Hamster’s Hierarchy of Sluts

Women have a hierarchy of s1utdom that allows them to reasonably hamsterbate that they aren’t s1uts, no matter how high their N count might be.

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I was talking with my wife about one of her younger acquaintances, who has a social/sexual addiction to much younger young men, who just happen to be more handsome, more horny and more energetic than men her own age (30). Unfortunately for her, these same men are averse to the idea of marrying an older woman, leading her to become heartbroken on an intermittent basis, which happens to coincide with the moment she decides to become serious about marrying that particular man. Every time this has happened over the last year and a half, she’s shown the habit of calling my wife to commiserate about it.

The last time this happened, I was talking with my wife after she hung up the phone with this woman. The lowdown report was that she had slept with this guy one week after meeting him. Then after dating for three months, the guy broke up with her because she was emotionally “needy”, micromanaging his schedule, and was too pushy about getting married soon. However, even after they broke up, she was still seeing him frequently for social dinner dates, sex and companionship. She had the idea that he might change his mind, take her back, and marry her, but I knew he was just squeezing her bleeding heart for more easy sex.

She was also connected with this guy on Instagram and Facebook, and it seems he was quite an online cad. Every time he had a date with another girl, he would post their photo on social media. It drove my wife’s friend nuts, and we heard about it every time it happened.

We tried to explain to her that he already broke up with her, and was on to the next piece of pie, but she acted incredulous. We also tried to explain how she was driving her SMV down with every guy she rode and got dumped by, but she had the idea that it wasn’t her “choice” for it to come out that way. She really believed that there was a good chance that she might marry every guy she hopped into bed with.

After my wife hung up the phone, we had a long discussion about this woman’s situation. At one point, I casually referred to her behavior as “possible proto-slut”, meaning that she was at a cross-roads. If she didn’t get her act together soon and very soon, she would be on the dead-end path to becoming a cat lady. But at the mere mention of the S-word, my wife broke out in defense of her, insisting that she was not the slut I had presumed. I posed the question, “How many men does a woman need to sleep with, for her to be considered a legitimate slut?” She again took offense, and through a long discussion, she inadvertently proposed a hierarchy of slutdom. The pivotal characteristics of what she considered to be a slut seemed to be the woman’s motivations in having sex, whether the woman in question is emotionally desperate, and how serious she is about getting married.

Checklist for the S1ut Hierarchy

So here, I will describe the feminine slut checklist (as I understand it) as follows.

Checkpoints AGAINST slutdom. (Point value = -2)

  1. Has sex “only to please the man in her life”.
  2. Wants to get married.

Checkpoints FOR slutdom. (Point value = +1)

  1. Has low self esteem, or lonely.
  2. Screws men for fun or for her own enjoyment.
  3. Screws men in spite, or to prove herself to other women.
  4. Doesn’t want to get married.
  5. Actively goes to bars and clubs to meet men.
  6. Actively works dating websites.
  7. Posts revealing photos on social media.

Checkpoints FOR slutdom. (Point value = +2)

  1. Has ONS’s.
  2. Has no concept of morality, no personal boundaries.
  3. Has sex with low SMV men, or men not considered for marriage.
  4. Has no hope. Emotionally desperate. Will do anything for love and sex.
  5. Has sex with men of a different race.

Checkpoints FOR slutdom. (Point value = +5)

  1. Targets men who are “taken”.
  2. Emotionally immature. [Jack: My addition.]
  3. Outspoken feminist. [Jack: My addition.]
  4. Has postgraduate education. [Jack: My addition.]
  5. Cannot achieve orgasm. [Jack: My addition.]

Checkpoints FOR slutdom. (Point Value = Absolute)

  1. She targets the woman’s very own man.

There you have it. Rate your dates (or yourself, ladies) appropriately.

Update (2017-12-13)

My wife had a brief chat with this lady recently, and she passed the current lowdown on to me.

Her ‘friend’ is now a female plate spinner, and rotates through men as they cum. She keeps about 3 men in casual, secretly defacto-open STR’s, revolving-door style. All of the men she is involved with are white, foreign guys, about 5 years younger than her on the average, which indicates her selective fetish. She continually meets new men (mostly online), and keeps them hanging on a waiting list until one of the three men she is involved with drops out of the picture. They drop out for various reasons. Sometimes they are too busy (with other women) to meet her needs whenever she needs a bang, so after a few disappointments, she lets them go. Sometimes they find out she is riding other guys concurrently, and voluntarily back out. Other times, she just gets bored with a guy, and ghosts him in preference of the next guy on her list. I don’t know if she is still entertaining the thought of marriage. It didn’t come up in their conversation.

Hearing all the details of this lifestyle has helped me understand why Feminists cling to their ‘right’ of ‘sexual freedom’ so passionately. It resembles a pre-Edenic state in the experience, comparable to heroin (from what I’ve heard). The serenity and ‘mental clarity’ that results from the total satiation of the fleshly desire is mind blowing. A lifestyle like this, once achieved, is hard to resist, and hard to forget, thus resulting in the well-known Alpha widowhood and the corresponding bitchy attitude towards the irritations of normal life, sexually needy men, and immature children. This would also seem to explain the strong affinity that ex-cougars have for the animal kingdom (e.g. having pets). I also got the impression that my wife was a little envious of her ‘freedom’, which helped me see how women influence other women.

So, true to my prediction, this woman’s status has slidden from proto-slut into a conventionally certified, condom carrying cougar. She is too busy riding the carousel to spend any time with my wife anymore, and my wife is a little resentful towards her. Finally, my wife agrees with me, that she is a slut. My wife is not missing her company, and frankly, I am glad this woman is not having any further negative influence on my wife through a continued association.

I joked with my wife that we should ask this woman if we could mount a hidden camera in her bedroom and make a few extra bucks selling amateur pornography. She just gave me a blank stare.


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