Less Weight, Better Health!

[Eds. note: I lost 20 Kg. (45 pounds) between July, 2011 (107 Kg.) and September, 2012 (87 Kg.). This is how I did it.]

The Concept

Most people who desire to lose weight torture themselves by thinking that they can only eat things like iceberg lettuce and mineral water, and they make themselves feel guilty if they should ever actually enjoy delicious food. Then after starving themselves, they wear their body out through hours of strenuous exercise, and they feel guilty if they don’t have the time or energy to do so. Then comes the horrid binging… and then they are right back where they began!

If you desire to lose weight and become more fit, it is nearly impossible to do so with a skimpy diet and strenuous exercise. Why? Because exercising makes you more hungry, and then you are more likely to eat all the extra calories that you burned off through exercising.

For example, a 90 Kg. (200 pound) man (like myself) would need to play basketball for two hours to burn off the calories he gained from eating one Big Mac hamburger, with large fries and a coke. If this were you, then why not save your time, save your money, save your body and save your effort, by eating something lower in calories, like an apple or some tofu, and doing something else you enjoy?

Staying fit is all about making healthy decisions, respecting your body and metabolism, and forming good habits for you!

Here is the way to get yourself on track towards eating healthy and controlling your weight!

Modifying Your Diet

You will need to change what you eat, and how frequently you eat.

No fear! This could be a very positive and enjoyable change.

These are five aspects of food which need to be considered, whenever you are buying food and constructing a meal plan or a diet plan.

  1. Calories – less is better
  2. Nutritional Content – more is better
  3. Taste – Do you really want to eat this?
  4. Expense – lower is better
  5. Convenience – Shopping; finding special ingredients; preparation, cooking and cleanup time;

[Eds. note: The challenge of producing low calorie, nutritious, delicious, cheap and easy food is what separates the tubby, binging, Murican snackers from the sexy, sophisticated, European culinary chefs.]

Here is a list of dietary habits to try on.

  1. Stay busy, especially doing things you enjoy. This will take your mind off of food and feelings of hunger.
  2. Only eat when you feel hungry. Never eat if you are not hungry, even if it’s mealtime.
  3. Eat smaller amounts of food at one sitting. Instead of eating until you are full, just stop eating after you are no longer hungry. By doing so, you can reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal to about 80% of what you usually eat.
  4. Eat very small, healthy “snacks” very frequently throughout the day (around 10 times a day), and while doing other things. This will help regulate your blood sugar and your appetite.
  5. If you feel hungry between meals, stave off intense cravings by eating small amounts of fruit, nuts, chocolate, or beef jerky between meals. Then by the time you reach the table, you’ll have less appetite, and therefore, eat less.
  6. Eat slowly. Chew each bite 30 to 50 times before swallowing. This discipline increases self-control, and allows a more thorough digestion.
  7. If you’re busy, or not so hungry, declare a fast and skip a meal – or three. Get closer to God before you become a sex symbol! [Eds. note: Seriously!]
  8. Eat more protein (beef, chicken, fish, nuts, beans, milk, yogurt, tofu*…)
  9. Eat more vegetables (bamboo, broccoli, eggplant, carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, kale, collard greens, spinach, mushroom, tomato, onion…)
  10. Eat more fruit (apples, kiwis, and bananas are especially nutritious)
  11. Severely limit sugar consumption. Drink coffee and tea without sugar.
  12. Avoid oily and deep fried foods.
  13. Don’t eat carbohydrates (rice, corn, bread, bagel, muffin, pastry, donuts, waffle, crackers, potatoes, french fries, potato chips, doritos, taro, sweet potato, red bean, noodles, spaghetti, pasta…) Other beans, oatmeal, brown rice or wild rice is OK.
  14. Instead of eating carbs, eat foods that are low in calorie, and high in nutrition.

Why not eat carbs? Carbohydrates have a lot of calories, but very little nutritional value. Also, eating lots of carbohydrates will make you feel more hungry.

Why is this? Eating carbs causes the blood sugar to spike very high, very quickly, which can make you feel really satisfied. But after your body consumes the energy burst, then your blood sugar will drop suddenly low, making you feel tired and hungry. That is when binging happens – people suddenly become ravenously hungry, lose control of their impulsivity, and eat a whole bag of potato chips. For these reasons, many diet plans, such as the Atkins Diet, eschew carb consumption.

* Manosphere Warning: The regular consumption of tofu and other soy-based products have been known to increase estrogen levels overall, and reduce testosterone levels in males.

Diet Plan

Begin recording and tracking your diet each day. Calculate your average daily food calorie intake vs. your average daily energy consumption using the worksheet.

Are you surprised?

What to Expect

First Month

People who are trying to lose weight, usually go cold turkey. But this approach makes it very taxing on the willpower, so they cannot stick to a strict diet. Don’t try to change your eating habits cold turkey. Instead, just cut down the amount of food you eat. To do this, simply change your mind to eat less food during meals. This is the key point, and the most difficult part.

Second Month

Oily and high carbohydrate foods should appear very sloppy and detestable to you by now. Now, it is easier for you to choose more nutritious foods to eat.

After 6 weeks, you should start to feel different about your life. This new feeling will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

After the Third Month

You should notice by now, that you cannot eat as much food as you did before. You should feel full after eating smaller quantities of food.

Maybe you weigh the same, or maybe a little more, but don’t give up. It takes a long time to see results. Give yourself at least six months to see your wardrobe change.


  • Sigma Frame: Fasting (March 4, 2010)

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