?   Flirt?   Coquet?   Entice?   Captivate?   The Cum-On?   Charm?   Mousetrap?   Magnetism?   Intrigue?   Siren?   Venus?   Vamp?   Pump?   Wowzer?

I like Honeycraft. I’ll use this word. It’s like the opposite of witchcraft, which is a fairly accurate simile/antonym.

Case Study: The Love Psyche Game

Maybe you’re still wondering what I’m talking about. Let me give you an example.

When I lived overseas, there was a game of romance that the young people played. They called it, “psychoanalytical Love”, or “the Love psyche”, depending on the translation. In this Love Game, the goal was to make the other person “fall in love” with you, before you did with them. The person who fell in love first, then became the loser of the game. “Falling in love” was naturally characterized by such behaviors as, losing frame of mind, lacking decision making power, going to extravagant efforts to save or improve the relationship, becoming desperate for attention and sex… all basically what the manosphere would collectively call “beta behaviors”.

As silly as this game might sound to the promiscuous west’s ears, I came to regard this game to be infinitely more authentic and satisfying than any type of intersexual interaction I found in the west. It was good because it forces the other person to look at you as an individual person, learn what you desire, what you need to be happy, and then try to figure out how to deliver that, such that they eventually work up to the mastery level of controlling your desire.

Think about that… when was the last time you had a date with someone who recognized you as a unique and special individual, and who earnestly sought to understand and unlock the deepest desires of your heart?

That just seems too good to be true, for many people. But try to imagine the benefits.

Many players of this game discovered that it was advantageous to “rush to the finish line”, which meant, to have as much sex as possible, with as many partners as who are willing, because they quickly found that people are deeply and inexplicably attracted to, and fall in love with, others who are getting well laid on a regular basis. Of course, it also became evident that those who became the superstar winners of this game, were those who were not afraid to take extensive risks involved with having a sexually open lifestyle.

On the down side, a lot of great young adults got burned in the game. They just couldn’t take the risks and carry the resulting emotional weight. I can’t say that the Love Psyche game led to very many happy marriages. It did, however, lead to a lot of broken hearts, pregnancies and abortions.

Now, I am not encouraging teenagers to play the Love Psyche game, as I just described. I only gave that example to help westerners see how inefficacious and totally broken their SMP is, with serial dating, “hookup culture” and such. It’s broken, because the average person knows relatively little, or absolutely nothing about Game or Honeycraft, and as such, they are totally ignorant about how to meet the needs of another person’s heart. Instead, they are overwhelmingly star struck by all those lofty, but false, feministic concepts, which shipwreck their potential to achieve a joyfully satisfying love relationship, early in life.

Men, Families, and Society Urgently Needs Feminine Power

I have come to believe that the knowledge of Female Game is just as esoteric as Male Game has become in recent decades. At least this is definitely true in the west.

I also believe that the way to reverse feminism is not just for the manosphere to “man up” and learn game, but for women to get their own game together as well.

If women have the power to attract and keep the men they want to marry, by learning to respect men properly, then I believe they will spend less time riding the carousel, and getting their hearts and vags thrashed and trashed before they find a poor beta that will accept their selfish and disrespectful ways.

In other words, it’s going to level the playing field in the right way – and not by making men and women “equal”, which we know is absurd. But instead, by encouraging the mutual fulfillment of the deeper emotional needs that men and women respectively possess.


Buckminster Fuller once said,

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

So here I am, basically proposing a relatively new model for male-female mating interactions, which is actually a very old model. This new model teaches women to tone down the power of their pussy (i.e. feminist values, moxie, hypergamy, carousel riding), and tone up the power of their honey (low BMI, low WHR, long hair, respect, submission, possibly even faithfulness).

Men can usher in the new model by vetting women according to how well honed their Honeycraft is. To do so men, you should simply try to resist having sex with a woman, until you just can’t control yourself any longer. Let the woman try her best effort to break your will and win your heart. When you finally lose control, you will become the wildest beast she ever fantasized about (even better than that “50 Shades of Grey” fluff). For the rest of her life, she will silently reminisce on all those moments when you hammered her glazed doughnut with reckless abandon. She’ll never love another as much as she loves you, and the reason is very simple. It’s because…

You made her work for it!

Since this has happened to me many times, I must say, it’s quite satisfying. I think you’re missing out on a real experience in life by not attempting this.

[Eds. addition (November 5, 2017): Recently, Chateau Heartiste has endorsed this same approach in his recent post, “The Girl Notch”. As he so eloquently put it…]

“This is the skeleton key to opening pussy: You’re the prize, and she has to win you over.”

“A girl knows a beta male is a sure thing, and that sucks all the tension and excitement out of her interest in him. But the alpha male leaves her wondering if he’s really that into her or if she’s up to his standards, and this will compel her to work harder to please him and earn his affection.”

“To wrest the real notch from a girl, you have to deny her the Girl Notch. And that means taunting her ego with the idea that uncertainty is the rule and validation is the exception.”

[Eds. note: By the way, withholding sex is not recommended for married couples. Withholding sex will ruin your marriage. This advice is only for single people.]

Most importantly of all, never f*ck a feminist, no matter how hot she might be. A real man of strength will let that d*mn feminist have a truly humbling experience of loneliness and rejection, which she needs in order to goad her towards a repentance (if possible). Do not be unequally yoked. Those pagan women are not worthy of your seed. A real man of honor will hold his precious c*ckjuice for a better woman’s more appreciative womb.

Give it some thought. Thanks for reading.

[Eds. note (23 November 2018): This post was originally entitled “The New Women’s Power Model”.]


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