The MMP Hack Attack!

A humorous analysis of the Marriage Market Place (MMP) from both the male and female perspectives.

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How does a man determine whether a certain woman is worthy of his attention or not?

What kind of relationship should he expect from any particular woman?

This lecture breaks it down into a simple analysis of “Crazy” vs. “Hot”. This should be included in every (male) Sex Ed course, and required in every high school curriculum.

Life Science – The Wife Hack (January 31, 2015)

Nice take. But what about the women’s viewpoint?

Here’s a comical response from Ritz and Triscuit (August 3, 2014), who happens to believe she is a unicorn! (The word, Unicorn, in this case, is short-hand jargon for Unique Cornball.) Her argument contains many absurdities and contradictions, but we’ll just accept this as a typical female’s hamsterationale.

This video from Kirbyisaboss (LMAO) shows her take on “The Hot Christian Matrix”. (May 21, 2017) It’s another good laugh (unless you take her seriously and you can’t get past her bad case of chronic sanpaku, AKA “slut eye”).

As you can see, the male and female perspectives are irretrievably at odds.

…and these are the people contending in the SMP!

Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor?

mating giraffes

[Eds. note: Links updated and post revised on September 22, 2018.]



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