The Deeper Meaning of Marriage

The Joining of Flesh in Passionate Union

Sex is important on many levels – physical, procreational, emotional, psychological, spiritual, relational, social, moral, ideological, societal… so that it becomes perhaps the central, most important aspect of the human experience.

Most people in the western world today have come to think of marriage as merely a social construct, which may be changed to fit one’s individual preferences, and cast aside when it no longer fulfills that purpose. People have lost the awareness of the deeper meaning of marriage.

Here, we argue that the institution of marriage is not only a social construct, but also a permanent, deep-soul bonding between a male and female, which reflects the image of God, and is designed by God to become a wellspring of Life. The religious admonishments, the social constructs, and the supporting legal framework, are all merely additions intended to inform the ignorant, to civilize the feral nature, to protect this spring of Life, and enhance the experience of being a sexual human being.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Sex?

The sexuality of men and women is essentially their design and ability to be soul-paired together, and also to produce Life, and reproduce life. The reproductive organs of the physical human body are receptacles for the purpose soul-pairing, production, and reproduction. Thus, the sexual embrace of a man and a woman is an interlocution for the pairing of their souls, and the channel of generation (i.e. creation and procreation). This includes not only the procreation of the physical life of children, but also the spiritual Life of God within their souls.

The desire for sex is not only a biological drive, but also the desire to be connected in soul union with another, a combination of the masculine and the feminine, in accordance with the Divine Purpose of Creation.

On the biological level, the exchange of semen and bodily fluids between a husband and wife allow their individual body chemistry (e.g. hormones, DNA, etc.), to flow from one to the other. This is evidence which obviously supports the biblical description of ‘One Flesh’.

On the psychological and emotional level, the sexual experience opens a conduit of interlocution through which the knowledge of the other’s soul, and an intuitive familiarity with the thoughts and feelings of each of the individuals, become accessible. With this knowledge comes the propensity of being able to discern and interpret the thoughts and actions of the other person, thus enhancing the mingling of their souls within their daily interactions.

In a genuine, eternal marriage, where the two become physically and mentally of ‘One Mind’, the Spiritual essence of the souls within each person begin to move in harmony and cooperation, and the biblical reality of ‘One Flesh’ becomes manifested in the daily lives of the husband and wife. This soul powwow becomes the spiritual home environment, and it is this environment which renders the children ‘Holy’.

The Purpose and Benefits of Having Control Over One’s Sexuality

Sex is the Genesis of procreative life, and as such, God has made it a powerful instinct. Most religions emphasize the life-giving nature of sex, and by extension, the death-causing aspects of it’s abuse, by building a framework of morality, and consequently, this creates quite a bit of mystery. The power of guilt and shame that religious morals inflict on its adherents can serve as a powerful motivation to conform, comply, or contribute. Thus, personal liberty is shackled, and the ‘curse of the Law’ is lowered on those who are conscientious. As a result, people often get caught up in the religious taboos surrounding sex, and fail to see the intended purposes of sexual restraint – to enhance the life-giving aspects, and deter the catastrophic consequences of its abuse.

Waiting until marriage has become a very rare endeavor. Why? It’s not because people perceive that abstinence is a bad thing, it’s just that people are hard pressed by the intensity of their own desire, faced with daily temptation, and unaware of the reasons for waiting, especially the benefits of delaying gratification.

Furthermore, when we put too many controls on our sexual behaviors, and fail to take the effort to explain the goals and purposes of those regulations, then there will be some who miss the point, and end up having perverted beliefs and behavior patterns.

People who decide to wait until marriage to have sex should be motivated by the desire not to do anything that might screw up their chances of having a satisfying marriage life.  If a person does not have this motivation, and abstains simply to ‘follow the rule’, or ‘because it’s the right thing to do’, then they are not adequately focused on the whole purpose of abstention, and is likely to fail in pursuing the hope of developing a relationship that might lead to such a union.

A few of the benefits of abstention are listed here.

  • A period of abstinence is essentially an exercise in delaying gratification, which teaches one confidence, emotional independence, discipline and self-control, and thus, greatly improves one’s level of maturity, and by extension, their chances of marital success.
  • Women who abstain conserve their Marriage Market Value (MMV), thus allowing them to have a much better choice of men to marry, and happier marriages as a result.
  • Women who abstain do not become Alpha Widowed, nor single mothers – things which would greatly decrease their marital happiness and future security.
  • Men who abstain do not create Alpha Widows and single mothers – things which would greatly decrease the marital happiness of other men who might marry those women in the future.
  • The possibility of exposure to Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s) is removed. Many STD’s decrease a person’s Sexual Market Value (SMV), and also their physical ability to procreate.
  • Children are assured of knowing who their parents are, which is a crucial aspect in forming their identity.

In conclusion, abstinence, in general, leads to contentedness, and contributes towards a solid marriage, which provides a stable, loving environment for the children to mature properly.


Sex as a Sacred Sacrament

When used properly within the form of a Divinely Ordained Marriage, sex is the Temple Sacrament that bridges the physical divide — the catalyst that enables the husband and wife to create new life within themselves in the endeavor to make themselves into a state of Oneness, and to grow their two lives together.

The average person fails to grasp the full spectrum of thoughts, feelings, impressions, and beliefs that are conveyed through the sexual connection, because much of it is beyond the conscious awareness of the individual. Thus, people commonly fail to respect the true depth and dimension of sexual intercourse and marriage. But as a husband and wife begin to enter into a spiritually conscious and meditative sexual relationship, they come to humbly understand their dependence upon the other in their mutual ability to create Life together. Moreover, the sexual interaction raises the motivational energies of passion and creativity, and gives birth to a higher level of consciousness.

The Merger of Minds During Sacred Sex

When a man and woman in a Genuine Spiritual Marriage equally purifies and cleanses their physical bodies so as to make them conducive to an environment of Higher Consciousness — eliminating all defilements and physical/mental pollutants which enables a higher vibratory frequency of vital life-force from God to flow through their bodies, which effectually saturates their minds with a spiritually vibrant flow of Illuming Light Energy — consecrating their minds to the seeking and living of Higher Truth — and both equally begin to explore the sexual relationship in a meditative manner where it is the energies that move and permeate their being in the endeavor to open the inner door of Higher Consciousness and the Kingdom — a totally unexpected thing begins to happen. Because the mind is not the brain, as medical science erroneously believes — but rather, is the field or etheric body which surrounds and animates the physical body, in meditative sex the mind of each not only begins to intermingle, but the mind of the woman is able to enter into that of her husband, and the mind of the male is able to enter into the body of the wife. Each will be able to perceive themselves from the perspective of their spouse and opposite sex. The result is a sacred connection not only between the husband and wife wherein the two physical forms become a common platform that each equally inhabit, but inner gender based suppressed polarities begin to manifest in the life of both husband and wife. Initially, the feminine nature of the male and the masculine nature of the female begin to manifest in the body of their respective spouse during these extended periods of meditative Sacred Sex. In time, the two begin to become complete within their selves as each becomes Whole as the polarity of male and female is merged and the consciousness is transformed through the emergence of a higher soul reality that is neither male nor female — but something greater than the two. This becomes a truly spiritually transforming experience which is multidimensional in a transcendent nature, which gives a totally new comprehension of the biblical reality where the husband knew his wife.


Sex is very spiritual. At the moment of the act, you are your true self were all thoughts (acquired knowledge) ceases; all the conditionings and brain-washing (political, social, economics, religious, etc.) are far from your mind. Only after the act, when a person comes back to all these conditionings that the guilt kicks in. The churches, societies and peers put a straight-jacket on sex. But sex is a normal human development. Promiscuity will start whatever restraint you put on it.

In the universal language of mind, sex represents harmony. Sex represents the progressive harmony between the conscious and subconscious mind. This is the dream language which can also be applied to scriptures. Adam is the subconscious mind and Eve is the conscious mind. It is a little different when you dream. A male dreamer dreaming of having sex with a female will be talking about a way of harmonizing with your inner self. To aid you in identifying the particular way of thinking referred to, attach a quality to that person, then look to the previous day’s occurrences to see how it fits.


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