Women want Game!

Why do women incessantly give shit tests, practice fitness testing, and fabricate all the drama? We might say, this is an ongoing examination of men, required by women for men to produce a much needed sense of security, but it’s not limited to the feelz of mere security. In doing so, women put pressure on men to stay viable, productive, and engaged, which carries a lot of benefits – income, social relevancy, and self-esteem topping the list.

Overall, I see that women are attracted to, and naturally gravitate towards those men who can “dominate” them as PUA’s say, “rule over them” as the Bible says, or as I would say, those men who have a purpose in life other than to worship women, who can manage them well, and not lose their cool when women rock the boat with their inclination towards drama. Some women have forthrightly stated that Game is the total sum of what women are after in a relationship.

One good thing that can be noted about Game, is the theoretical artificial selection idea that if many women are only mating with aggressive, dominant, alpha males, who have Game skills, and having children by them (the critical point), then future generations will tend to be more aggressive and dominant, more desirable to females as judged by their ability to create the Tingles, and less tolerant of feministic ideologies. However, the monolithic specter of birth control and the general present lack of accountability/responsibility play against this theory.

Another “good” thing that might be argued for the case of men learning Game, is that if Game is successfully employed within the confines of marriage towards a wife who is rather weak in faith, i.e. susceptible to the primal urges of the Tingles, it drastically reduces the risk of infidelity and divorce-theft on the part of the woman. In this case, and only this case, is Christian virtue equivocated with alpha, and that is because the man is taking responsibility for the weaknesses of his wife, just as Jesus did for us on the cross. He becomes a type of Christ, and thereby glorifies God. But somehow, people living today cannot fathom this kind of glory. It is totally lost on us post-modern humans. Even so, I do not believe that every man, or even most men, are called by God to glorify Him in this way. I believe females are also accountable for their decisions before God.

In summary, women want Game, but in lieu of Game, they’ll accept kids, cash and prizes as a second-place consolation prize. You know, after thinking this one over, I think I’d rather give them Game. Everybody’s more happy that way. My family and finances are intact, my reputation is preserved, my wife is worshipfully placated, and I’m still in control.

Thank God for Game!


About Jack

Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame
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